Best Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Small Bird Feeder is our best bird feeder. Quite easy to fill, it is a nice little feeder that can work well for cardinals. In addition that, the bird feeder also has a sure-lock cap for easy security of the seeds. The metal on the bottom and the top parts ensure that it is a very sturdy bird feeder to consider for your budget and best needs.

Our step-up pick is the Brome 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Bird Feeder and being made for easy cleaning, the bird feeder features a seed saver technology that is not seen in other bird feeders out there. As a great feeder in terms of design, it is equipped with a detachable component system. In fact, you can fit from 2 to 3 birds on the average at the same time, depending on their sizes.

The budget pick is the First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder and with a large size of up to 10 feeding ports, the bird feeder can allow you to load and hang in so little effort. It also draws in a lot of birds with its straightforward design so it is doing its job very well. With a nectar capacity of 32 ounces, if you have used all types of feeders before then check out this alternative.

A Little Background

Birds like to feed on seeds, no matter where you go in the world. Keeping birds in captive may not be an ideal thing for most people but for people who have several birds in the wild or great outdoors of their yard or nearby forest then getting a bird feeder for them is a good practice.

The winter chill can be bad for birds when trying to find food. This is why a lot of people use a bird feeder in order to keep the birds fed with nutritious and delicious meals as they go about in the winter and cold, scarce months.

Bird feeders are usually standalone mechanisms in which the bird can easily pick out dispensed seeds from the feeder itself. You just need to maintain the seed feeder whenever it runs out. You should also have a bird feeder that is situated away from possible squirrels to avoid loss of seeds or nuts.

How We Picked

In choosing the best bird feeder, consider the following factors:
Resistance to rust – you wouldn’t want a bird feeder that rusts easily or is easily warped in the sun. Make sure the bird feeder is balanced in durability and ease of use.
Resistance to squirrels – the bird feeder should be squirrel-proof so that it will be able to deliver the seeds to your avian friends without fail.
Easy to maintain – the bird feeder should be easy to clean, simple to maintain and easy to put together whenever you need to assemble it.
Sturdy – the bird feeder should be as sturdy as possible so it can withstand rain, the elements and various physical factors such as other animals lurking around.
Size – you may also consider the size in dimensions so you know how much seeds can fit in or know its capacity in terms of pounds (seeds) or liters (nectar for hummingbirds)

Our Pick

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Small Bird Feeder

As for our best bird feeder, the Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Small Bird Feeder is our big winner because of its nice tray-style design. This particular bird feeder can withstand high storms and high winds due to its durability so that the birds use it easily and without much effort at all.

With an excellent value for your money, the bird feeder features an easy feeding port to access for the birds but not for the squirrels. It is quite easy to clean and it is also quite attractive and durable. In addition to that, this feeder is great for its circular perch.

It is also quite durable and there’s a lot of draining holes. What’s more, the bird feeder is so great that the birds feed on it easily. It can also be great for larger birds and it is also quite easy to assemble and it can be a great bird feeder to feed from all angles for the bird.

Great for the big birds and little birds alike, the bird feeder is quite durable as you can easily lock the lid in place to keep seeds in and squirrels out. Birds will absolutely love this bird feeder due to its easy design in which the lid stays put to keep birds feeding with great ease and protection.

You can use this bird feeder for a deck railing. You can also expect a sturdy design due to the fact that the powder coated finish is brown and also rust-resistant. If you want the best squirrel-proof feeders then this bird feeder is a great and well constructed feeder you would love.

It can work well from a tree branch and it has a capacity of up to 2 pounds of seed. As a very functional bird feeder, it is a nice feeder and it is also very easy to hang. The innovative design is a unique selling point as it can be friendly to birds everywhere.

Simply assemble and hang so that your birds will continue to dine in less effort. Moreover, this feeder is our best bird feeder because it holds up well and it allows moisture in to make the seeds just fine, not too dry and not too wet. It gives the seed to dispense for your little birds.

Moreover, the birds like it because of its neat design. As a bird feeder with metal railing, it is mostly squirrel-proof and it also stops dispensing once full. In addition, it has a nice bronze color will not chip or fade. When you need to refill, you can see it easily in the bird feeder.

Surviving well in the weather, it also remains consistently full yet very lightweight when handled. All you need to do is to clean with a mild soap and water for maintenance. What’s more, the clear container makes it easy to maintain as the seed is replenished as you need it and as the birds need it.

All the finches and the chickadees can find themselves munching in this bird feeder and they will really love this feeder as they feed on it. With less bugs and more bird seeds, the squirrel proof features also protect the seeds from the potential predators.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really deal breakers, the Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Small Bird Feeder does have a few cons but not important, such as the fact that the holes can be a bit small for the drain but it still works well if you have enough patience.

Step-up Pick

Brome 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Bird Feeder

Our step-up pick is the Brome 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Bird Feeder and the weight is adjustable so that you can keep away those pesky squirrels that will try to eat your bird seeds. As a nice little feeder, this bird feeder can be placed almost anywhere that is away from predators.
You can put in your favorite seed mix for birds with this bird feeder that is quite easy to fill. Made for a reasonable price, the bird feeder has some features preventing access to squirrels and the like. It is quite easy to clean and it is also very much squirrel proof.
Fitting up to 3/4 quarts of bird seed, the bird feeder is quite the strong bird feeder in terms of its features. It has total sanitizing features as well and is quite chew proof for the squirrels. You can pack it up with sunflower seeds or anything you like and it will fit in nicely for the birds to feed on.
The closing mechanism is triggered by the squirrel’s weight so it is inaccessible for squirrels. Being UV stabilized, the bird feeder is quite squirrel-proof and friendly towards various birds such as chickadees, goldfinches, cardinals and the like.
This bird feeder is well-designed as humid air escapes through vents easily. You can use seeds specific to your area to fill up this bird feeder as it also keeps the squirrels away with its seed-saver technology and other mechanism. Even grosbeaks, woodpeckers and blue jays can benefit from this bird feeder.
As a weight-adjustable bird feeder, it can appear full to most birds from afar due to its ingenious design. Made out of resin material, the bird feeder also comes with stainless steel perches for the best durability possible. With a good closing mechanism, the bird feeder will last a couple of years.
It is also waterproof and rust-proof for the seeds’ protection and the safety of the birds. With a seed ventilation system to keep the seeds fresh, the bird feeder will benefit many birds such as nuthatches, hairy woodpeckers and buntings.
You will assure that no squirrels at all getting the seeds with this bird feeder. A great gift for those who really love birds, it is so easy to place the feeder in your preferred spot as it has a requirement of only 18 inches of clearance.
It can be your first bird feeder when you are considering on buying a bird feeder for your needs. You will also have no issues with larger birds due to its diversity. You can fit in black oil sunflower seeds in this bird feeder as it is quite squirrel resistant.
You can treat your avian friends with this bird feeder and the seeds in it as it works great with a clear plastic dome design. It also has a negative grip tube which helps well in seed dispensing. With two perching options and a transparent seed tube, the bird feeder is backed by a hassle free lifetime warranty.

Budget Pick

First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

As our budget pick for the best bird feeder, the First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder presents a wide-mouth reservoir for a wide variety of birds. This is a very good bird feeder to consider as hummingbirds will love this feeder.
Moreover it doesn’t drip at all and has a sturdy and reliable two-part base which withstands wind and other factors. Great for a plenty of hummingbirds in your backyard, the bird feeder can work well in very cold weather and is quite easy to fill.
The bird can sit when they feed as the bird feeder is designed ingeniously. It also detaches beautifully for easy cleanup. It also attracts birds of a variety of kind and is very easy to clean among others. It works well as a bird feeder so you can make your own nectar at home with it.
As a durable and tough bird feeder for feeding the masses of birds in your backyard, it can be one of the best feeders in the market today. It also hangs well and is a polymer feeder that is quite sturdy. With plenty of stations for your birds, it will not have leaks with the design.
It is easy to fill and is a no drip feeder with a s-hook design. The bird feeder also holds lots of liquid for your bird nectar or honey. It is quite cheap but durable for your hummingbirds. It has a round perch design that is easy to clean and the jar has a wide mouth for your bird friends.
As a very easy to clean bird feeder, you will like the square shape which is quite innovative and can survive through the years. It is very pretty and the birds will love it. Moreover, it has a sealing ring that is also ingenious and makes the bird feeder very easy to clean.
Considerably a great hummingbird feeder, the safety of your birds can be ensured as the bird feeder has a leak prevention mechanism. It can be hanging from backyard trees as you like it and it can accommodate several hummers as well.
You can use the bird feeder with hummingbirds in your yard as it is not a hassle to clean at all. It is very easy to take apart for maintenance as the channels with calibrated slots. Moreover, the feeding ports are easily accessible so that your feathered friends can just sit down and drink.
As an easy to clean bird feeder, it can be the best feeder for the money because of its straightforward design. You can simply mix the proportions as you want it with this easy to maintain bird feeder. Moreover, this hummingbird feeder is so simple to hang by hook or limb hanging.
It also attracts a lot of hummers and a lot of birds love it. It can be your new favorite feeder as you can put seeds directly in the feeder jar with this bird feeder.

Best Bird Feeder with a Vintage Design

More Birds Vintage Antique Hummingbird Feeder

The More Birds Vintage Antique Hummingbird Feeder has an upscale appearance which differs from a lot of regular bird feeders out there. If you want a nice bird feeder that fits well in the backyard then go for this one as the glass is well-made and sturdy.
It sits out in the elements so it is quite durable and its perches accommodate a lot of birds. With an excellent construction, the bird feeder is easy to fill and clean for maintenance as the glass is dishwasher safe. Moreover, it can attract hummingbirds as well.
It is very much attractive to the birds as it looks great and the base stays very secure for excellent durability. The bird feeder is made of high quality materials so it is a great hummingbird feeder. What’s more, the nectar bottle is strong and it can last all season long.
Considerably a bird feeder that is made to last, you can treat your feathered friends a lot better as this has perches that are sturdy. You can make your yard a hummingbird paradise wit this feeder as it also resists freezing and breakage during the winter.
If you or someone you know is passionate about birds then this is a greatly functioning hummingbird feeder to consider. It is also dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean. The bird feeder is also certainly not leaking due to the design so it’s beautiful to put around your yard.
With great quality and design, the bird feeder is made out of metal parts so it is quite sturdy. It also easily screws off and on as a quality birding product for ease of maintenance. If you want to get a high quality feeder at a good price then this bird feeder is a considerable choice.
The bird feeder can be hand washed effortlessly even when the base is all metal. Moreover, this is a great hummingbird feeder for you yard or garden due to the design and due to the fact that the glass is thick. It can be washed with warm soapy water for ease of maintenance.
With a light green glass design, the bird feeder has a total of 5 feeding ports for more birds to come. You can make yourself a bird friendly yard with this antique bottle feeder which will complement any yard in its design. It can be used right out of the box and it looks nice.
As a hummingbird feeder with 5 perches, the hummingbird attraction is strong with it. Moreover, it has a wider mouth and has a burnt penny finish so it is quite attractive. As a super easy to clean bird feeder, it is also easy to fill as a decorative glass bottle feeder.
With a nearly flawless design, the bird feeder is so simple that birds can drink easier from it. Moreover, the base can unscrew for easy cleaning. With a total of 20 ounces for its capacity, the bird feeder is quite spacious as well.
It also ahs glass and metal sections so it is quite durable and safe. It will leave birds coming back for more as the bird feeder is quite easy to fill. It is a good hummingbird feeder and it has no coating due to the natural glass. You will be very pleased with the quality as an easy to clean bird feeder for the birds.
Complementing your garden décor well, the bird feeder is well-made for hummingbirds for easy filling and it also caters to different species of hummingbirds. This vintage glass bottle feeder is something to look forward to.

Best Bird Feeder with a Clear Design

Nature Gear Crystal Clear Bird Feeder

An easy to refill bird feeder, the Nature Gear Crystal Clear Bird Feeder is very easy to install and it also keeps squirrels away with its mechanism. It also has a weatherproof design so it is of less maintenance in terms of feeding winter and spring birds.
You can refill the bird feeder inside your house for convenience and it can work well with local wild birds. It holds the feed easily and the birds can make the approach in a simple way. The sliding feed tray is removable for you to easily refill it.
Accommodating various birds such as the blue jay, the cardinal, the woodpecker and the robin, the bird feeder is easy and convenient in its parts and it will leave your feathered friend very happy with the large design. It can also handle small visitors and it is quite squirrel resistant.
As an easy refill bird feeder with the custom feed tray, maintaining it is not cumbersome at all and it can work in the winter without much effort. As a window bird feeder in its design, feeding birds will become effortless with its sturdy and lovely design.
In fact, kids will love its design and ease of operation to keep fresh seed in and squirrels out. The window bird feeder also comes with suction cups which are of industrial strength and are extra large. The bird feeder also dissipates moisture for the seeds so there is no need to remove the entire feeder.
The design is almost flawless so you will be seeing wild birds approach it a lot. Moreover, the design does not block the view and it can dissipate moisture when needed. It can be conveniently refilled at the comfort of your home.
As a weather proof bird feeder that can be attached to bedroom windows due to the crystal clear nature, you can be seeing the birds in a greater perspective. The bird feeder performs well as intended with its weatherproof construction and high quality build for the worst weather conditions.
This is a great bird feeder to consider if you want one that drains rain water easily. The suction cups are spread out so it is not obtrusive at all. The bird feeder can also keep the seed mold-free due to its construction. The roof and sidewalls are also durable and of premium design.
This window bird feeder is economical and convenient during the winter months to put the bird seeds in and keep water out as it resists rain. You and the birds alike will love this feeder due to its removable feed tray. The design also keeps the squirrels out.
As a n easy to use bird feeder, the size is perfect for most bird sizes. With its sturdy design, large birds can feast on it quite easily and it also keeps your bird seed dry. It is so easy to slide in food in this bird feeder. Moreover, the premium acrylic is crystal clear for ease of viewing.
Withstanding snow and wind, the inside the feeder is quite protected so that you can be assured to keep bird seeds dry. The excitement of feeding birds will definitely be present with this bird feeder as it doesn’t block window light at all.
The sliding feed tray adds convenience along with the clear view of the birds. The bird feeder is also quite safe for birds as it mounts securely. Whether it is a gold finch, a titmouse or some other bird, the removable feed tray gives them easy access.
You can feed sparrows, nuthatches and chickadees well with this bird feeder and its effective moisture removal system. Easily stick it to a window and you are ready to go as it installs in seconds. The bird feeder is amazingly easy to set up and will last a long time. Moreover the precision drainage holes which are laser drilled make it effective in letting water out.

Best Bird Feeder with a Ball Shaped Design

No/No GSB00344 Green Seed Bird Feeder

The No/No GSB00344 Green Seed Bird Feeder is essentially a no plastic bird feeder for birds getting their seeds comfortably. It can keep birds happy and make feeding easy for all birds. It contains no wood so it is squirrel-proof.
The bird feeder is also quite fun to watch and it is made of a not-flimsy chain. As a small and inexpensive bird feeder, it can house suet balls or even 6 cups of sunflower seed (black oil). If you are fairly new to birding then the simple loading operation makes it convenient.
As an easy to clean bird feeder, it allows a refill in an easy way and it is truly fantastic with its patented design. You will love this bird feeder for its premium construction to keep squirrels out and the birds in. the bird feeder is easy to fill and is made out of the highest quality materials.
Also made for the woodpeckers, it is visually appealing whilst squirrels cannot access the feeder. You will love this feeder and the birds will get into it. Choose between beautiful green finish or red finish and put in your regular bird seed or preferred mix for the result of happy birds.
As a low-maintenance bird feeder, it will hold up well due to the durability against squirrels. It can be hanging in all directions and it is perfect for every yard for bird watching purposes. It can hang securely and is quite perfect for sunflower seeds.
It is a ball shaped bird feeder that is easy to refill and is great at keeping seeds fresh so your birds will be happy with this wild bird feeder again and again. You can watch the birds from afar without worry of flimsy material as the bird feeder is made of an all metal construction.
Very entertaining to watch for most people and bird lovers, the bird feeder is also easily hand washed. It measures 5.7 inches and is of great quality. What’s more, the color is very nice and it has a nice mesh wire design.
Great for little song birds, even snow and rain cannot ruin this bird feeder which can be placed in your front yard or backyard. It is a great perfect feeding area for birds and a wonderful bird feeder to place in the right conditions.
It can withstand high winds as a cute little feeder and the birds love it. The seed container will have a variety of clinging birds and smaller birds to love it. Also ideal for wild birds, it can survive a bear when hung from a high tree limb.
Attracting a large number of birds, it also keeps water from pooling with its mesh wire design. Guaranteed to never be compromised by squirrels, it will keep birds coming back as long as you refill and clean it up.

Best Bird Feeder with a Chapel Design

Birdscapes 50172 Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder

The Birdscapes 50172 Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder takes up to 3.6 pounds of seed and can give food to cardinals, blue jays, doves, mockingbirds, finches and the like. It is easy to hang so you will love this bird feeder a lot. With leaf print windows, it can be hanging from a tree and it will last through the winter.
The seed compartment windows are transparent on this little bird feeder. It is easy to fill, easy to monitor and is great bird house where wild birds flock. Easily see seed levels on this 11 x 9 x 8 inches bird feeder. You will love the cedar smell as random wild birds come to this wooden bird feeder.
Most birds love it when hung or pole mounted and it can be used for a variety of birds. It can keep the squirrels out and it works for different kinds of birds with no problems with standing water. With a light leaf print and a mountain chapel design, the feeder has a shingled roof with leaf imprints on the sides.
Most of the birds love it as one of the best wild bird feeders to all the birds. You will also love this bird feeder as it can lure the bird easily for any yard. What’s more, this is a beautiful bird feeder that will give you hours of joy.
It is not toxic for the birds so you can easily feed in your yard. Easily clean it up with mild soap and water solution. With excellent woodworking, this bird feeder is a must-have.

Best Bird Feeder with a Tube Design

GrayBunny GB-6847 Premium Classic Tube Feeder

The GrayBunny GB-6847 Premium Classic Tube Feeder is quite entertaining for bird watching. There are several holes for easy drainage. All seeds are well stocked when you are maintaining the feeder for finches and sparrows and the like. It is light weight so you can watch wild birds feed as an enjoyable activity.
Measuring 12 inches in length, your own backyard will be a bird sanctuary before the winter months. With a steel hanger, this classic tube feeder is made of plastic but durable. It can give seeds to tiny wrens, smaller birds and any birds flying around it such as titmice, finches, juncos, chickadees, nuthatches and much more.
As a nice bird feeder with a metal wire hanger, the water doesn’t get into the seeds so they stay fresh. Ideal for the birds to feed easily, it is made of premium grade hard plastic and works for the birds. You can fit in lots of sunflower seeds and keep your seeds safe while attract a variety of birds with this classic tube feeder.
Great for patio viewing backyard birds, it has 4 feeding ports are well-spaced. Made of hard plastic, it accommodates small birds in your yard. Great for nature lovers, it works for multiple birds such as finches and cardinals and withstands very windy situations.
Chickadees can feed simultaneously as happy birds with this squirrel proof feeder with an enclosed seed housing. It is a great gift idea for bird lovers. It keeps more bird seed than most as a great feeder with up to 4 cups of seeds in one go. It fills easily with all kinds of seeds for less mess.
Keeping seeds fresh and dry, you can easily see the level of the seeds so they’re getting their lunch rest assured. This is perfect for teaching responsibility to kids whilst preventing moldy buildup in seeds. As an inexpensive bird feeder for the worst Alaska winters, it is a good bird feeder with a clear housing.
This bird feeder lets you know the time to refill seeds. The birds flock to it easily and it gives you a lot of ease for putting new seeds into it. Feeding hungry birds with this weather-proof feeder is a joy as smaller birds can use it.
With a sturdy and contoured base, it is easy to refill and it would make birds happy. You also know when to refill with this feeder and the seeds are distributed well with it.

Best Bird Feeder for Hummingbirds

Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder

With a capacity of 12 ounces, the Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder is a great hummingbird feeder with 4 feeding ports. You may want to get this feeder if you change the feed often.
About the design, it has a unique built-in ant moat so it is ready for the spring ants. Filling it up is a breeze and it keeps bees and ants away. As one of the best hummingbird feeders out there, it has raised flowers as part of the design which work perfectly.
With a bright red color, it helps hummers get to the nectar and also divert rain. It is a piece of cake to assemble with no threads to screw. Just put in your hummingbird nectar on this drip proof feeder in your front, back or side yard.
A breeze to fill, this hummingbird feeder keep ants out of the nectar for happy hummingbirds. Warding off flying insects, it is leak proof so you can enjoy the hummingbirds as they feed. It is good for the hummingbirds and for you as you can view fluid levels for refilling time.
It can prevent bees and wasps and allows birds to sit on the rim. As a fine-tuned bird feeder keeping away wasps and hornets, hummers can dip their beaks easily. With little bottom caps, it also blocks crawling insects.
Cleaning up is a breeze no bottle brush needed with this insect-proof feeder. You can also expect orioles and see 3 to 6 birds in it. Easy to clean and refill, the perches for the hummers are very helpful as well as the guard tips.
You can hang or post mount the bird feeder so you can enjoy watching the hummingbirds with ease. The feeder also has a lifetime guarantee.

Best Bird Feeder with a Cage

GrayBunny GB-6860 Squirrel-Proof Caged Tube Feeder

The GrayBunny GB-6860 Squirrel-Proof Caged Tube Feeder has a cage and is more than a regular tube feeder. It is an upgrade from the original version. Parents and children will love this bird feeder which can prevent moldy buildup while you watch wild birds feast on seeds.
Multiple birds can simultaneously feed on it on your own backyard with its enclosed seed housing to keep squirrels out and clear housing for easy viewing. As a great gift for nature lovers, this wild bird feeder can also keep out undesirable birds and ensure safe and secure seeds.
With 4 feeding ports, this caged tube feeder is ideal for the smaller birds and a wide variety of birds. You’ll know when it is time to replenish seeds with this great bird feeder. Finches, titmice, chickadees and nuthatches will find it useful.
As a very pretty bird feeder, it has a lid to refill effortlessly. Great for smaller songbirds, it fits 2.5 cups of seeds and keeps them fresh and dry for smaller birds. It is also chew-proof for squirrels and the steel cage makes it a unique product. It also has precisely sized openings for ease of access for birds.

The Competition

The other bird feeders were not clearly as great as the ones we picked here because they lacked squirrel-proof qualities, were not easy to clean and were also not very affordable. It is important to get the best value for your money in terms of bird feeder features.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much millet mix should I give to birds in spring?
A: Birds should have more millet mix when spring arrives whether on the ground and in the feeders. This likely depends upon how many birds you expect to feed on them.
Q: What seed mixes should I include for elevated bird feeders?
A: Consider sunflower and safflower for elevated bird feeders because they contain little or no millet mix in them.
Q: Why shouldn’t you give out too much sunflower seeds in one day?
A: Sunflower seeds spoil quickly in comparison to other seeds, making them more expensive.
Q: Can I feed birds some kitchen scraps?
A: Yes, if they are healthy and nutritious such as fresh fruit and dried fruit. You can also offer some mealworms for the birds too much on. Make sure they don’t have high salt content because they are potentially dangerous to birds.
Q: Why should I shake the seed feeder first before refilling?
A: Seed feeders need to be shaken first because of the fact that you need to make sure all of the seeds are dislodged and nothing gets left behind and spoils overtime.
Q: Why should I add water to my bird feeder?
A: All animals get thirsty and birds are no exception. In the winter, water can easily freeze, making it hard for birds to drink water, so you should take the initiative.
Q: Where is the best place for a bird feeder?
A: The best place to consider for a bird feeder should be in an inaccessible place to predators which can be on the branch of a tree or at least 12 feet above the ground. Make sure it is not easy to reach for squirrels, cats, etc.
Q: What kind of bird feeder should be used against squirrels?
A: Bird feeders with metal parts such as metal barriers cannot be chewed down by the squirrels and can only be accessed by the birds themselves.
Q: What do sparrows and finches like to eat?
A: Most of them eat seeds so if you have a lot of finches and sparrows in your yard then make sure to put a lot of seeds in there.
Q: Where should I keep suet for birds to feed?
A: Keep suet 5 feet above the ground to keep it from getting munched by Fido. Suet feeders are also available for you to buy, but make sure you only display suet in cold weather so that it will not cause dripping fat.
Q: How much distance should you consider when getting a bird feeder up?
A: You should have at least 10 to 12 feet off the ground so that it will be off-limits to squirrels.
Q: Which bird eat suet often?
A: Birds such as the woodpecker will definitely love suets when you leave it there to be fed by birds.
Q: What cleaning method is advisable for a bird feeder?
A: Make sure you only use hot water to disinfect bird feeders and do not use commercial cleaners to do so.
Q: Why is it not advisable to use general purpose seeds?
A: Because they are not of high quality and will only mostly attract starlings and blackbirds and not high flying bird species.
Q: Why should you reduce window reflections?
A: Because birds may fly through them by mistake and get hit or be killed. You can put decorations and decals to avoid this from happening if you have birds nearby.
Q: If you have a nectar feeder for a hummingbird, where should you place it?
A: It is ideal to place a humming bird nectar feeder at least 20 feet away from your seed feeder because of the fact that hummingbirds can be territorial.
Q: Why should you not concentrate many feeders in one area?
A: This is so that birds will feel free and diverse so you should place various feeders in different locations other than just one.
Q: How often should you clean a bird feeder?
A: Bird feeders should be cleaned two times a year so that birds will not get harmed by the bacteria and the like.
Q: Why should you consider the fat content in seeds?
A: They are needed by birds because they give more benefit to birds. About 38% fat content is recommended for bird seeds.
Q: Which birds often pick up seeds on the ground instead of on feeders?
A: Birds such as doves and sparrows prefer picking up seeds on the ground rather than on feeders.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize the article, the Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Small Bird Feeder is our best bird feeder based from its great features, sturdiness, squirrel-proof qualities and the like.