Nick Catlin

Nick Catlin
[email protected]
Two Time Olympian / Sports Expert

Nick is a two time Olympic field hockey player, having competed at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games. During an international career spanning almost a decade, he amassed close to 200 England and Great Britain caps, winning medals in the European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

His career highlights include playing in front of a capacity home crowd of 15,000 during his home Olympics, and partisan spectators in excess of 16,000 in Delhi, India, during both the World Cup and Commonwealth Games in 2010.

In addition to his experiences on international duty, Nick has also plied his hockey trade for a Mumbai franchise during the 2015 Hockey India League, as well as for Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles in Belgium in the 2012/13 season.

He has a passion for all sport, but in particular field hockey, soccer, rugby, tennis and cricket. Years training as an elite athlete have engendered a keen interest in health and fitness and developed a wide base of knowledge in training methods and nutrition to support a variety of goals.

When he is not in the midst of the field hockey season or training hard, Nick enjoys cooking and travelling. In 2016, he was lucky enough to enjoy 3 months exploring Australia and New Zealand after returning from the Rio Olympic Games. The bucket list of destinations seems to increase with each passing year, with most of his spare time dedicated to planning travel itineraries in places like Chile, Colombia, Canada, Japan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to name a few!

He currently lives in the Netherlands mixing life as a professional field hockey player at HC Rotterdam with a fledgling career in freelance writing.

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