Winnie Murugi

Winnie Murugi
[email protected]
Yoga Instructor

Winnie is a yoga instructor, mother, life enthusiast and student of life. 

In 2011, Winnie was invited by her friend to her first yoga class. While she struggled through the downdogs with shaky hands, and barely had strength to hold a chaturangu, she enjoyed the practice. She developed a keen interest in the yoga and looked for opportunities to learn more and practice more.

In 2012, she completed her first yoga training in Ashtanga yoga with the Jois Foundation under the tutelage of Sharon Moon. The following year, 2013, she undertook the 200 hours Yoga Alliance Training. In June the same year, she advanced her practice and teaching with a Level 2 Baptiste Yoga Training with Baron Baptiste.

Winnie has continued to practice and learn more about yoga. She has taken workshops in kids’ yoga, trauma sensitive yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, and chair yoga among others. She leads her classes with a calm yet powerful grounded demeanor while inviting her students to remain present in every breathe and asana.

Her yoga mat is the haven she goes to remind herself to be present, to hear herself breath, and to feel her body move.

Aside from yoga, Winnie also weight trains thrice a week with the goal of challenging herself and growing her mental, emotional and physical strength. She enjoys creating her own routines, trying them out and holding on through the last rep of the last set.

Winnie has a Bachelors degree in Media and Communication from the Daystar University. 

When she is not on her computer writer or working out, she will catch her cooking, taking random photos of insects, watching a movie, listening to music, hiking or spending quality time with her loved ones.

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