Best Bidet Toilet Seat

The TOTO Washlet C200 is our pick for the best bidet toilet seat, which has a cotton white finish, an adjustable temperature range, has a dual action spraying nozzle and has a heated seating property for the winter season.

Our step-up pick is the Brondell S1000-EW and it also has a dual nozzle feature for spraying, as well as a ceramic core for its heating element. You can get warm water and a warmer seat with this kind of unit and it also has a deodorizer.

The budget pick is the Bio Bidet BB-600 and it is meant for elongated seats and can be installed on an easy DIY basis. It has two types of nozzles – for posterior and for feminine washing, and it has heated seating and water heating as well.

A Little Background

A bidet is a kind of bathroom fixture that is primarily used for hygienic purposes. It is used for washing a person’s genital parts, since they are usually bigger and wider than the regular toilet. They are unlike the regular ones that you see at home or in public establishments because they are built specifically for a different purpose – for washing, not for relieving yourself. That makes them special compared to those in normal bathrooms.

They are characterized by a spraying nozzle attachment, which boosts a water jet to make cleaning super easy. The spray is very important since the pressure of the water gets all the bad stuff out easily nearly without getting your hands all dirty. The pressure is also helpful not just in these bidets but also as an attachment in regular toilets in public restaurants and establishments, especially when people don’t have the option of tissues.

They are also typically wider than your usual toilet, so they may be much more expensive. The width is usually a few inches more than a standard toilet, so they can be hard to install. They are also usually heavier than a regular one because of their size, material and quality, as well as the mechanical and plumbing stuff that you actually need to configure. They work like a sink more than a toilet.

Most of them can only be found in rich countries and high end hotels, but most public restrooms will have an attachment that resemble them. They originated in the United Kingdom but some other countries might also have them. For those who are especially conscious with their health and need a place to wash their stuff, the bidet is an important piece of bathroom fixture in your home and it is worth investing in one.

Some of them can have different nozzles for different genders and areas to wash. While it is true that the basic one might just have one single hose and nozzle, there are special brands and models that have different nozzles so you can fine tune the spray of the water depending on what you are going to wash and who is going to wash – this makes things much more ergonomic to handle in the bathroom.

Like with regular toilets, they may also be controlled with a remote controlled seat that goes up and down as you use it. While there are manual seats that can go down very slowly so as not to slam onto your bowl or bidet, the electronic ones that are remote controlled are specially for ones that want to precisely control the closing of the seat, so as not to slam it down unintentionally.

There are also some models that might have additional benefits, such as night lights, heating element for the winter, a warm dryer, pressure adjustment for the water and deodorizers. These extras may be available on most higher end brands and models but some can also be found on budget ones. It depends on whether you really need them. For instance, night lights are important when you have to go to the bathroom at night.

How we Picked

When you choose the best bidet toilet seat, here are some great reminders on what to pick:

Materials used: most of these can be made out of ceramic finishes but some can also have brass parts or chrome parts, as well as a plain white finish for budget goers. Some will also have a silver or stainless steel part to make it much more durable and presentable.

Location of the nozzle: this can refer to where you should look for the nozzle in two possible positions or locations: anterior or posterior. This is important when you choose one because it helps you feel more comfortable when you are reaching for your nozzle to spray.

Direction of the spray: this is also important because the direction of the spray makes it less messier when you actually apply it and use it. The spray direction of the nozzle can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on your needs and depending on the brand you buy.

Ease of installation: consider one that is super simple to install and is much like a bathroom sink because installation is the hardest thing to do in any bathroom fixture. Consider one that has simple and DIY instructions for you to follow in an easy manner, without a lot of tools required.

Number of nozzle types: as we mentioned above, they can have different types of nozzles depending on who is cleaning using it and what he or she is cleaning. The variety of the nozzles can make cleaning much more tuned and ergonomic for the person who is using it, so they can have a choice.

Electronic controls: the electronic controls can be divided into two types: a control panel that is located on the seat, or one that is remote controlled. It depends upon your preferences as to which to use, but for sanitation purposes, most people prefer the remote controlled one.

Self-cleaning: the self-cleaning property of this kind of bathroom fixture can also be important for those who don’t want to waste their time to clean it up manually. There are mostly expensive ones and models that might have this feature, which is also a good feature to look upon.

Night light: a night light is sometimes necessary for when you go to the bathroom at night so that it will be visible where you should wash your thing and not spill it over the floor of the bathroom, to create less mess in there.

Warm water: there are also some models that offer a warm water option, which is kind of like those hot and cold showers. They are good for hygienic purposes and they can be a great addition to your bathroom fixture.

Warm air dryer: this is the feature that also goes hand in hand with the warm water feature, which is important so you can dry up easily without having to use a towel, much like if you are using a hand dryer that has warm air, like those that are seen in public restaurants and the like.

Temperature control: the temperature control can be important for 4-season countries that alternate between summer and winter, so that they can have the ideal temperature for their bathroom fixture without being too uncomfortable to use.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the TOTO Washlet C200 is a remote controlled unit that is very easy to use even at night due to the backlighting. It has a pre-misting function before you use it and it gives you warm water depending on your needs. The spray nozzle has dual action features and you can also adjust the volume and temperature of the water. It has a cotton white finish and has an oscillating feature as well.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the TOTO Washlet C200 does not have an automatic open and close function for the lid, but that is found only on super high priced models, anyway.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Brondell S1000-EW is made out of stainless steel for its adjustable nozzles that are also of dual action so you can clean your stuff better. It has a deodorizer for the funky smells and has a warm air dryer to make drying a breeze as well. Its silver nanotechnology makes the self-cleaning nozzles very easy to use. The heating system relies on the included ceramic core.

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Bio Bidet BB-600, which also has a dual nozzle system and has an eco-friendly mode to save not just toilet paper use but also electricity use. It has both posterior and feminine wash modes for the nozzle and has a slow closing lid to eliminate the toilet slam.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Units

The BB-I3000 from Bio Bidet is very easy to install for casual DIY people and it also has a dual nozzle feature. It is meant for elongated units and has a soap dispenser as well. It does not require batteries or electricity and has a self-cleaning nozzle. It is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat with Rear and Front Wash

For a rear and front wash, the ALPHA JX is also good for elongated toilets and has a wireless remote control. The quiet operation ensures no toilet slam and the LED night light helps you to stay visible at night. There is also a self-cleaning feature for the nozzle and it has a 3-year warranty.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer

The SmartBidet SB-2000 is easy to dry with using the warm air drying feature, accompanied with the heated seating. It has an adjustable water pressure for up to 5 levels and there is also an eco mode. The ease of installation makes this unit very ideal for those who want to do it by themselves.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat that is Manually Operated

For those who want a manual unit, you can count on the KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide and its manually closing but quietly closing lid that does not make the annoying toilet slam. It has a self-cleaning feature and it has an adjustable position for the spray.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat with Dual Nozzles

Equipped with a modern look, the Alpha ONE V2 has a dual nozzle system, a lever control and has a durable lid to make it stand for the years to come. The internal brass valves also add to the longevity and the low profile design makes it ideal for most bathrooms.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat with a Deodorizer

Equipped with an air dryer and a deodorizer in the unit , the XIME DIB-2500 Enema is good for keeping a fresh and clean feeling while you are in the bathroom. Making use of carbon to eliminate funky smells, there is also a soft close lid for eliminating that annoying lid slam.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat with a Remote Control

The USPA UB-6035R is a good choice if you want something that is remote controlled. It has adjustable levels for the heating of the seat and the air dry function and it also has an eco mode for saving up power while you are not using it.

The Competition

Those that did not make it to this list lacked ease of installation as well as ease of control. It is important for any of these bathroom fixtures not to be over complicated to use, especially if you will be installing it in a public place or for a senior’s home.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What made bidets so popular?

A: The answer to that is not a simple one – bidets were usually found on the UK and Europe and are rarely found in the USA, but today, that is slowly changing. It is still a new concept in the Americas, but they are generally popular because most people in Europe are very meticulous when it comes down to health and sanitation, especially in the bathroom, so they want to make their bathroom much more presentable and sanitary.

Q: What are the different reasons I should get one?

A: There are many benefits to having this kind of bathroom fixture, such as with the following:

It helps you to reduce on your daily household waste. The fact that you do not have to use toilet paper in your bathroom can make it easier to reduce your daily household waste. It also helps to save the environment in throwing trash, especially in those countries or areas where annually thrown waste has always been a problem and can be a problem with flooding and clogged drainages.

You can save much more money with waste and water bills. Compared to what people think about them – that they waste more water, they actually conserve more water in the long run versus having to use tissue paper, which can block your drainage system and can lead to leaks. You save money in the long run because tissue papers can be much more expensive when bought yearly compared to the one time price of this kind of bathroom unit.

It does not clog your regular toilet so it puts your plumbing problems to a minimum. For those countries and areas that do have a problem when it comes down to flooding and drainage problems, especially on lower areas that do not have a lot of options when it comes down to draining, they can be helpful when it comes down to unclogging your drainage system from tissue papers.

It is eco-friendly because it uses less water than a regular toilet. There are many options out there that offer less water than with flushing on a regular toilet and can save more on the manufacturing of tissues, which require a lot more water resource than when you use this kind of bathroom fixture altogether.

For hygienic and cleaning purposes, it is a good investment. Most people are afraid of letting go of their tissue habits, but rest assured, they are much better in cleaning your stuff when you go to the bathroom and do your business. The pressure of the water makes it easier for you to clean stuff without having to get your hands as dirty as much.

They are usually comfortable to use for any gender. Most people think that they are meant for women only, but they can actually be ideal also for men and of any gender, as long as they are used properly and have the most comfortable features.

It helps you take good care of your skin and genitals when cleaning them. Compared to using tissues, just using water to help you clean up your stuff makes it less irritating on your skin. Additionally, water alone can also be better than using soap, which might not have a good pH level due to its abrasives.

Q: Why aren’t they very popular in the United States?

A: Unlike in Europe, these bathroom fixtures are not very much of a thing in the Americas, so they are not something that you will see in most homes and establishments. Here are the reasons why they are not popular in the United States:

a) People think they are kind of expensive. While this is true, as some brands can be as much as $1,500, some are actually cheaper at only around $100 to $200.

b) They were associated with French brothels so people think that they are immoral or otherwise dirty with their image.

c) The British “rejects” who came to America might have told the folks bad gossips about the French people. Since the French are basically the ones who most likely promoted them, the bad image lived on.

d) Most Americans (as well as other countries in the world) prefer tissues instead of having to touch one’s genitals to clean up the yucky mess.

Q: How do you use this kind of bathroom fixture?

A: It depends on the type, and there are two types, by which there are two ways to use them:

For a porcelain or traditional type, you should do the following:

1. Face the bidet and sit on it with your pants or shorts off.

2. Turn on the faucet to let the water stream out.

3. Wash your areas as needed.

4. Dry up with a towel to finish.

For the  bidet toilet seat type, here’s what you should do:

1. While seated, simply press the Wash button on the controls.

2. Wait for the nozzle to spray water underneath and clean you up.

3. Press Stop when you are done washing.

4. Use a Dry button, if there is one, to dry up without the use of a towel.

5. If you’re impatient with the warm air dryer, use some tissues to dry up.

Q: How can they save up on water and forest resources?

A: One thing that makes these bathroom fixtures much more eco-friendly is the fact that they may be able to save up on water and forest resources. Here’s why:

a. You can save up to 15 million trees a year, since Americans often use toilet rolls amounting to 36.5 billion each year. If manufacturers don’t make as much as toilet paper as they do now, we might be able to save a lot of trees every year, and that can make a difference when it comes down to ensuring that the forests are well preserved.

b. Bleaching is a process that is done for making toilet papers. Not only will the less usage be much more eco-friendly, but it is also much more skin friendly in the long run. Bleaching is generally bad for the environment because of the chemicals that it uses.

c. Since the manufacturing electricity costs of making toilet papers can be up to 17.3 terawatts each year, if they minimize on production then that can save energy. This is highly important for countries that do not have a good source of energy or electricity, or just want a more eco-friendly option.

d. While it is true to that these bathroom fixtures need a lot of water to use, the process in making tissues require much more. The bathroom fixture only use 1/8 of a gallon, compared to 37 gallons of water that is needed t make the toilet paper on a single roll.

e. Pipe clogging is a problem that can lead to more floods and contamination of the environment. By using less tissues, you’re saving the pipes from getting clogged during heavy rains. Areas that have a lower landscape are more prone to pipe clogging and drainage problems, so they should have this kind of bathroom fixture in their home or in public restrooms.

Q: What are the myths about these bathroom fixtures that aren’t true?

A: There are a couple of myths and misconceptions about them, and here’s how we corrected them:



They can be unsanitary to use.

While it is true that they may look messy, they can actually clean you better, so they are much more sanitary than just using toilet paper. In fact, if you still can’t let go of the toilet paper, you can combine the two but with minimal sheets of toilet paper instead of too many.

Only women use them.

Not true! They are used by all genders because they can fit any body shape whatsoever. The misconception came from the fact that they were originally designed for women, but they’re also for men, especially those with disorders and have trouble washing their buttocks with just toilet paper.

They are only ideal for homes with a lot of bathroom space.

There is a special attachment that lets you combine it with your existing toilet so you do not have to add an additional bathroom fixture, which solves the problem of most countries not wanting to install one due to lack of space.

It can waste a lot of water.

As we mentioned above, compared to making toilet paper, this kind of bathroom fixture is actually a water saver, which only makes 1/8 gallon. In making toilet paper, you need up to 37 gallons, which is kind of wasteful. It might also clog up your sewer systems and cause flooding.

Soaps help you clean better when using them.

Not entirely true, as water alone can be enough because soap might irritate your genital areas. Women, on the other hand, use special feminine washes that have a balanced pH level so that it does not irritate them.

They can be complicated to install.

While it is true that some brands require some plumbing expertise due to the hot and cold system that’s similar to your shower, it’s not always the case. If you have an easy connect model that only requires you to connect to your present water connection, it actually saves a lot of time.

Remote controlled seats can be controlled outside of the bathroom.

Not true! Your kids won’t be able to play a trick on you because the infrared remote won’t actually pass through walls, so you’re the only one who can control it.

Tissues or toilet papers are much more economical solutions.

Not entirely true in the long run, since if you compile all of the rolls that you consumed in a year, you can actually lose more money in the long run compared to the initial costs of this kind of bathroom fixture.

They can feel uncomfortable and weird to use.

It may sound and look weird at first, but once you try one, it will be much better than using toilet paper alone. If you aren’t use to it at first, you can try those restaurant restroom attachments (the bidet shower nozzles) to wash yourself.

Q: What is the difference between a washlet and a bidet?

A: The washlet is another term for the bidet toilet seat, or the one that is integrated with your existing toilet system. Here are their differences with a regular one:




Space saving

This is much more space saving because you do not have to add another bathroom fixture at all.

You need another bathroom fixture on your area so it may take up a lot of space in the long run.


It is much more pleasing to look at, since it is a toilet and a bidet at the same time.

They can be awkward for some people who are not used to using them for the first time.


They tend to be much comfortable, since they are your toilet, after all.

They tend to be less comfortable due to the thinner edge for the seat.


They can have many additional features, such as warm air drying, auto open and close, deodorizer and many others for your convenience.

They tend to have less features and only have mostly the basics.


There are some that are expensive, but there are also most that are cheaper with no plumbing needed.

They can be cheaper but it depends upon the brand that you buy.


The washlet may have some piping connections that may look slightly off when you set it up on your bathroom.

They usually have concealed connections because of the way they are supposed to be installed.


The pressure is less adjustable on the washlet compared to the regular one.

This one allows more control for the pressure due to the faucet like fixtures in the setup.


The heating functions may not be as steady or consistent as with regular ones, especially those that require a heating element.

The heating functions may be much more consistent because of its integration with a hot water line in your home.

Resale value

They tend to have much more resale value due to their popularity, if you’re in the Americas.

Think twice before getting them for your American home, since they are less popular in the U.S.


They may require less plumbing.

They require much more plumbing.

Ease of use

They are easier and more comfortable to use because you don’t have to move from one seat to another.

They require you to get up from the toilet onto the fixture so it’s kind of annoying and uncomfortable for some people who are not used to them.

Q: What are the different types of this kind of bathroom fixture?

A: There are many options for you to choose from when it comes down to this kind of bathroom fixture, such as with the following:

The traditional or ceramic one is the most commonly used one, and they can be classified into two types, namely the following:

a. The floor mounted one is the most popular of the two, because it is a lot simpler to install and easy to mount on and use. They can also be available in a wide range of styles and can complement your overall bathroom design in general.

b. The wall mounted one is much less popular because you would have to fix it to the wall and it is usually situated alongside a wall fixed or wall mounted toilet as well, so it is not something that you will see that much, even on most European homes.

The toilet seat attachment is the much preferred type in the United States as well as in other countries and in public restaurants. They can be divided into the following:

a. The electric one is the most preferred choice because they can be controlled so that the seat does not slam really hard, and they also have various features such as warm air drying, deodorizing, night lights, and many others.

b. The non-electric one is usually the much more budget friendly option for those who just want one but do not have the money to do so. They can still give you the same hygienic and eco friendly benefits just as an electric one.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the electric and the non-electric types?

A: As we mentioned above, they can be classified into electric and nonelectric types, and they have the following pros and cons:

Electric Types



a. They can be remote controlled.

b. They tend to be more comfortable to use due to their features.

c. They have a heating option.

d. The warm water wash feature makes cleaning more comfortable in the winter.

e. They can be ambidextrous in terms of operation.

f. The warm air dryer feature makes drying up a breeze.

g. Those who aren’t strong enough to operate a manual one can stick to the electric model.

h. They will work if you have a standard sized toilet at home.

i. They can have nozzles that are fully adjustable to various positions.

j. There are many extra features that are available on them that are not seen in regular models.

a. You need a budget of at least $200 to have one.

b. Since they are electric, be sure to prepare your energy costs and bill.

c. They may require an electrician for you to install, which can also require an installation fee.

d. Not all of them will work on all toilets, so it’s important to choose the right one properly.

Non-Electric Types



a. They can fit on any existing toilet at home or in any public restroom.

b. They are super cheap at only $30 to $50 for the lowest model.

c. They offer just as much cleaning capability as an electric model.

d. They can be easily attached to the toilet compared to electric ones.

a. The water pressure might not be that easy to adjust.

b. There’s no warming system for the water, for the seat and for air drying.

c. It can be a little more tedious to use for some people.

d. It may take some time, patience and practice to learn how to use it..

e. If you have seniors at home then it’s not a good one to have.

f. There are no extras such as deodorizing, lighting, etc.

Q: What features make an electric model different from a non electric one?

A: The following features are the ones that you will most likely find on an electric model:

1. Water temperature – this can help you set the appropriate temperature depending on the season.

2. Seat heating – it warms up your seat during the winter.

3. Remote control – a hands-free way of controlling your unit.

4. Pressure adjustment – for when you don’t want a lot of pressure.

5. Eco-friendly mode – some of them can have eco-friendly modes such as a sleep mode.

6. Air drying (heated) – for drying up without a towel or tissue paper.

7. Deodorizer – for eliminating the funky smells.

8. Nozzle position adjustment – for different users (e.g. males and females).

9. Quality made stainless steel nozzles – for durability and longer lasting usability.

10. Self-cleaning ability – so you don’t have to touch the icky stuff when cleaning.

Q: Where are the most likely places that I will find these bathroom fixture?

A: While they are not very popular in the United States, you can mostly find these bathroom fixtures in the following parts of the world:

a) European countries (Italy, France, Germany, UK)

b) Asia (Japan and South Korea)

c) South American countries

Q: What are the different fittings for this kind of bathroom fixture?

A: There are generally two types of fittings for them, such as the following:

a. The over the rim type is a fitting that is mostly seen on common models because of its ease of use and installation. The flow of the water in this type of fitting is usually downward and they can be seen with tap types, horizontal sprays and also flushing rims.

b. The under the rim type is a fitting that is most likely associated with vertical sprays and ascending types (e.g. the “fountain” types) that might be seen on traditional ones instead of the attachment types of this kind of fixture.

Q: How do I use the sprayer part?

A: The sprayer part is something that you will mostly see not just on these types of fixtures but also on regular household and public toilets, especially in restaurants. Here is how to use it properly:

1. Know where it is located and detach it from the holder by lifting it up.

2. Turn on the sprayer using a shut-off valve, or use a switch or lever on the sprayer.

3. Spray as intended, depending on where you want to spray from – from the front or from the back. Getting into an angular motion makes the cleaning process much more effective.

4. For women who use feminine washes with a balanced pH level, you can use them instead of soaps.

5. Wipe dry using a towel or toilet paper, or use the air dryer feature, if it has one.

Q: How do you clean these bathroom fixtures?

A: While most of them do have a self cleaning feature, it is still good practice and knowledge to know how to be able to clean them properly:

1. You can use the quick release option, if it has one, to detach it and clean it up separately.

2. Start by wiping everything using any damp cloth.

3. You can use your favorite household cleaner in doing so, but check the manufacturer for the recommended type of cleaner to use.

4. Replace any carbon water filter or iodine water filter in your system at least every 6 months.

Q: How are they different from sinks?

A: The main difference between a sink and this type of bathroom fixture is the way it is used. Here are some other differences that are worth noting:




Space required

They tend to hog more space than a regular sink because of their design.

They are usually much more compact to use and to install one in your bathroom, even if your bathroom is small and lacks space.


They look like regular toilets but slightly bigger, and some can be attached to toilets. They can be floor mounted or wall mounted.

They are usually mounted on the wall and at a higher height. They are usually smaller.


They are used for washing genitals, for both male and female, right after doing your business.

They are mainly used for washing your hands and face.


They can have stuff such as warm water, air dryer, seat warmer, night light, remote control etc.

They’re as simple as they are, for the very purpose of washing your hands and face. Some may have warm water options as well.


They tend to be much pricier than a regular sink.

Some can be pricier but they are generally cheaper.


It depends on the type as to whether they require more connections.

Some can be easy to connect into your water system.


The pressure can be adjusted.

The pressure can also be adjusted.

Resale value

Unless you have an attachment type, they may not be that much in resale value in the U.S.

They are found on every home and nearly every bathroom in the world so they are a must-have for resale value.


They may require some plumbing.

They may also require some plumbing.

Ease of use

They can be kind of complicated to use at first.

They’re super easy to use – unless you have the complicated ones or new technologies such as the sensor type.

Q: Is it much more sanitary than using regular toilet paper?

A: Compared to toilet paper usage, they tend to be much more sanitary because:

1) They don’t irritate your skin.

2) You can eliminate more bacteria with the pressure.

3) They leave a clean and fresh feeling.

4) Using the water pressure eliminates having to touch the icky stuff.

Q: If my nozzle does not have a self cleaning feature, how do I clean it up?

A: You should clean up the nozzle with the following steps:

1) Press and hold the rear cleaning button on your unit for about 3 seconds to make the nozzle stick out.

2) Use an old and soft toothbrush to clean it up with a natural homemade solution of water and vinegar.

3) Do this routine at least once a month or depending on how currently messy it is.

Q: How often should I clean it up?

A: It depends on how much you use it, but the ideal time would be at least once a month for the whole unit, and use the self cleaning function (if it has one) as much as possible after every usage. Ensuring a clean bathroom fixture makes it less likely to have bad bacteria and viruses that can stay and harm your family and household.

Q: What are the different medical conditions that can benefit from this kind of fixture?

A: This type of bathroom fixture is usually used by those who have the following conditions:

a) Anal-related conditions such as fissure, itching and fistula

b) Hemorrhoids

c) Crohn’s Disease

d) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

e) Rectal prolapse

f) Ulcerative colitis

g) Ostomy

Q: What are the different problems that I could encounter with them?

A: There are some problems that might arise with using these units, and there are possible solutions for them, such as the following:


Possible Solution

Handle is leaking water

Remove water from the tank or consider replacing the valve of the tank.

Bowl is leaking water

Test for leakage in the bowl using food color.

Dirty filter

Simply clean the filter if it is capable of being cleaned, or replace it.

Floor has water leaks

Replace the wax gasket from the unit.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, we think that the TOTO Washlet C200 is our pick for the best bidet toilet seat due to the dual nozzle system, the elegant finish and the heated seating.