Best Baitcasting Reel

The Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Reel is our best baitcasting reel in which you can’t go wrong with its compatibility with any 40 lb braided line. Made with sturdy materials, the aluminum spool has been machined and the baitcasting reel can also be used for steelhead fishing. Allowing you to catch up to 4 lb bass, the reel provides strength and stability and it is also easy to disassemble for maintenance purposes.

Our step-up pick is the Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel and this baitcasting reel is great for big pikes and it is a solid performer on the water and also worth it for tournament use. Moreover, there is a four pin centrifugal brake on this baitcasting reel which can help you to have less backlash and over-run in the long run. You can also use the bait casting reel for a frogging rod. It weighs only 6.7 ounces so it is quite lightweight but sturdy.

The budget pick is the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel and the fully adjustable magnetic cast control of up to 10 levels and the baitcasting reel can be taken to your next lake trip. With a gear ratio of 7.0:1, it has a 4 pin centrifugal brake in which is applicable for bass fishing and a 15 lb braid setup.

A Little Background

Baitcasting is a way of fishing in which you cast the reel instead of spinning it. Bait casting reels and rods go together and are different from spinning reels due to their mechanism. While spinning reels are mostly used by beginners, they are not as challenging as bait casting reels which are mostly used by experienced anglers.
Thumbing is the kind of technique that is required for you to operate a bait casting reel. It requires a lot of precision, timing and muscle memory and will not be easily perfected in one day or week. It needs a lot of practice to get the casting right without the problems of tangles or bird’s nest.

How We Picked

When we chose the best baitcasting reel, here are the various factors to consider:
Gear ratio: the gear ratio of the baitcasting reel refers to how much the reel or spool spins, which effectively gives you a lot more distance. The gear ratio is expressed in numbers, such as 5.1:1, in which the 5.1 is the number of times the bait casting reel spins.
Rod size: the rod size should be considered when you choose the best baitcasting reel. Choosing an inappropriate reel for the rod makes it not effective. You should match the size of the bait casting reel with the kind, type and size of your baitcasting rod.
Lure type and size: the bait casting reel should be just the right match for your lure type. Most bait casting reels are quite choosy when it comes to the lure type and this is why some people don’t want to use a baitcasting reel and use a spinning reel instead. Regardless, no matter what lure type you use it with, make sure it is compatible.
Materials used: the materials used for the baitcasting reel should be a match with your needs. For instance, the bait casting reel should be made of high quality and durable with its gears and bearings.
Freshwater or saltwater: the baitcasting reel should be specifically used for freshwater, saltwater or both. For it to be used on saltwater, the gear and bearings should be made out of materials that are corrosion-proof and salt-proof as well.
Type of fish caught: you should know if the baitcasting reel is ideal for bass, trout or any kind of species of fish that it is meant to catch.

Our Pick

Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Reel

The Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Reel is our best baitcasting reel which is made out of 4 ball bearings made of stainless steel. Moreover, being smooth and very light, this reel is enjoyed best because of the smooth drag. It is also a great baitcasting reel for those who are new to bait casters.
Moreover, it gives off a nice and smooth operation as a bait casting reel which also has 1 roller bearing in its system. You can be able to catch many decent size bass with this baitcasting reel which is also great and ideal for walleye fishing. Awesome for the professional fisherman, the reel gives you a smooth operation overall and can be used for trout fishing.
You can install the baitcasting reel on a jig rod and it has no excess weight at all. Great for most light action rods, the reel is great for lake and river fishing and it is also available in 4 models. The function and design is elegant on this reel which can also be a beginner baitcaster reel. If you are new to fishing then this is the low profile reel to get with a gear ratio of 6.4:1.
Giving you easy disassembly and a decent weight, the bait casting reel is very smooth and both left and right handed versions are available. Moreover, the power disk drag system allows you to feel at ease and the dura gear brass gear does the job very well.
Each cast has a consistent brake pressure and the bait casting reel is a good introductory fishing reel with its smooth drag performance on the bank or the river. Great for fishing for largemouth bass, the baitcasting reel gives you extended gear life and it is also applicable when using braided line.
Also great for a bead rod, the baitcasting reel is so smooth when you are turning the knobs and its magtrax brake system also helps the reel to be as smooth and quiet as can be.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Reel may look perfect but it does have a few cons but they are not deal breakers at all, such as the fact that this bait casting reel might not be a good match for extremely bigger fish due to its price range and line weight rating.

Step-up Pick

Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel

Our step-up pick is the Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel and you will be happy with the durability and performance of this baitcasting reel with its very smooth action which is smooth and reliable. Moreover, cleaning and lubrication is so easy with this reel. It is available in right hand and left hand configurations and it can fit well with a 50# braid.
If you do fish a lot then this baitcasting reel is a great reel for use up to 120 yards of line. It casts beautifully and it can even cast a mile if you have the skills to do it. You can use up to 12 lbs of line with this baitcasting reel, packing great performance.
The baitcasting reel has gear ratio choices of 6.8:1, 7.5:1, 8.3:1 and 5.6:1 and it is also easier to set up than other reels out there. It can cast as far as a spinner bait and the baitcasting reel can also be used with any quality braid you install into it. Giving you less prone to backlash, the reel uses 9 bb + 1 rb bearings that work well for all conditions.
Moreover, with its aesthetically pleasing in its design, the baitcasting reel clicks well when adjusting and it has a total of 3 backlash control adjustments. With its centrifugal braking system, the baitcasting reel is okay for bass fishing and the drag is solid as well.
Giving you a smaller profile in terms of design, the baitcasting reel casts extremely easy and has a big silver knob for easy adjustment. With a reduced weight design, the reel is perfect for crank baiting and for pike rigs as well. It has a good winder and so reeling in is quick with its dual-braking MSB.
Perfect for bladed baits, the baitcasting reel can be adjusted like rifle scope adjustments and it is also great for frogging, is really comfortable and can work on fluorocarbon and braided line.

Budget Pick

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Our budget pick is the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel. With its multi setting brake system, the drag is incredibly strong for easier tuning. How far you can cast can be improved by the magnetic cast control of this baitcasting reel. With 7.5 oz of weight, this baitcasting reel has a low profile design and is also a lightweight fishing reel.
What’s more, the spool has been anodized aluminum forged, is multi-ported, comes in 2 colors and is of whiffle-style. It is capable of a braided fishing line as a bait caster reel for kayak fishing. Moreover, the cranking is smooth and the line retrieve is silent and runs at high speed.
Moreover, the brass gear structure has been precision cut and it has a magnetic brake for flipping purposes. Relatively easy to use with its carbon fiber drag system, the mono capacity is at 10/200, 12/165 and 14/120 on this reel, which can also take fluorocarbon lines for casting.
With 17.5 lbs of drag, the baitcasting reel has smooth gears and it can cast up to 75 yards with its cast control knob. Great for high performance weekend fishing, the baitcasting reel has an easy to adjust centrifugal system and it also allows you to fish in every season with great ease. As a low maintenance reel, the braid capacity is at 0.26/180, 0.28/150 and 0.30/110.
With superior casting control, the carbon fiber drag is at 17.5 lbs and at 4 discs and the baitcasting reel is great for medium action rods. It can cast light lures and its magnetic brake system is reliable. While the 11 + 1 maxidur ball bearings are shielded and are corrosion resistant, this baitcasting reel is superb for pitching with its specialized dual brakes.
This is a dynamic baitcasting reel that is of tournament grade with super smooth casting. With a reduced weight, this is a reel for beginners with dual brakes and a smooth retrieve. Bringing you long life, the action is smooth and it is very comfortable.

Best Baitcasting Reel for Inshore Fishing

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

Our ideal baitcasting reel for inshore fishing is the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile. You can catch bass of up to 4 lbs with this baitcasting reel. It can be installed onto a jig rod and is tournament applicable. This reel works great for its longevity as the drag is smooth and steady.
It is currently available in left-handed and right-handed versions and it can also be used for flipping and it gives you a nice and consistent cast. With great performance, this bait casting reel gives you a smooth retrieval and is perfect for trout fishing.
Great for your fishing equipment, you can fish for snook with this baitcasting reel and its powerful gear system. It is also perfect for redfish and it has added comfort for handling with its quality components. It can give you the maximum distance with its dual anti-reverse feature. The level wind is synchronized and is non-disengaging and it has been tested to be used for bass fishing.
With a gear ratio of 7.1:1, you can adjust the size of this baitcasting reel for great flexibility, durability and quality. Great for swimbaits, the baitcasting reel has a braid spool capacity of 30 lbs / 180 yards. With a pitch centrifugal brake, you can use it for trout fishing.
The 6 bearings are corrosion resistant and of high performance and it has a maximum drag of 20 lbs. With a very comfortable feel, the drag is fantastic on this baitcasting reel with 1 roller bearing. It can help you catch striped bass and it is a right hand retrieve reel with increased corrosion protection.
Super lightweight with a weight of 8.7 oz, the compact design makes it great for its overall durability yet it is compatible with 25 lb fluorocarbon lines. It has a mono spool capacity of 12 lbs / 180 yards and is also applicable for black bass. With 6 brake blocks, the flexibility of the rod is superb and has an improved grip among others.
Made well for heavier lures, the x2-crafted alloy frame makes it durable yet great with a high retrieve speed for those large inshore species. As a solidly constructed baitcasting reel with increased corrosion resistance, it can take on salmon with its good line capacity and large EVA knobs for adjusting on the go.

Best Baitcasting Reel with a Magnetic Brake

Sixgill Typhoon Magnetic Brake Baitcasting Reel

If you want a magnetic brake system reel then you should go for the Sixgill Typhoon Magnetic Brake Baitcasting Reel. Being tournament ready, the baitcasting reel comes unmatched with precision brass gears and maximum strength. Great as a combo pair part with your favorite rod, the bait casting reel will help you catch largemouth bass.
With the inshore low profile design, the baitcasting reel comes with a small tube of reel oil and it also has spring loaded brake blocks. It is available in right and left hand orientations and it has a multi-disk carbon drag system and there is no need to lube on its parts.
Great for its easy to set up, it can take a 12 lb fluorocarbon line just fine with its magnetic braking system. The line capacity at lb/yards is at 6/250, 8/220 and 10/190 as the baitcasting reel performs flawlessly with its double shielded SS bearings. The reel is great for lake fishing and it can take from 8 lb up to 14 lb line.
With its sturdy and reliable aluminum frame, the baitcasting reel can get you fishing from the bank just fine with its corrosion resistance. As a great casting reel, it has a 9 + 1 bb magnetic brake system and it is also applicable for river fishing. It doesn’t skip at all unlike other cheaper baitcasting reels out there.
The baitcasting reel has carbon side plates and it can help you catch small bass and it has superior performance with maximum durability. With up to 16 lbs of drag, the weight reduction of this baitcasting reel is enough to catch a halibut.
The ball bearing stainless steel system is also superb and the drive gear is lightweight and is made of aluminum material. With a very smooth casting action, you can keep the spool in control with this baitcasting reel and it can also accept braided line.
Being anodized for durability, the baitcasting reel is available in 6.3:1 and 7.0:1 gear ratios and it is also rated for up to 12 lbs of line. The startup inertia is quite minimal and it also weighs 7.2 ounces so it is quite okay for its weight.

Best Baitcasting Reel with a Low Profile Design

Noeby Fishing Tackle 6.3:1 Baitcasting Reel

If you want a low profile baitcasting reel then you should go for the Noeby Fishing Tackle 6.3:1 Baitcasting Reel and its gearing power. With its VBS brake system, you get plenty of stopping power overall. The baitcasting reel has a total weight of 198 grams and it has a large drive gear to make full of superior durability.
With a special shape, this fishing reel has stainless steel bearings and it also has a low profile body. With a smooth retrieve, the baitcasting reel depends upon the 10 + 1 ball bearing system. The baitcasting reel has a line capacity of 0.285 mm / 115 m, 0.33/90 and 0.39/75 and it is a great saltwater reel to consider.
It is lightweight and has a durability beyond compare. With up to 10 lbs of stopping power, the baitcasting reel is okay to use for braided line and it is a better reel for free spool than others. With a high speed retrieve, the baitcasting reel is backed by its pinion gear with a smooth operation due to its carbon fiber drag system.
The cranking efficiency of this baitcasting reel is very smooth and the unique x-shape technology of this baitcasting reel is thanks to its superior casting control. This is an ideally right hand reel with a 6.3:1 gear ratio and its spool received surface treatment that is enough to keep it durable.
With a nylon body that is of high strength, the baitcasting reel boasts 4 kg of drag power so you will be pleasantly surprised. What’s more, the reel’s aluminum spool has been CNC machined. Moreover, with a smooth drag performance, the baitcasting reel easily protects against corrosion.
The spool rotation speed is sufficient as the pinion gear supports the surfing bearing in this baitcasting reel. Moreover, the drag is smooth so it gives you less friction all the way. With a great drag washer feature, the baitcasting reel is great for casting 1 to 7 grams of lure.
With a spool shaft that is superb in durability, the brake force of this baitcasting reel is also durable. The reel is backed by 12 months warranty.

Best Baitcasting Reel with an Aluminum Spool

Shimano 200IHG Curado RH Baitcast Reel

If you want an aluminum made spool for a baitcasing reel then you can go for the Shimano 200IHG Curado RH Baitcast Reel with its x-ship gearing system. With a 7.2:1 gear ratio, the baitcasing reel has a mono line capacity of 8 lbs / 180 yards and 14 lbs / 110 yards and a braid line capacity of 30 lbs / 190 yards and 65 lbs / 80 yards.
With its carbon cross drag system, the baitcasing reel makes use of PV power handle grips that are so easy to use for any serious fisherman or angler. With a great and sufficient casting distance, the S3D spool is made out of precision aluminum.
The baitcasing reel is a winner in longevity due to its durability and there is no more worrying about a backlash due to its smooth operation which cranks like a dream. The SVS infinity brake system of this baitcasing reel makes you improve your casting technique all the time.
With up to 15.4 pounds of max drag pressure, the bait casing reel has a neat and smooth super free system which really leads to few over-runs with the proper technique. It has a level wind like most bait casing reels out there and it holds plenty of line for you to use in one go.
It is very light and has a super free spool design. With a low-friction feel, the baitcasing reel also depends upon its quick fire II system. Moreover, the drag is as smooth as butter so you can easily drag without getting tired. You can also depend upon the baitcasing reel’s clutch bar casting system for most professional anglers.
You can use this baitcasing reel for catching bass and it can take from 20 to 40 pound test braided line and similar lines. You will definitely love the anti-reverse of this reel as it works amazingly for bass fishing. The bait casing reel works like a charm to give you less frustration for its brake system. With its magnetic backlash control, you get smooth casting at a very high precision rate.
Great also for inshore fishing, the centrifugal brakes work as intended with this baitcasing reel that has a solid feel. One of the best fishing reels out there, it is of low maintenance and they offer both left and right hand versions.

Best Baitcasting Reel with an Anti-Reverse Feature

Piscifun Rapid Left/Right Handed Baitcaster Reels

For those who want an anti-reverse feature on a baitcasting reel, you can go for the Piscifun Rapid Left/Right Handed Baitcaster Reels. The bait casing reel has been saltwater approved and it is ideal for your jig setup as well. It can also be your first bait caster as it is extremely smooth. The gears and shaft are super strong material (zinc-aluminum alloy) and it will fit well on 6’9″ rods.
This baitcasting reel is of high strength with a braid capacity at yards/pounds is at 100/30. It is a great reel for the tournament bass angler due to its durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. In fact, the fighter bristles are lightweight as well and it has 6 alternating stainless washers for increased durability.
This reel can effectively eliminate line friction and the comfortable handles are large for long hours of fishing. With a 6.5:1 gear ratio, midsized jigs can be used with 12 lb fishing line on this bait casting reel. The machined aluminum is of aircraft-grade and it spins a total of 26 inches per turn.
With 10 to 15 pounds of fluorocarbon working well on this bait casting reel, the one-piece aluminum frame makes it sturdy yet it feels nice in your hand. With a 9 stainless steel ball bearing system, it is super smooth for catching fish in the water.
Durability is out of the question as the drag system is flawless with up to 10 lbs of max drag. The baitcasting reel also comes with 2 pieces of Japanese NMB ball bearings on its system. It is ideal for a heavy action rod and the v-grooved spool is of a duralumin type and has been machined and ported.
For those who need a baitcasting reel for fishing, this is easy to maintain as you only need to oil the spool shaft and the gears, like most bait casting reels. It is also at less than 7 ounces of weight so it is easy on the hands even on the toughest conditions.
Great for inshore fishing, it is easy to set the magnets on this reel. You can go for up to 190 feet of mono fishing line with this baitcasting reel. It has EVA handle knobs that are easy to use for a beginner. It is ideal for freshwater fishing and has a magnetic braking system.

Best Baitcasting Reel for Jigging

Penn Fathom Star Drag Baitcast Reel

Our ideal baitcasting reel for jigging is the Penn Fathom Star Drag Baitcast Reel. Great for catching several bass and the like, the bait casting reel includes one instant anti-reverse bearing that is corrosion resistant. It is ideal for small crankbaits and it is very smooth on its drag with additional increased corrosion protection. It is lightweight and has an instant anti-reverse system.
Available in different line capacities from 12 lb to 40 lb / 260 to 300 yards, the cranking power of this baitcasting reel is thanks to its 6:1 gear ratio, making it a great casting reel to consider. It is easy to use due to the comfortable handle. It is ideal for stripers and for jigging as a bait casting reel. You can use it for red snapper fishing as well as for surf fishing.
With a high line capacity, you will be able to catch bluefish with this baitcasting reel that is also a right hand reel with an improved configuration. It will work well on a 12′ rod and it is also applicable for speed twin fishing. The spool can spin on its own so it is efficient. With no corrosion worries, you can use the baitcasting reel for trolling for tuna and similar fish species.
Being lightweight, it can take up to 100 yards and 20 lbs of braid and is quite comfortable. The bait casting reel is currently available in left-handed and right-handed models. As a tournament proven baitcasting reel, it is applicable for extended time of usage and for inland lakes and for larger swim baits as well.
With a great casting ability, the baitcasting reel is great for trolling and can be used to fish from the bank. With its superior spindle and pinion gear, the baitcasting reel is ideal for surf casting and the reel works for jigging from 3 to 6 ounces. It is also okay for kayak fishing with its reduced friction as a powerful reel that comes with a reel clamp for your convenience.
Also ideal for sturgeon fishing and for bottom fishing, the smooth as silk drag action of this baitcasting reel gives you reliability. With no salt deposits to worry about, it has a very adjustable and smooth drag to make casting and retrieving a breeze. As a great conventional reel, it has a minimalistic centrifugal break in its construction.

Best Baitcasting Reel for Flipping

Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Fishing Reel

For the ideal baitcasting reel for flipping, we have the Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Fishing Reel. The free spool on this bait casting reel is in accordance with its strong gear configuration. Ideal for striped bass, it can 40 lbs monofilament line and it is also ideal for yellowtail fishing. The bait casting reel can help you catch bull reds and bull sharks as well on the islands that you choose to fish on.
With a higher gear option, the baitcasing reel is also okay for use with kayaks or in the boat of your choice. In fact, casting lures is a breeze for this bait casing reel for the pretty serious fisherman or angler. As an easy bait caster to use, it has a ceramic line guide and the bent handle and star are compact and ergonomic as well.
This baitcasting reel makes the use of the t-wing system and the whole reel is made out of aluminum materials. If you are new to baitcasters and want to catch a lot of pike, the hybrid design level wind will help you along with its 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.
The reduced weight is due to the cutouts and the rigid aluminum housing makes it durable along with its tournament-style carbon. Ideal for catfish, this is a left-handed reel that is quite rugged for flipping and pitching yet it has a lightweight aluminum frame and up to 13.2 lbs of max drag.
With an infinite anti-reverse, the brake adjustment works just fine for durability and performance. Its side plate also works well along with a magforce-z cast control. It has an I-shape handle knob and it works with 4 lbs lines in a very smooth way.
Available in gear ratios of 7.3:1, 5.4:1 and 6.3:1, it has a rugged gear train and the swept power handle is large and measures 90 mm. The distance that you can gain from this reel is amazing and the gear side is constructed well to give you the feeling of precision. The clutch mechanism is corrosion resistant and it can take medium heavy and heavy rods as well. It has a good air rotation as well.

The Competition

Other baitcasting reels are not very effective when it comes to bait casting because they lacked in compatibility with most rods and lures. It is important for a baitcasting reel to be sturdy, reliable, easy to clean and easy to setup.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is baitcasting?
A: Baitcasting is using a baitcasting rod and reel combo that makes the use of the thumb system wherein the angler needs to have just the right amount of thumb pressure to prevent backlash and overrun of lines. Baitcasting is typically the method of fishing used by experienced anglers because of the difficulty level and the need for experience and a lot of practice.
Q: What is the difference between a baitcasting reel and a spinning reel?
A: Generally bait casting reels are tougher to control in comparison to spinning reels because they require you to stop the spool at the right time and perform a good cast so as not to mess up on the line. On the other hand, spinning reels can be used on various tackles, lures and bait whereas baitcasters are only limited to lures only.
Q: How do you fix a bird’s nest on a baitcasting reel?
A: A bird’s nest on a bait casting reel can be fixed using a spool adjustment system, specifically the spool tensioning mechanism, which is most commonly found on a lot of bait casting reels out there. A smooth cast can also help prevent a bird’s nest in the future, so it is just a matter of trial and error for you to experiment on and get used to.
Q: What is the typical line test range of a baitcasting reel?
A: You should go for about 14 to 17 pounds of test range if you want to use a bait casting reel for your fishing rod. A heavier line is needed for most baitcasting setups because it makes casting much easier whereas smaller and lighter lines are quite difficult to cast. You can go for a monofilament line if you are new to bait casting because it is cheaper and can help prevent those nasty bird’s nests.
Q: What exactly is backlash in baitcasting?
A: It generally refers to tangles that form when you are casting the line of the fishing rod onto the water of choice. Backlash is also sometimes called “bird’s nest” when it has already happened. In the worst case scenario, cutting the line is mandatory because you cannot fix it anymore. The correct thumb pressure and placement on the casting button can help you reduce the risk of backlash.
Q: If my cast with a baitcasting reel always goes sideways and not in a straight path, what am I doing wrong?
A: You might be releasing the spool a little late than usual so you should just work on your timing. This usually happens when you want to practice sideways bait casting but you can control it when you time the “thumbing” on the spool tension and the spool brakes, so that you can get an ample amount of distance that is quite similar to that of a spinning reel.
Q: How do you get a farther distance when baitcasting?
A: Yo ucan try turning off the cast control knob which is usually found on some fishing rods and reels. If you feel uncomfortable with this and could still be prone to backlashing, you can just keep it at a minimum if you want to get the best distance. This allows the spool to spin really fast so that it will go a long way.
Q: Why should you consider the crank placement on a baitcasting reel?
A: Unlike spinning reels, baitcasting reels have hand cranks that cannot be switched from left to right or vice-versa, making it difficult for those who have a specific dominant hand. Right-handed people usually use the crank with their left hand and vice-versa for left-handed people.
Q: Is fluorocarbon line a good choice for baitcasting?
A: Fluorocarbon lines are okay with baitcasting, but they can be a little more difficult in comparison to monofilament line, which is recommended for beginners at bait casting. Monofilament is heavier than fluorocarbon, which makes it easier for new anglers to handle. If you feel like having an extra challenge then it is okay to use fluorocarbon line for bait casting.
Q: Why should you not fill or overfill the spool when bait casting?
A: Filling up the spool will make it harder to get distance because of the friction. If you put too much spool then it will slow down the line as you perform your cast. Consider filling at least half a spool or so.
Q: What species of fish can I catch typically with a baitcasting reel?
A: It depends on the model and shape of your reel , as bait casting reels come in either round or low profile designs. Round ones are ideal for salmon, pike, steelhead and muskies because of their larger bait capacities. They are okay for heavier lines and long runs. In contrast to that, palming is the specialty of the low profile designed bait casting reel, equipped with an ergonomic design. You can catch crappies and bass from this kind of bait casting reel.
Q: Is it ideal to adjust the baitcasting reel with every different bait used?
A: Yes, because different baits and lures all have different weights and aerodynamics, so you might need to adjust your fishing reel to make it more suitable for the lure to work effectively for your target fish. It also reduces the amount of backlash that you might encounter.
Q: Is a 20 lbs line test okay for a baitcasting reel?
A: You should know the size of your reel so that it matches the fishing line. Bait casting reels that are significantly bigger are okay to use with a 20 lb line or somewhere around that line. Using monofilament line is much more recommended for the 20 lbs test line for your reel.
Q: What is the ideal starting monofilament line weight rating for bait casting reels?
A: About 12 to 14 pounds of monofilament line should be used for those who are starting with bait casting in general. You can also go for heavier ones such as a #17 and then maybe even move to braided line if you feel more confident.
Q: What liquid solution or cleaner should I use to clean the reel’s exterior?
A: When you are cleaning your bait casting reel, you can simply use any regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol which is gentle to most bait casting reel parts but will get rid of salt, debris, dirt and various factors that may lead to rusting and mechanism failure. You can apply the alcohol through an old toothbrush or some cotton swabs for smaller parts and spaces that cannot be easily reached.
Q: How often should a bait casting reel be lubricated?
A: The lubrication process should be done on a regular basis such as monthly or as needed. Do not oil your bait casting reel too much, as it will gradually wear out the internal components of the reel when you are not careful. A light application of the lubricating grease will do just fine. Your target is the main shaft as well as the bearings of the bait casting reel so that it will perform with a smooth mechanism when you are fishing.
Q: Is WD-40 okay for cleaning bait casting reels?
A: While it is safe to use WD-40 for cleaning bait casting reels, it is not recommended because of the film that it leaves behind, which brings about another hassle to clean up afterwards. It is, however, a good bait casting reel degreaser nonetheless.
Q: Can you use soapy water when cleaning bait casting reels?
A: Yes, you can use soapy water instead of other solvents like alcohol. Most people only use alcohol of their reel is somewhat heavily covered in dirt and other debris that have gathered from fishing. You can also use a damp rag to apply the solution to the bigger parts of the bait casting reel to save some time when cleaning it up.
Q: What is reel oil and where should I use it?
A: Reel oil is for the moving parts of your fishing reel so that it will function smoothly with less hassle. Remember to maintain a light amount of reel oil onto the bait casting reel when applying because a little goes a long way already.
Q: Is it okay to lubricate the side plate’s back side of the bait casting reel?
A: Yes, just use a light oil application when it comes to the side plate’s back side. Using oil on this part of the reel will help a lot on your spool control mechanism to keep it smooth and steady. We all know that a properly cleaned spool system that runs smoothly is important to keep away those nasty backlashes and other mischief while bait casting.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Reel is our best baitcasting reel due to its smooth operation, great drag and ease of use and installation for your bait casting needs. It is our exceptional pick for those who want to get the perfect cast without the worry of backlash.