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Athletes from a wide range of sports use plyometric training to help them reach peak physical condition. Used correctly, it can be a highly effective form of power training, especially when combined with a suitable strength training program.

Unfortunately, there is little research to define the optimal guidelines for plyometric training. While many coaches use their experience to determine the quantity and intensity of sessions, several objective guidelines have been proposed by bodies such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association (1) and other experts in the field (2,3,4).

This section of the site covers the important basics of plyometric training and how to formulate a training plan. It also features several sport-specific examples of plyometrics sessions as well as a range of upper and lower body animated drills.

Plyometric Training Articles

The Physiology of Plyometrics
Why and how does plyometrics work? How effective is it? This article examines the mechanisms behind this form of power training and the research that has made it popular with many of the world’s top coaches and athletes…

Plyometric Training for Sport-Specific Power
This article outlines the basics – sets, repetitions, rest intervals, exercise selection saftey considerations – for putting together an effective training session. It also includes some sample sessions for various sports…

Lower Body Plyometric Exercises
Animated exercises for lower body power organized into low, moderate and high intensity groups…

Upper body Plyometric Drills
Animated exercises for upper body power organized into low, moderate and high intensity groups…

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump
With the right combination of strength and plyometric training, anyone can make signifcant gains to their vertical jump. Here’s a program to do just that…

Plyometrics For Soccer
Using plyometrics for soccer is one the most effective ways to increase your explosive speed and power on the pitch…

Plyometrics For Martial Arts
A sample power program for martial arts and combat sports…

Plyometrics For Volleyball
Increase your vertical jump and smashing power with this sample program and drills…


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