Rachel Boone

Rachel Boone RN, BSN
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Registered Nurse

Rachel Boone RN, BSN, is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades: manager by day, new mother and wife by evening, and writer by night.  Rachel enjoys using humor in her writing to tackle tough issues and bring important problems to light. She has her BSN in Nursing and Healthcare with a minor in Biblical Studies that she obtained at Cox College and Evangel University in Springfield, MO.  

Rachel is currently the Clinical Nurse Manager for a home health company in the town of Joplin, MO. Her hobbies are many and varied, as if she cannot decide whether she is truly in her 20s or in her 80s. She enjoys working herself to death, Crossfit (don’t judge), America’s Next Top Model (what did I just say?), writing, crocheting, gardening and trying to keep up with her newly crawling 8 month old girl.

Growing up as the child of an Air Force member, she is well acquainted with moving around frequently and enjoys being out of her comfort zone. Places she has lived or traveled to include Japan, Oman, Alaska, New York, California, and the Bahamas. Rachel enjoys frequent travel, as scheduling allows, to visit friends and family located across the USA.

Rachel’s nursing background is varied, including caring for those just beginning their lives as well as those at the end of their lives. Her work history includes Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Hospice, Home Health, and Medical Surgical nursing. Her passion for healthcare is driven by her mother’s diagnosis of Lyme Disease, requiring IV antibiotics and a home health nurse when Rachel was 12 years old. The kind and patient home health nurse, Sunny, introduced Rachel and her father to the medical world in which her mother had been thrust. She still uses Sunny’s stethoscope, a gift, in the patients she treats to this day.

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