Tracy Carmen Watkin

Tracy Carmen Watkin
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Kitchen / Travel Expert

Tracy Carmen Watkin grew up in northern California where her love of travel, writing, eating, cooking, and hosting events began. In 2008, she and her husband, Jeff, went on a trip to Paris and the Czech Republic and began to look at Europe as more than just a place to visit. By 2011, Tracy and Jeff were living in Barcelona, Spain.

With more ability to travel around easily to countries in Europe, and being located along the Mediterranean, her tastes and creativity for recipes expanded. Her educational background in Philosophy and Theology has helped to tie her love of communal hospitality and cooking with caring for the earth. Tracy and her husband have a large garden and they use this as their inspiration in cooking. When not using her own homegrown ingredients, she opts for local and organic ingredients.

Tracy loves to cook seasonally and plans dinner parties coordinating the food with the time of year. On a typical weeknight, she and Jeff often choose to cook Mexican dishes they miss from their time of living in California. Besides Mexican cuisine, Tracy can be found gorging herself on Italian food; pasta, pizza, risotto, veal parmesan, lasagna…

Her dinner parties are well-planned and organized affairs. Lit candles, music playing in the background on the record player, conversation wafting in and out of rooms. She loves to bring people together with food at the center and believes that the act of gathering around a table with good food, wine, and company is just about all there is to life.

When she isn’t working in the garden, cooking, or hosting, Tracy is probably exploring one of the mountain trails near her home with Jeff and her dog, Xispa, or sitting in ‘her’ chair reading and writing with a kitty curled up on her lap.

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