Thea Voutiritsas

Thea Voutiritsas
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Recipe Specialist

Thea Voutiritsas is a writer and food fanatic from Kansas City. She loves exploring the exploding restaurant scene in her hometown and experimenting with her own recipes in her free time. She holds a BA in English Language and Rhetoric from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, with a minor in Print Culture and Editing.

Her father, a chef himself, showed her the way around the kitchen from a young age. After becoming familiar with traditional Greek food, she expanded her expertise to other areas but never left behind her roots. She loves to borrow inspiration from different cultures to turn a dish into something truly unique.

Thea specializes in recipes with savory, complex flavors that are deceptively simple to create. She knows most people don’t have the time (or desire) to spend hours in the kitchen, so she loves writing up recipes that make use of the crock-pot and oven to give folks time to tidy up the kitchen, throw together a fresh salad, or whip up a tasty sauce while the food cooks.

Thea firmly believes that people can taste the difference when dishes are made with mindfulness and integrity. She uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and always begins cooking with an open mind.

Food and writing are a match made in heaven for Thea. She loves an opportunity to be creative, eat well, and feed family and friends all at once. When it comes to cooking (and writing) she enjoys the process just as much as the finished product. To Thea, a good dish is just like a good story– it always leaves you wanting more.

When she’s not expanding her creativity in the kitchen, Thea works as a freelance writer. In addition to managing her own blog, she writes content for a number of digital platforms. She’s also a co-creator of The Semi-Prose, a site dedicated to creative writing. In her free time, you can find her reading at a coffee shop or curled up with her cat, Murray.

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