Fit For Soccer (Junior Version)

Give Young Soccer Players The Very Best Chance To Reach Their Full Athletic Potential

Fit For Soccer (Junior Version) shows soccer coaches and parents how to safely condition junior players aged 8 to 18

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  • Complete conditioning guide to develop injury-free, well-rounded youth soccer stars
  • Dozens of fitness programs, sessions and drills split into 3 key age groups
  • Researched-backed so you can avoid unwittingly causing more harm to young athletes than good
  • 30-day money back guarantee

5 Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Well done on producing an excellent resource for soccer. As a Strength & Conditioning specialist working with several youth teams it’s really helped me to design high quality programs that get results. Whenever I’m stuck for ideas I know I can use the drills to quickly put an effective session together.”

Michael S – Soccer Coach, Dublin, Ireland

“With my experience as a player and as a fitness nut I found more truth in Fit For Soccer than any other fitness manual I’ve read.”

Eric R – Ex Pro Player & Soccer Coach, Boston, USA

“Congratulations on putting this incredible resource together. It has earned a spot on our must-read list for all incoming coaches.”

Jennifer W – Sports Department Head, Auckland, New Zealand


The Definitive Guide to Soccer Conditioning in Players Aged 8 to 18

Fitness training in young athletes. It’s a controversial topic. After all, the formative years should be about skill and technical development, right?

And then there’s the scare stories… like “strength training in juniors can stunt growth” or “too much running will cause stress-related injuries in growing bones”.

It’s easier to conclude that children are naturally fit – that it’s best to leave well alone and not take any undue risks.

But there’s a big problem with these misguided beliefs.

Soccer, at any age is a physical game. It involves running. It involves twisting and turning. It involves jumping and kicking and tackling. And as young players mature, the stresses and strains of the competitive environment become greater and greater.

Not only can conditioning for youth players be perfectly safe, done correctly it’s the best way to prevent injury and set up a long, successful career.

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Coaches & Parents: Junior Fitness is Worth Pursuing

When it comes to coaching skill and technique, there’s no shortage of guidelines and advice from soccer coaching manuals aplenty. You have to know these “coaching rules” inside-out if you want to get formally qualified.

But how many coaches really understand the unique physiological needs of children and adolescents?

Of the few coaching books that do touch on fitness for soccer, they nearly always focus on adults or over 16’s.

Children are not mini adults. You cannot simply take an adult’s training plan and water it down.

Yet the very small minority of young athletes who are fortunate enough to be given a well-planned, long-term conditioning program often go on to excel in sport. They reach a higher peak. They stay injury free and foster character traits of discipline and confidence that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Written For Specifically For Young Players

I wrote the first version of Fit For Soccer nearly 10 years ago. It’s a comprehensive conditioning system that blends proven sports science with practical drills to produce super-fit soccer players. And do you know what question I’ve been asked more than any other since it’s release?

“Is Fit For Soccer suitable for junior players?”

My answer (until now) has always been no.

Like the vast majority of fitness and conditioning resources, Fit For Soccer was written entirely with adults in mind. And you can’t simply tweak its programs and sessions for your team of 11 and 12 year olds. Nor can many of principles be adopted by 15 and 16 year olds… even those who have developed early.

So I created a junior version of Fit For Soccer. It’s fastest way for coaches and parents to learn how to safely and effectively condition young soccer players. Scroll down to see what it covers.

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Fit for Soccer (Junior Version)

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The Definitive Guide to Soccer Conditioning in Players Aged 8 to 18

Here’s what you’ll find inside Fit For Soccer (Junior Version):


Training Principles for Junior Soccer Players

Learn the rules for safely conditioning young players so that they have the best chance or a long, healthy and successful sporting career. 

In this section of the ebook:

  • The difference between sport-specific and multilateral conditioning and why 
  • Conditioning principles for children aged 8-11, 11-15 and 15-18 years olds.
  • Why the ‘rules’ of fitness for adults are completely different for children.  

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Endurance Training in Junior Players

Is endurance trainable and children and if so, what age is it safe? And what type of edurance training is best for young players?

In this section of the ebook:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic endurance training – which is best and at what age?
  • How to incorporate endurance training into coaching sessions.
  • Endurance training guidelines, sessions and drills for players in 3 age groups. 

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Strength Training in Junior Players

It’s the most contoversial topic in youth fitness – should young athletes be lifting weights? Can it stunt their growth, cause bone development issues and lead to long term injuries?

In this section of the ebook:

  • The benefits of the right type of strength training and why you shouldn’t fear it.
  • How to make sure a strength training program is safe and healthy for players of different biological ages.
  • Strength training guidelines, sessions and exercises for players in 3 age groups.

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Speed & Agility Training in Junior Players

Are fast soccer players born or made? Can a genetically slow player become a quick one? How do you train for speed with and without the ball?

In this section of the ebook:

  • How speed is built without ever completing a single sprint exercise.
  • The difference between speed, agility and quickness training and why it’s importnat for soccer.
  • Speed, agility and quickness training guidelines with sessions and drills for players in 3 age groups.

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Flexibility Training in Junior Players 

Flexibility and mobility is the most underrated element of fitness, yet for junior players, where bones are growing faster than muscle and connective tissue, it’s essential. 

In this section of the ebook:

  • The different types of stretching and which is best to increase range of motion safely.
  • The best warm up and cool down routine.
  • Complete stretching routines for junior players from 3 age categories.

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Junior Soccer Conditioning Plans

Bring all the elements of junior soccer fitness together with a collection of sample conditioning plans. 

In this section of the ebook:

  • Sample weekly conditioning plan for players aged 8-11.
  • Sample weekly conditioning plan for players aged 11-15.
  • Sample weekly conditioning plan for players aged 15-18, split across 3 phases of the competitive season.

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Jacky Anderson. I wrote the first version of Fit For Soccer nearly 10 years ago. In that time, it’s helped thousands of players and coaches around the world improve their performance by giving soccer-specific fitness the highest priority. I continue to update and improve the content every year based on my daily experience coaching both junior and adult players. I have a degree in Sports Science and wrote most of the sports and fitness content on this site – read my writing for more scientifically-backed exercise tips and training plans.

How about Adult Players?

This guide is intended for junior players (aged 8 to 18). For adult players, you can refer to Fit for Soccer (Senior Version), which also comes with 3 bonus ebooks: The Soccer Exercise Library, Nutrition for Soccer, and Mental Game for Soccer.

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