Best 2 Person Sauna

2 Person Sauna1
The Radiant Hemlock Deluxe is our pick for the best 2 person sauna, which has a total of 6 carbon heaters and uses LED control panels to operate. The tempered glass door adds beauty and is scratch resistant. It is made with quality hemlock wood and can heat up to 141 degrees F.

Our step-up pick is the Crystal Luxury Infrared and it has a total of 10 carbon heaters and even comes with a music player with CD, USB, AUX and AM/FM controls. It has 7 lights to choose from and comes with backrests as well.

The budget pick is the JNH Lifestyles Far-Infrared and this one also comes with an AUX port, 2 speakers and a total of 7 carbon fiber heaters. It is made with FSC certified wood that is sustainably harvested and the components are all UL listed and ETL approved.

A Little Background

A sauna is a type of room in which people can heat themselves up. The main purpose of a sauna is to add warmth to your body temperature, usually for therapeutic effects, much like with massage. This room usually has very hot temperature in which your body has to endure. The heat works well like a massage that it penetrates onto your body like with steam bath, so that it relaxes your muscles and other important parts of your body.

There are also many types of saunas out there, such as heat storage type, which are made of smoke types and heat storage, and continuous heat types, which also comes with the continuous fire and electric stove type. The heat source could either be gas or wood, as well as electricity, depending on what’s available, and solar power in newer ones. Larger areas use heat storage stoves while smaller ones use continuously heating stoves due to the small scale capacity.

This facility or room is found in almost any part of the world, preferably in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and Canada. They can also be found in Northern and Central America in most resorts. This room is most popular in Asian countries, specifically in China, Japan and Korea, or parts of Asia where cold weather can take its toll on people, and where the therapeutic advantages of this method are preserved.

There are, however, some things to be careful about when using this room. If you stay in for too long, it can be a risk for heatstroke, hyperthermia or dehydration. Make sure that you are in the right health condition in order to use this room. In addition to that, it also depletes electrolytes in your body and may also have an effect on your sperm count (for men).

How we Picked

When we chose the best 2 person sauna, here were our considerations:

Heating method: there are many types of heating methods out there for this type of room, such as ceramic infrared and carbon infrared. Others are electric heated so you might want to choose which kind of heating method works best for you. Electric heating is less popular and infrared ones are the most commonly found for larger rooms for 2 people like this.

Indoor or outdoor use: you need to consider where to set up this room. You should know whether it is suitable for indoor use or okay for outdoor use so that it will not easily wear out from excessive usage or bad weather. Indoor ones usually have less durable construction, since they will be meant for indoor use only, whereas outdoor ones are ideal for violent weather.

Portability: some of these are much more portable than other brands, but it depends on its size. Usually, 2-person rooms are not very portable, but some of them can be easy to lift and transfer to be able to adjusted wherever they sit or are placed in. This is important if you won’t be always using the room for a while, and you want to move it to a storage location when not in use.

Construction: you need to consider a durable construction for your 2-person room, so that it will not easily deteriorate when being used, or when not being used. Usually, cedar wood is used for this kind of room because it is known for its great finish, rustic appearance and durability. Some of these cedar rooms are also added with coating so that they can last longer and have a variation in color or appearance for your area.

Delivery method: you need to consider whether it allows for curbside delivery or not. The delivery options are important for when you are purchasing something as big as this kind of 2-person room. It is important that you read their delivery policies carefully so as not to have hassle later on when you are receiving the item.

Number of heaters: in most cases, these types of rooms have around 6 to 7 heaters in their construction, and this can vary between models. Usually, higher priced ones have more heaters and this usually refers to the carbon heater type rooms.

Added features: some of these 2-person rooms have added stuff such as an oxygen ionizer as well as a chromotherapy system that is in most higher priced models out there. There can also be more heaters in the room compared to other with less heaters, adding to the price mark.

Warranty: you also have to know the policies regarding the warranty, since it will be an expensive product that is much like a bathroom package. You must ask the manufacturer regarding the length of warranty period, what is covered by the warranty and how to avail the warranty for the product.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Radiant Hemlock Deluxe has an easy to use LED control panel and has a glass door that makes it look stylish. It has a total of 6 carbon heaters and it can go for as far as 141 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a 7-year warranty as well.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con with the Radiant Hemlock Deluxe that is not a deal breaker is that since it is infrared powered, it may not be that hot compared to a traditional type.

Step-up Pick

The Crystal Luxury Infrared is our step-up pick, which has a bench that stands 24 inches and comes with a total of 10 carbon fiber heaters with 7 color lights. It has a sound system to complete the relaxing experience and has a heating area of up to 4,170 square inches.

Budget Pick

The JNH Lifestyles Far-Infrared is our budget pick, which is made with sustainable wood that is FSC certified. It has 2 speakers for music pleasure and comes with digital controls for temperature adjustments. It has 7 carbon fiber heaters and has a 5-year warranty.

Best 2 Person Sauna with Red Cedar Wood

If you want a red cedar wood finish for the material of your heating room, the SunRay Sierra 2 is a good choice. It has a total of 7 carbon heaters and does not give off EMF when used. It is CSA and ETL listed and plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet.

Best 2 Person Sauna with Canadian Hemlock

For those who want a Canadian hemlock room, the Therapuresauna ESF202HCB is a good pick for you. It can heat up to 141 degrees F and also comes with an ergonomic backrest. It has a music player, an oxygen ionizer and has a therapy light as well. You can also hang towels with the towel rack included.

Best 2 Person Sauna with an Ionizer

The HeatWave Yukon is another cedar wood type of heating room and has a color lighting property as well. It comes with LED control panels for ease of operation and has 6 carbon heaters. It comes with an ionizer with oxygen and can heat up to 141 degrees F.

Best 2 Person Sauna with Ceramic Heaters

The LifeSmart DYNAMIC AMZ-DYN-9101-01 is a great choice for those want ceramic heating instead of carbon types. It is made with Canadian hemlock and comes with an mp3 player connection as well. It has a total of 4 ceramic heaters in the system.

Best 2 Person Sauna with Carbon Heaters

For those who want carbon heaters instead, you can count on the 2014 JNH 1-2-Person and its 4 carbon heaters that are all ETL and UL listed. It is made with 2 layers of Canadian hemlock and offers the best kind of insulation for any heating room. It even has 2 speakers.

Best 2 Person Sauna with a Music Player

If you want to play music during your session then the FM and CD radio feature of the Dynamic AMZ-GDI-62-32-01 works well, along with its AUX and mp3 integration. It comes with 6 carbon heaters and has an LED control panel indoors and outdoors.

Best 2 Person Sauna with Color Therapy Lights

The Hanko 1-2 Person Pre-built is a great choice for those who want colorful lights in their relaxation area. It has a total of 5 carbon heaters and comes with an audio system for you to enjoy. It is backed by a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty as well.

The Competition

There were others that were excluded from our list because they lacked portability and durability and did not have a sturdy finish for the cedar wood. They were also hard to set up and did not have the right features for a sauna room for 2 people.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using a sauna?

A: This kind of room has many benefits for your well-being, such as the following:

1. It helps clean your skin from dirt and residue. Having a clean skin is highly important so that you do not develop rashes and other skin problems. This is truly important for those who often go outdoors and experience a lot of things in life – especially if you live in a pollution clad area. It is important that you cleanse your skin once in awhile, and heat is one of the best way to do it with.

2. It is a good detoxification process. If you want to reduce and flush out your toxins from your body, a good way to detoxify is to use this kind of heating room so that all the bad stuff inside you will go away later on. Heat helps remove the toxins in your body and this is why most people who have been consuming lots of products and need detoxification in their body resort to this kind of therapeutic method.

3. It helps you soothe your muscles and reduce pains in your body. If you have experienced really bad joint pains, muscle aches and the like, now is the good time to get into a hot room like this. It is much like a massage but the heat penetrates your skin and into your muscles and joints, helping to relieve yourself from the bad stuff that have been plaguing your body, especially for adults and seniors who have such pains.

4. You will feel stress-free with this kind of room. One of the key benefits to having this kind of heating room is that it is a stress reducer. If you have been working in an environment where stress is a daily routine then you can unwind and relax with the help of the heat that comes from this room.

It is a good way of releasing all of the negativity that has been stuck inside you for a very long time, and this is why it’s important to let it out using this kind of heating room. Using this kind of room is not just for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional health – for you to feel free from stress, anxiety and maybe even alleviate depression or other mental health disorders.

5. It can help burn fat and calories. One of the main reasons why people get into this kind of heating room is that they want to lose weight without working their muscles and joints. If you have a bad back and can’t go to the gym at all or anymore because you tend to break your back, muscles and joints more often, leading to an injury, the sauna is a great way to help you sweat.

In cold weather where movement is not always possible because it’s extremely cold, hot temperatures from this kind of room can help you feel better and help you to work more effectively. If alcohol and exercise machines are not around in your winter home then it is a good investment to have this kind of portable heating room around your vicinity in case you get cold and need to sweat a lot.

6. Some illnesses can be combated with this kind of room. If you have certain illnesses such as those of the respiratory system, you can help prevent them from happening by going into this kind of heat inducing room. It can help you protect yourself from colds, influenza, allergies and the like. There are actually two types of saunas: wet and dry. The wet ones are the best to use against respiratory illnesses while the dry is for joint/back pains.

7. It has a refreshing feeling. People often say that there is nothing more refreshing than getting into this kind of hot room. This is because it has a feeling that is similar to getting into a hot bath or it is like getting a massage from a spa or health and fitness center. It is a feeling that is golden for most adults and seniors alike and will be a great way to help them relax.

The feeling that comes with this kind of activity helps you to relieve stress from your everyday work or school activities and can also help you unwind as part of your vacation or some other recreational activity. Therefore, if you ever go on a vacation at any resort or destination, it’s worth a try to get into one of these kinds of heating rooms to help you reap the benefits of relaxation.

8. It can help your cardiovascular system to work more properly. One of the best ways that this kind of heating room can help your well-being is that it helps your cardiovascular system, which comprises of your heart and blood vessels. It helps your heart to become better at endurance and it regulates your heart rate to the norm as well. Because your body heats up, it is similar to when you exercise and your “inner engines” heat up.

9. It’s a social activity if you go to a public sauna bath. One of the key benefits of getting in a public room for about 3 to 10 people, is that it can help you mingle and socialize with other people. These types of heating rooms are mostly associated with athletes and male seniors because it is more like a “test of manliness” for them, on whoever can stay inside the longest.

However, it is not just that – it is also a great place to chat with new friends and random people. One of the biggest advantages of getting into and spending time in these kind of public rooms is that you get to meet new people and share experiences with each other. Seniors often do this to pass the time by and get their mind and body active, since they need to do something to stay fit.

10. You’ll feel better when you are sleeping at night. Those with insomnia or other sleeping problems and disorders may feel more relieved if they get into this kind of heating room. Specifically, it helps you to regulate your blood flow, body temperature and heart rate, so that you won’t get that stuck-up feeling or anxious sleepless nights. Because the heat can help relieve anxiety, it can also help relieve that wakeful feeling at night.

Q: What are the possible dangers of using this kind of heating room?

A: There are some precautions that you need to know before you get into this kind of heating room. Since it heats up your body, you should be wary of the following:

1. Dehydration – one of the biggest risks you can get from this kind of heating room is that it can get you dehydrated in no time.

2. Blood pressure - too much blood pressure can lead to dizziness and heart problems.

3. Association with alcohol - don’t mix alcohol and this kind of heating room, as you may heat up too much.

4. Illnesses - some illnesses also don’t mix well with this kind of activity, so prevent yourself from injury and lessen the time if ever.

5. Length of time spent – you should only spend about 20 minutes maximum on this kind of heating room so that you reduce the risk of dehydration and other dangers. If you are new to this heating room, you should only go for 5 to 10 minutes in one session, and continue later on when you get better.

Q: What are the different kinds of saunas?

A: There are many different kinds of this kind of heating room, as shown below:

Type of Sauna

Description and Features

Traditional or

wood burning

a. It uses heat from wood that burns, much like how a fireplace works.

b. The usual temperature for this kind of room is at least 65 degrees Celsius.

c. Humidity can be controlled with the use of water.

d. The temperature can be controlled with the amount of stove fire.

Steam room

a. This is fully humid compared to other types of heating rooms.

b. The usual temperature is at least 49 degrees Celsius.

c. A leveled set of benches are placed inside the room.

d. If you want a lower temperature from the traditional one then this is good.

Electric heating

a. The sizes for this type can vary depending on the model you have

b. This type of room has been used for many years.

c. It can either be mounted on the floor or on the wall for its heater.

d. Remote controls can be used to control the temperature of this heater.

e. If you want something easy to use then this is the type to go with.

Smoke type or savusauna

a. It is not very popular nowadays but it is a traditional type.

b. It requires a lot of time to burn a lot of wood.

c. It also requires some preparation like heating and ventilating.

d. This type does not have a chimney unlike the traditional type.

Infrared heating

a. This one is ideally used by athletes and sporting people.

b. It is also called a heat therapy room because heat penetrates into the skin.

c. No water is involved so it is a dry type of sauna.

d. It does not produce as much heat as other types of heating rooms.

Q: How many calories are burned on the average with this kind of heating room?

A: This kind of heating room can take as much as the following calories from your body: about 400 to 600 calories for one session with a length of 30 minutes or so, provided you’re in a standard weight of 150 lbs. It can vary depending on your weight, the amount of time you spend in the heating room, and other factors such as the weather outside and your daily lifestyle.

However, spending time in this kind of heating room does not guarantee actual weight loss in large amounts – you still need to combine it with other physical activities such as sports, going outdoors, games and the like, so you can get the full benefits of the heating room all in all.

Q: In Finland, what common sauna terms are used by people?

A: Finland is known as the pioneer of all saunas, and thus their culture has some exclusive terms that pertains to this kind of heating room, such as the following:

Finnish Terminology

What it Means


This means “smoke sauna” and is the original heating room type that has been popular with Finland residents. Lacking a chimney, it is forced heated with a lot of wood so it is super hot inside compared to other types of heating rooms out there.


This means “steam” or “heat” and is usually used as a placement term for going into one session of this kind of heating room.

Vihta or Vasta

This refers to the whisk that is used during sessions to add relaxation to your body. These whisks are usually made out of birch tree twigs and can be found in most supermarkets in Finland (and other countries).


This refers to the water bucket that is used for the stones in controlling the heating room with its humidity or for any kind of purpose whatsoever.


This refers to the main stove area of the heating room.


This refers to the platform in which the person can sit on inside the heating room. They are also made of wood as with the outer part of the room.


This refers to the stones that get hot while in the stove and is activated when water has been thrown into them, which makes the heating room much more effective.


This is the ladle that is used for controlling the humidity of the room with the water used on the stones.


This refers to the “ice hall” that most Finnish people dip into after one session of the heating room to truly test their immunity with contrasting temperatures.

Q: What benefits, misconceptions and precautions should be known about infrared heaters?

A: The infrared heater is the most common type of this kind of heating room, and here are the pros and cons, as well as the misconceptions about them:


a. It can potentially help you with regulating blood pressure.

b. Those with risks of heart failure can help prevent it.

c. It can also help with chronic pains and fatigue syndromes.

d. It helps reduce stiffness in muscles and joints.

e. It helps eliminate or reduce pain in joints and muscles.

f. It helps you detoxify your body.

g. It can be helpful for your blood flow and circulation.

h. Those looking for a calorie burner can enjoy its benefits.


a. Like any heating room, spending too much time there can cause dehydration.

b. Those with risks of heat stroke should not spend too much time there.

c. Those with histories of hemophilia, systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis and the like should not use it.

d. Women who are pregnant, in their period or nursing children shouldn’t use it, either.

e. Anyone with silicone implants, artificial joints and metal pins shouldn’t use it as well.

f. There are specific prescription drugs that don’t do well with this kind of heating room.


a. It does not treat cancer and diabetes.

b. It does not truly treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, but it can help relieve symptoms.

c. It is not a substitute treatment for herpes and ulcers.

d. It is not truly a treatment for asthma, but it can help in some cases to relieve symptoms.

e. Cholesterol reduction is not truly evident in most heating rooms.

Q: What etiquette should be observed when using this heating room?

A: In order to fully reap the benefits of the heating room, the following etiquette and helpful tips should be observed:

1) The best time or average time to spend inside is about 10 to 15 minutes when you sweat sufficiently.

2) Make sure you shower first before you get into the heating room so that you don’t dry out of dehydration or heat exposure.

3) Cooling down the body in between heating sessions is important, especially for beginners, so that they don’t get worked up or dehydrated.

4) Going into an ice hole or cold shower afterwards can be a great feeling, so you might want to add that to help increase your immune system’s power.

5) Most heating rooms require you to be completely naked, and this is why they are mostly in gender-specific batches for public types. Consider wrapping yourself with a towel for cover-up and don’t wear swimming wear inside.

6) Consider hydrating yourself with nice drinks after the heating session, adding some light food on the way. A good choice would be a sandwich or any snack that is easily available.

7) You can go for a cold beer right after the session, or fresh water if you don’t like beer.

8) Consider whether you want to go for a mixed or a separate room for men and women. Most people do not feel comfortable in mixed rooms so they can go for those of their specific gender instead. In Finland, however, mixed types are the most common ones, but there can also be separate turns for both genders where applicable.

9) Adjusting the heat using water onto the stones is usually done by the person who is nearest to the bucket, so you should take responsibility and don’t let others wait for it.

10) By all means, you should accept when a Finn invites you to this kind of activity, because it’s something that’s rewarding and worth a try. This is especially the case if you don’t really have any illness and are fit to do it. Finland has a known reputation for saunas being a crucial part of their culture, so you should respect that.

Q: When should a traditional type be used and when is the infrared type best used?

A: These two types of heating rooms are different from each other, and are best used for a specific purpose in mind. Here are the criteria that should be considered if you want to pick one over the other:




Heat Levels

This one has lower heat levels so it is ideal for those who do not want too much heat.

This one has higher heat levels so it is ideal for those who want added challenge of heat.

Ideal Usage

The infrared type is usually found at home and on private areas.

The traditional type is commonly found on most public areas.

Space Required

Usually, these are portable and smaller, accepting from 1 to 3 persons at a time.

Usually, they are much bigger and can accommodate up to 10 people at a given time.

Heat Penetration

Infrared types have more body penetrating heat than traditional types of rooms.

The traditional room doesn’t penetrate the body a lot but it has a higher temperature.


The humidity of infrared types is a bit similar to the regular household humidity if it hasn’t been used for a long period of time yet.

Traditional types get really hot so they will tend to be less humid than the infrared type.

Temperature range

from 150 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit

from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating Time

Takes about 15 minutes

Takes about 30 to 40 minutes

Typical Size

4 x 4 feet

5 x 7 or 5 x 6 feet

Typical Operational Cost per kWh

10 cents per use

37 cents (first hour)

25 cents (each succeeding hour)

Q: What are the differences between a sauna and a steam room or steam bath?

A: Ideally, both of these use heat to generate an ideal environment of warmth to help alleviate various aches, pains and illnesses in your body. However, they do have differences, such as the following:


Steam Room

a. Ideal for releasing endorphins and for an anti-stress feeling.

b. Great for insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

c. Best for those with joint pains, muscle aches, arthritis, headaches and migraine.

d. It helps to lower and regulate your blood pressure.

a. Ideal for those with respiratory and breathing problems.

b. Great for those with nasal congestion, colds and cough.

c. It helps you sweat more and can help with weight loss and metabolism.

d. It helps you to maintain a healthier skin and is good for acne sufferers.

Q: Is it possible to lose weight with this kind of heating room? What are the ways to do it?

A: If you want to lose some pounds while using this kind of heating room, it is possible with the following tips:

a. Consider having a healthy diet and lifestyle first before you get into this kind of heating room. Eat plenty of healthy foods and avoid unhealthy and fatty foods.

b. Make sure you stay hydrated when you feel dizzy and uncomfortable at times.

c. Consider going for 15 to 20 minutes in one session first before going into as much as 30 minutes to avoid dehydration and other problems.

d. If you want to use it every single day, consider lessening the time you want to go there to avoid dehydration. If you want more time in the room, consider going there less frequently, about 2 to 3 times a week instead.

e. The right temperature should be at least 150 degrees F for any kind of heating room you have.

f. Consider using this kind of heating room after you exercise so that it doesn’t completely dehydrate you or tire you out.

Q: Why should I exercise first before I go into this kind of heating room?

A: If you go into this heating room and then exercise after, you will feel much more tired and you will also be at risk for injuries and dehydration. Going into exercise and staying in this heating room are both things and activities that can potentially heat up your body, making it a higher risk for getting dehydrated later on.

This is why it is much more recommended to exercise first before you use this kind of heating room. The benefits are as follows:

a. It helps you get more endurance while doing your sport or physical activity.

b. You won’t be at risk for injuries or dehydration in the process.

c. It helps with your blood flow and circulation as well.

d. You won’t get tired easily when you exercise first before heating up in the room.

Q: Is there any difference between wet and dry types?

A: These rooms can be classified into wet heating and dry heating, and has the following differences:

Wet heating refers to those that are steam based and are great for those who want to add steam and humidity in their surroundings. They are great for respiratory problems and can help improve your skin quality. They are usually found in steam rooms.

Dry heating occurs in traditional (and sometimes infrared) saunas. They have little to no steam at all, unless you use the ladle onto the rocks to add some steam into the room. They have a vent so that the humidity is not very much kept inside all the time.

Q: How are carbon types and ceramic types of heating different from each other?

A: The carbon and ceramic types are the most common types of infrared heaters, and both of them have their own differences and unique qualities, such as the following:

Ceramic – these are mostly the older types of infrared heaters and they can heat up really good. The good side is that they take a short amount of time to heat up and they are ready to use. The downside, however, is that they don’t reach far enough into the entire room to have an even temperature, and this causes hot and cold spots, which can be bad for some people.

Carbon – these are the newer types of infrared heaters and are usually known to have a lower temperature on the average compared to ceramic. With that downside, the good thing about this kind of heater is that it has a more even heating scheme compared to that of ceramic. It may take longer for it to heat up, but the cold spots won’t be there with this kind of heating mechanism or technology.

There are, however, some types and models out there that combine both ceramic and carbon technology, so you can get the best of both worlds – using carbon’s long range infrared abilities and using ceramic’s quick heating qualities for the best kind of sauna experience.

Q: What’s the ideal amount of time to go into this kind of heating room?

A: The average time spent can be at least 1 to 3 times a week, but this depends on your physical and mental health. Some people may be prone to dehydration and heart failure more than others, so consider consulting your physician first and lower the amount of time you spend in this heating room to prevent such risks and problems from occurring.

Q: What are the steps in order to set it up by an electrician?

A: Your electrician will usually set up the unit with the following steps:

1. Hard-wiring into the electrical box

2. Adding a breaker for the heater

3. Plugging the LED light (if included) into an outlet

4. Drilling a hole into the wall for the wiring configuration

Any additional steps may be found on the user’s manual of your unit.

Q: Can kids get into this kind of heating room?

A: While it is okay to get kids into the heating room, the right age should be at least 1 year old and the temperature should not be too hot for the kids to feel uncomfortable with. Consider a place where the temperatures aren’t too harsh for your child.

Q: What common problems could occur with it?

A: This kind of heating room may have the following problems:

1. The circuit breaker might have been tripped and needs to be rewired.

2. Some may require changing filter depending on what’s in the user’s manual.

3. A blown fuse can be simply replaced as indicated in your manual.

4. The heater guard rail should be set away from the vent at least 6 inches.

5. The heater should be 10 inches off the floor to avoid clogging.

6. If vents become clogged, clean them.

Q: What’s the typical cost of running a 2-person sauna?

A: This kind of heating room for 2 persons can have the following costs and energy information:

Energy Consumption

1,600 watts

Cost per hour


Added accessories

$100 to $2,000

Unit upfront cost

$1,500 to $2,500

Installation fee


Additional accessories may include one or more of the following:

a. color light panels

b. ionizer

c. air purifier

d. custom interior and door

e. sound system

f. aromatherapy stuff

g. water bucket or dipper (optional)

Q: What are the typical sizes of this kind of heating room?

A: This heating room can come in the following typical sizes:

Room size

Heater consumption

4 to 6 sq meters

4.4 kW

5 to 9 sq meters

6.6 kW

8 to 12 sq meters

8 kW

Q: Is it okay to bring pets into the heating room?

A: No, because the heat can potentially dehydrate your pet much faster than yourself. Most pets like dogs and cats don’t have the capability to handle heat like humans because they don’t sweat – which is why they should just stay outside of the room.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it up, the Radiant Hemlock Deluxe is our pick for the best 2 person sauna due to its just-right operating temperature, ease of control, quality door and body construction and heating efficiency.