Best Beginner Guitar

The DirectlyCheap 41″ Steel Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is our best beginner guitar and providing you full sound projection, the beginner guitar adheres to professional specifications and outright exceeds expectations. If this will be your first guitar then you are in luck. The beginner guitar is made with a Calputa fret board and is a great full size guitar that feels solid overall. The dot inlay is excellent and this full sized beginner guitar can also be made as a birthday gift to someone you love.

Our step-up pick is the Yamaha Gigmaker Natural Standard Acoustic Guitar and for the complete beginner and the right-handed guitar player, the beginner guitar is a great guitar to buy for a beginner. The beginner guitar teaches you the right chords and scales in no time and teaches the basics for the beginner. With a sturdy spruce top, it is easy to tune as a beginner guitar and is a great beginner acoustic guitar.

The budget pick is the Zeny 38″ New Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar and as a wonderful set for the guitar starter, the beginner guitar comes with a neat guitar pick for your needs. For those who are looking for a real full sized acoustic guitar but do not want to break the bank then this beginner guitar is a great buy. It is really a good starter for teenagers and a shoulder strap that comes along with this beginner guitar is very handy.

A Little Background

A beginner guitar is meant for those who are new to playing guitars or who are just about to learn how to play a guitar. Usually, these kinds of guitars are very easy on the weight and type of strings used. The guitars that are for beginners are the ones with the basic features yet beginner friendly at the same time. It should also be great with its sounding. Every person starts off as a beginner anyway so it is inevitable that you should get a guitar that is okay for beginner levels if you need such.

How We Picked

For the best beginner guitar, the following factors were considered:
String type – the string that is used on the beginner guitar should be very accommodating to this skill level. Guitar strings come in a variety of types such as phosphor bronze, nickel, steel and nylon materials. The strings should be playable for beginners and are easy on the fingers.
Body shape – don’t forget to keep in mind the body shape of the beginner guitar that you want to have. It should be just right for beginners to carry it with ease and produce great sound quality overall.
Ease of weight – the weight of the beginner guitar should be just fine when it comes down to its playability so that it is truly beginner friendly.

Our Pick

DirectlyCheap 41″ Steel Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Our best beginner guitar is the DirectlyCheap 41″ Steel Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and with enough treble and bass, they are sweet sounding and have a greater response and are extremely flexible. The classic medium tension is great. This right handed guitar has been well constructed as a great beginner guitar for beginners and pros. It is clearly an excellent choice and it has chrome tuners that are ping style.
The beginner guitar doesn’t seem flimsy at all and has really well done components that keep in tune with every play. It is a beginner guitar very inexpensive and is made with resin nut. Made for all ages, the beginner guitar plays beautifully and is a very nice starter guitar. It is also quite a well built guitar and is a great guitar for new to intermediate players.
With the back end button and the linden top, this steel string beginner guitar is almost completely better than many guitars with a beautiful tone and a quality sound overall. With no shaking at all, you will be highly satisfied with the construction of this beginner guitar made with an ABS black pick guard.
As a guitar to roam around with, the beginner guitar is truly an entry level instrument and it has been equipped with a medium guitar pick. The back end button is also reliable and the sounds of the beginner guitar are much more than expected. Likewise, the sound is amazing and the Calputa Bridge does its job.
You will be pleasantly surprised with the crisp and clear sounds of the beginner guitar. Moreover, the beginner guitar looks and sounds fantastic. Coated in a sturdy and sleek black finish with resin pegs, this is totally a well built guitar that is ideal for beginners. With a natural spruce top, the beginner guitar is able to produce an amazing sound and is ideal for a young student.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The DirectlyCheap 41″ Steel Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar does have a few hiccups but they are not deal breakers such as the fact that since it is a cheap guitar, it is not for those people who are frequent guitar players but they can always move on to a more expensive guitar when their skills have improved.

Step-up Pick

Yamaha Gigmaker Natural Standard Acoustic Guitar

Our step-up pick for the best beginner guitar is the Yamaha Gigmaker Natural Standard Acoustic Guitar and is a great perfect package for beginners. With a digital guitar tuner included, this beginner guitar is one of the best cheap starter guitars even at its step-up price. The beginner guitar comes with a high quality tuner as well as everything you need to get started.
Moreover, this is a good package for a beginner guitar with an included carrying bag. Likewise, it is a great starter guitar and it is a full size guitar that kids and teens can play likewise. The beginner guitar has been made with Meranti back and sides and anyone who wants to learn the guitar can definitely use this beginner guitar for their needs. You will definitely like playing this guitar due to its simplicity.
Coming in with the needed gig bag, this is a really great guitar for a beginner and its strings are nonetheless easy to play with. The beginner guitar emphasizes both quality and performance and also gives you many tips on tuning with its included instructions if you are just starting out. The strap included in this beginner guitar keeps the guitar secure.
Being made with high quality wood construction such as rosewood finger board, the beginner guitar also comes with many picks for you to use. The beginner guitar can stand for a long time of usage without a lot of damage provided with proper care and maintenance has been kept. The beginner guitar comes with an easy to understand instructional DVD for the beginner in guitar
As a whole, the beginner guitar is a very good guitar to invest with and the rosewood bridge quality is superb. It has a great sound and there are free lessons included as well. The chrome tuners are of great quality and the beginner guitar is totally a great inexpensive guitar for beginners even in its price range. The beginner guitar also has an adjustable strap and the steel strings make it a great guitar for a beginner. You can easily play it every day due to its simplicity. Overall, the beginner guitar is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Budget Pick

Zeny 38″ New Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar

As a neat acoustic black guitar, the Zeny 38″ New Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar is our budget pick as a beginner guitar that will get you strumming along. Made with an all wood construction, the beginner guitar is an ideal gift for Christmas and it has sturdy steel strings that will definitely do the job well.
The beginner guitar also comes with a case and is made with top notch quality materials. Being beginner friendly, the beginner guitar is totally easy to tune and it also has a smooth and glossy finish. The beginner guitar comes with all of the needed accessories to get you started in playing guitar.
As a first guitar, you will be marveled by the good quality sound that this beginner guitar can produce. The beginner guitar also comes with an extra set of replacement strings for those situations that are unavoidable. The beginner guitar has much better quality than other expensive brands out there.
Likewise, the guitar is beautiful beyond compare and is a guitar that is ready to use out of the box. The beginner guitar also comes with a nylon carrying case and a nifty tuner for those who need it. You will be happy with the size of this beginner guitar as it is great with its storage and portability capabilities.
The strap is easy to use as well. As a very beautiful guitar for any beginner, the right-handed guitar has no assembly required at all. Its pitch pipe works great and it is a neat a beginner’s instrument with an included pick. For those who are looking for a great starter guitar, the beginner guitar is your best option as it is a real guitar and not a toy guitar at all.
If you want better quality than cheaper beginner guitars out there then look no further than this guitar. You will also love the color and it is also a great beginner guitar for kids. It poses an above average quality as an awesome guitar. For someone just starting out, it is totally a neat guitar. For those who have retired in playing guitar, the beginner guitar might get them resume playing again.

Best Beginner Guitar with a Pick Guard

Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar with Black Pickguard

Providing rich sound, the Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar with Black Pickguard gives guitar sound quality beyond compare as a full size beginner guitar which comes with a tuner. With a tremendous value, the dreadnought beginner guitar has been coated with a high gloss finish. It is a right handed guitar and is an acoustic guitar that is a great deal for a beginner.
As an easy playing beginner guitar, it is a little easier to handle and has a spruce top. For aspiring guitarists, the beginner guitar is great and tight and not loose on the tuner, which is great for any player. With an upright guitar stand and mahogany back and sides, the beginner guitar has a rosewood bridge.
With a sturdy strap, the beginner guitar holds the tune well and has a mahogany neck. As a well-built beginner guitar, it is an acoustic guitar bundle with rosewood fret board and chrome hardware. In fact, you can also get free lessons and produce full and resonant sounds. With a gorgeous sounding guitar, the bear claw inlays of the beginner guitar look stylish.
As a complete package, the action is better in this beginner guitar and custom graphic is included for the black pick guard. With smooth playing action, the beginner guitar is nice and simple for the price. It has four chromacast picks and is really good and beyond a beginner guitar. As a fantastic beginner guitar, it comes with a guitar bag and is clearly better than the expensive guitars.
Producing great sound, it is an awesome acoustic guitar with a tuner and a traditional teardrop pick guard. With all the accessories you need, the beginner guitar is for those who need a little more volume and for pros and beginners alike. A great beginner guitar, the beginner guitar comes with free online lessons for you to learn.

Best Beginner Guitar for Left-Handed Players

Guitar Works 36″ Left-Handed Nylon Guitar

Measuring in at 36 inches, this beginner guitar for the left-handed people, the Guitar Works 36″ Left-Handed Nylon Guitar, is a great as its strap adds comfort. This particular beginner guitar has reasonable sound beyond compare and is an easy playing guitar for the novice levels.
As a left-handed, it is ideal for those who are in need of a left-handed guitar with no sore fingers guaranteed. The beginner guitar is also lively and responsive and is packed within a padded nylon bag case for protection. This is a nylon string guitar so it is very beginner friendly. With a high quality nylon strap, the beginner guitar is an inexpensive guitar to use and is a 3/4 size guitar.
With super soft nylon strings, the beginner guitar comes with 2 steel chrome plated strap buttons and all the picks that you need. The sound is very warm on this beginner guitar ad it is also ideal for children. The beginner guitar also stays in tune for a long time and comes with a sturdy case.
Having fuller sounding than most beginner guitars out there, it is very playable and the tie lace of heavy duty makes it sturdy. The beginner guitar is ideal for children 7 to 10 years old and is equipped with nylon strings that make it playable.
It is tuned similar to a full size guitar and has good sounding as a classical guitar and an affordable guitar. It has been completely set-up when it arrives and you will be impressed overall by the qualities of this very nice quality guitar for beginners.

Best Beginner Guitar with a Gig Bag

Fender FA-100 Limited Edition Dreadnought Guitar

Including a gig bag, the Fender FA-100 Limited Edition Dreadnought Guitar is for the aspiring and beginning guitarists out there who need a rich-sounding beginner guitar. It is super pretty and any person can play it comfortably. The body style is dreadnought and the beginner guitar is so great that it should last a long time. The head stock shape is quite okay.
Portability is the name of the game due to the easy transport of the beginner guitar. The compensated bone saddle adds depth and the beginner guitar also makes great for a first acoustic guitar. Having a natural gloss finish, it is a great guitar for the design. The beginner guitar gives acoustic enjoyment all in all and also comes with a fender pick guard.
Great for beginners, the beginner guitar comes with a spruce top as well as a rosewood bridge part. The beginner guitar comes equipped with x-bracing and it sounds absolutely amazing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, the beginner guitar works great for finger picking and is a great value.
Having internal block reinforcement, the bass wood back and bass wood sides are great as the beginner guitar is also an ambidextrous guitar. The brightness as well as dynamic range makes the beginner guitar easy to play. The case for protection is superb and the maple neck stands durable for the price. The chrome hardware all looks good in this very nice looking guitar.
With standard yet quality parts such as a spruce top, the beginner guitar is a guitar on a budget yet it stays in tune well with its sound and quality. It comes with a power tuner and is better sounding than other expensive acoustics. For the beginner and intermediate player, this is very good as a guitar that is really easy to play. With thin and medium picks, the beginner guitar stays in tune and is a beautiful guitar in which the sound is beautiful.
To top it off, it is a very nice looking guitar for any level of guitarist with a sweet tone as well as value and performance. The intonation is good and the rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. The finger board is great and you get quality acoustic power with a resonant sound. The neck is flawless and the forward strap button does it job. The compensated saddle stands great and flat picking is a breeze. The body binding and the dark look all add up to the tremendous value and the smooth feel of the beginner guitar. The rich and bright tones add depth and the padded gig bag gives protection.

Best Beginner Guitar with a Tuner

Trendy 41-Inch Dreadnought Beginner Acoustic Guitar

With a full and vibrant tone, the Trendy 41-Inch Dreadnought Beginner Acoustic Guitar has been equipped with dot position inlays and is perfect for the beginner student with full sound projection. Measuring 41 inches, it comes with a capo and a gig bag.
As a full size guitar, it comes with 3 picks and has 20 frets. It has 1.69 inches of nut width and has a dreadnought body style with geared tuning. A great guitar for learning, it has a traditional style design with has great sound. Made with nato neck material, it has 6 steel strings that will make you so happy.
With cabinet resonance, the gloss neck finish is great for a beginner acoustic guitar. With a carrying strap and a guitar stand, it is beautiful overall as a package with everything to start. If you get around the instrument, it is of good quality and even has a clip-on e-tuner. As a great gift, it has a basswood top, side and back and a dual action truss rod.
With ABS binding, your learning experience will be great with its 25.4 inches of scale length and free extra strings with everything you need for those who wants to learn guitar. With chrome hardware and the extra strings provided, you get great value for the money along with the strap. For those who design and produce music, it is a great guitar. With die-cast tuners and black and sunburst designs, the picks are great and everything to get started with your guitar is there. Made with scalloped x bracing, it has a maple fret board and a polishing clot. It’s great for beginners and stays in tune with its linden body.

Best Beginner Guitar with a Spruce Top

Omega Class Kit Full-Size Acoustic Guitar

As a genuine instrument with a basswood top, the Omega Class Kit Full-Size Acoustic Guitar is very helpful and the tone is even as a full size guitar with finger placement that is great. It has a beautiful tone and plays great even as a second guitar. Made with nato wood neck material and an upgraded spruce top, it sounds better than other expensive guitars.
With an ornate sound, this right-handed guitar has an included instructional DVD for an improved sound. This is an amazing guitar with a mahogany fret board material and a good design that makes it a fantastic guitar. It helps a beginner using its basswood back and classical nylon strings.
Having a beautiful style, it is a good travel guitar like the Spanish guitars as a great beginner guitar. With an elegant basswood, its simplistic design with a standard classical feel is worth the small investment at a great price. As a Christmas gift, it is a great guitar with a good guitar set-up.
You can add a classical guitar to your room with this amazing classical guitar. The silk and silver-plated copper wire and natural sounds make it great. The 6 strings are nylon and the guitar stays tuned for a long time. It is 1 11/16 inches is the width of the neck at the nut and you will be pleasantly surprised at a soft feel as the tone is deep and clear. For a beginner, it is easier to play and it measures 25 inches in its scale length. It is a smaller sized guitar for travel and it has a carry bag included.

Best Beginner Guitar with Extra Strings

BCP 41″ Acoustic Guitar with Case

As the ultimate guitar starter kit, the BCP 41″ Acoustic Guitar with Case measures 41 inches and comes tuned for long periods for you to start learning the acoustic guitar. For those who are just learning to play, this dreadnought acoustic is so great to tune and maintain.
With an all wood construction, it is a beautiful classic and this is great as a guitar combo kit with 21 frets. With a maple back and fret board, your practice and dedication will be rewarded by the glossy and smooth finish. It has great sound as a right-handed guitar. With a guitar pick, you’ll be playing for hours and the strings stay tuned.
Having a lacquer top and a strap, this basic starting guitar comes with an extra set of 6 strings. It is a decent sounding guitar that is full size with a glossy blue finish for more recording. With accessories, using it for gigs is a breeze and it is easy to play as a guitar on a budget for beginners and pros.
It is a nice looking guitar for a college music course and is also ready to use out of the box. Made with wood construction, it could be one of the best starter guitars ever and it is not horrible at all in sound. With a nylon carrying case, it has an attractive blue finish and is packaged very well. Portability is great with this guitar.

Best Beginner Guitar with a Hard Shell Case

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case

Great for entry level players, the Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case is great and the case is sturdy as a good inexpensive guitar with a hard shell case. It is a better guitar than most with a great feel and a guitar stand. It is a very nice guitar and has a solid cedar top that has been select pressure tested.
A fantastic guitar with a wonderful satin finish neck, it has superb sound and the tone is rich. It has a double function truss rod. It is a high quality guitar that is a joy to play and made with Canadian wild cherry for the back and the sides.
Being harmonious and balanced for a beginner, it has a polished finish with a semi-gloss custom touch and is perfect for your needs. It is a 6 strings full sized guitar and the action is great. It is a great deal with wonderful harmonics and an integrated set neck made with silver leaf maple wood. A guitar to begin learning, it makes rich and beautiful sounds and makes for comfortable traveling.
With a hand finished neck, you get the best value for an acoustic guitar and it has quality rosewood fingerboard and bridge parts. The case is very good quality and the sides and back is beautiful. With a genuine lacquer finish, the neck size is fine and the compensated Tusq nut and saddle by Graphtec is superb. It is backed by a seagull lifetime warranty.

The Competition

Other beginner guitars did not match our criteria due to the very fact that they are very hard to strum for beginners and were a bit too heavy to carry for them. It is important for any beginner guitar to be easy on the hands and on the strings without spoiling the tune and the quality of sound.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some basic tips in learning guitar chords?
A: According to Uber Chord , learn through a slow but sure process and don’t take it all at once. You need a lot of time and try to look away from your hands as if you are typing on the keyboard to fully master the chords. Don’t ignore the hard chords just because they are hard to learn – sometimes, the hardest chords are the most beautiful of all and you will need them in due time. You should also learn barre chords as you move along to add depth to your music. Most importantly, you should know and be familiarized with what chord you are playing, whether it is a C Major or a C minor.

Q: What basic guitar maintenance tips can you suggest?
A: According to Acoustic , Other than the whole body, you should also perform maintenance on the finger board, adjust the nut, adjust the action and make adjustments to the truss rod as well. Rattles needed to be fixed and you should have a proper setup overall.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, the DirectlyCheap 41″ Steel Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is our best beginner guitar for those who are still going to learn how to play the guitar and need a decent guitar without breaking the bank.