Best Electric Guitar

Would you like a Fender Standard Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard – Brown Sunburst for your birthday, a friend of yours asks you. You gasp. Do you mean it, you reply. Are you really going to get me a Fender Stratocaster? Yes, you hear your friend say, because you deserve the best electric guitar out there. Why … Read more

Best Condenser Microphone

Every recording artiste dreams of recording their music with a microphone such as the AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Cardioid microphone that enhances and accentuates their music, making them irresistible to their audience. If you’re looking for the well known sound quality of the AKG name, coupled with the ability to record both vocals and … Read more

Best Electric Razor for Women

Out of all the choices we were presented, we picked the Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade as the best electric razor for women. It has a ton of functions that help any woman achieve a close shave of their legs, underarms or get themselves bikini-ready. It stands among the middle priced brands out … Read more

Best Tea Kettle

After hours and months of research and putting tea kettles to the test, product testers have finally been able to determine the best electric kettle. The Molla Púro came out on top, by offering a multitude of features. For those who drink tea that require different temperatures, who want water to stay warm a little … Read more

Best Toilet

Toilet talk, like toilet humor, is not something everyone finds comfortable to speak about. However, of all the appliances your house requires, the toilet is perhaps the most important. After all, you will use it everyday for the next twenty or thirty years (roughly the lifespan of a toilet), so it makes sense that you … Read more

Best Office Chair

We sat on our backsides for a long, long time to do the research for this article, but don’t worry, we weren’t being anywhere near as lazy as that might sound, far from it. Indeed, how else would we be able to judge which is the best office chair out there? After all, except for … Read more