Shen Lee Ng

​Shen Lee Ng
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Chinese Cuisine Expert

Shen Lee is an aspiring writer, powerlifter and dietician based in Selangor, Malaysia. Cooking and baking has always been a means of therapy for her. Being alone in the kitchen, working on a recipe with slow music playing in the background, time just seems to stop in its tracks. Having grown up in Malaysia, a country as culturally diverse as it is humid means being exposed to Chinese, Malay and Indian food on a daily basis. Therefore, you’ll often see components of these in her recipes, especially Chinese elements.  

Shen’s passion in cooking began around the age of 13 when she would bake things like apple crumble slices or deep-dish salted chocolate chip cookies. At 16, she graduated to a more natural, simplistic style of cooking when she adopted a high carb low fat vegetarian diet for ethical reasons. Now at 18, Shen cooks mainly traditional chinese food for herself and her family in an effort to emulate the cooking of her elders and be able to provide the same flavors to her children in the future.

Standing at 5 feet tall and previously weighing at 44 kg, how did a small lil’ thing like Shen get into the sport of powerlifting? Well, it all started when she went to support a friend of hers at his powerlifting meet. Immediately after that, she told herself “This is what I want to do.” She set a goal for herself and trained for a year while juggling work, studies and family time. Now, she humbly holds 4 world records under the Global Powerlifting Alliance thanks to the coaching and knowledge shared by her close friends.

Shen currently spends her time honing her skills as a salesperson with the position of membership consultant at a gym, torturing herself with powerlifting training and writing articles for various magazines and websites among other things. Otherwise, you can find her in her little kitchen in the wee hours of the morning or late at night cooking up a storm. Some of her favorite comfort foods include braised shiitake mushrooms (extra salty just like how grandma makes it!) and yellow wine chicken, although we assure you she’d eat everything that she can set her hands on!

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