Sophie Viau

Sophie Viau
Photographer / Culinary Stylist
[email protected]

Sophie Viau is a Montreal Canadian passionate about cooking and photography. A culinary stylist, she likes to merge several passions together: nutrition, cooking, communication and photography.

She loves healthy dishes, but that doesn’t stop her from baking soft and gourmet cookies. One thing is certain: she always tries to cook practical, interesting and delicious!

Sophie loves her camera, travels, guacamole, sea salt chocolate and sunsets (the magic hour!)

Travel and cuisine are her two great passions and intimately linked. For her, cooking is a great way to meet the people of a country and to discover their culture.

She likes to try out new ingredients and good restaurants, but what she loves most of all is an evening with friends around a good simple and tasty dish, a lively discussion and a bottle of wine.

Sophie is an accomplished epicurean, with eclectic tastes and a desire to always simplify the kitchen. In life as in the kitchen, she likes simple things and going to the point. She offers easy recipes for daily life, but always delicious. As she loves the world of cooking in general, she is always open to trying new things. She creates and cooks recipes that can be, vegan and vegetarian or carnivore, recipes inspired by all continents and a joyful combination of true gourmet and healthier recipes. There is something for everyone!

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