Taco Fleur

Taco Fleur
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Certified Kettlebell Trainer

Hello, I'm Taco Fleur a kettlebell enthusiast, kettlebell pro, and CrossFit trainer. I love just about anything active, outdoors, especially mountains, rivers, and anything to do with kettlebells.

I have owned and set-up 3 functional kettlebell gyms in Australia and Vietnam, and lived in the Netherlands, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand. I currently live in Spain.

Some of my personal bests are 400 burpees performed in under one hour; 500 kettlebell snatches, 500 swings and 500 double-unders all completed in one session; 250 alternating dead clean and presses in one session with 20kg; 200 pull-ups in one session; 200 unbroken kettlebell swings with a 28kg; most kettlebell swings completed in one session with a 28kg (1,501); most total kettlebell swings done in 28 days with a 28kg (11,111);windmill with a 40kg kettlebell; lugged a kettlebell up a 1,184m mountain; 160kg dead lift; 250 alternating dead clean and presses in one session with 20kg; 100 snatches on sand with a 24kg kettlebell; 85kg Olympic Squat Snatch; Gold medalist with 30 minutes of unbroken 16kg half snatches for a total of 532 reps.

My own training and goals are geared around GPP (General Physical Preparedness) which involves kettlebell training, calisthenics and CrossFit.

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