Zhoro Apostolov

Zhoro Apostolov
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Vegan Chef 

My name is Zhoro, not the one with the mask and the horse, but the one with the apron and the camera. I was born in Bulgaria and I am in love with food - cooking and consuming.

I’ve been working in professional kitchens for the last 10 years. I spent 6 of them as a head chef in London, almost a year in South Carolina and the rest in Bulgaria.

Recently I came back home to seek new adventures and to develop my food photography skills and to create more delicious food that I share on my personal blog - Top Food Facts.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications - so what I am actually doing is finding a way to mix my hobby with the thing I studied and that’s so much fun.

I love cooking for lots of people and put a smile on their faces. Food is about creating memories and that’s what keeps me going. We learn something every single day and implementing it in real life and seeing results is what makes me happy. I know that I will soon find my way into the blogging world just as I did in the restaurant kitchen. My biggest success so far was shooting the cover for the latest issue of Thrive Magazine - the best vegan magazine in the USA.

The recipes on my blog are vegan - an amazing way of eating that brings so much to the table and improves your health in so many ways. I can transform each dish and make it super delicious!

My favourite cuisine is Italian - pasta, risotto, grilled seasonal vegetables drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction…. You can always see what I like the most - that’s what I cook and shoot.

I am here to show you my way of cooking and recipes that I can assure you will create beautiful memories around your family table.

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