Paul Melton

Paul Melton
[email protected]
Culinary Chef / Pyrography Expert

Paul Melton is a diversely skilled individual from El Paso, Texas, where he practices
martial arts, writes, creates art, and earns his living in the culinary arts. The author has
been practicing culinary arts for ten years, earning a living in culinary for seven years,
writing for three years, and has been making art since childhood.

Paul started his journey in the martial arts as a practitioner of ninpo-taijutsu. More
commonly known as ninjutsu, this deadly Japanese martial art has had a greater impact on the author’s life then most anything else. Ninpo is the author’s daily discipline, and he uses the art as a tool for self-improvement.

The culinary arts have been the writer’s primary source of income from the age of 16 at
his first job grilling at a barbeque restaurant, and has been to the present day. Paul has
experience in Asian cuisine, three years of experience as a sushi chef, international
cuisine, barbeque, and vegan cuisine.

Since the author was old enough to hold a pencil he has been drawing. Illustration, and
painting were the primary forms of his artistic expression until he was gifted a
pyrography kit by his younger brother. Now, pyrography is his primary medium as well
as a source of commissioned artwork.

To view more of the author’s work, visit, or follow him
on Instagram @spiritualwarriorscholar

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