Pamela Fernandes, MD

​Pamela Fernandes, MD
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Doctor / Medical Writer

Pamela Q. Fernandes is an author, doctor, and medical writer. With a decade-long career in medicine and medical writing, she took the plunge writing romance, science fiction, and Christian nonfiction. She has published 6 books and continues to write. For her Christian listeners, she also hosts the Christian Circle podcast, discussing the struggles of Christian life.

When she's not seeing patients or writing, Pamela loves to travel, bake brownies and learn the piano. She's been "learning" the piano for the last twenty years and can only play three songs. No, "Baa baa black sheep" is not among them.

Born and raised in Kuwait, Pamela comes from the former Portuguese province of Goa. After finishing her education in Kuwait, she transferred to the Philippines where she graduated with her medical degree from Angeles University. Since then, she's traveled to India, Oman and the US.

Pamela likes to think she's growing into a five-star physician based on her alma mater's vision; to be a healer, a teacher, a social worker, a counselor and a leader. She truly believes that knowledge is power and hopes to educate the masses about the benefits of preventive medicine. Despite the obstacles, she has championed rural health, preventive health, and telemedicine in various cities and countries. She hopes to advocate these causes worldwide.

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