Natanja Synak

Natanja Synak
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Photographer / Recipe Developer

Natanja is a 20-something blogger and freelancer from Vienna, Austria. In 2017 she moved to the beautiful country of Switzerland where she now lives with her husband and cat. She is the owner of the lifestyle blog Home Baked Bliss where she writes about her favorite recipes, diy beauty, crafts and interior design. Her blog started as a food blog back in 2015 but has since transitioned into a lifestyle blog with the theme ‘Simply Homemade’.

She studied English during her time in Vienna and has since worked as a full time freelancer and blogger. Her love of food (especially anything with caramel, truffles and lavender) has inspired her to start her own blog and write about tempering chocolate for a living. She also loves photography and taking drool-worthy pictures of mostly healthy and sometimes rather indulgent recipes. Her areas of expertise include: recipe development, food styling, food and lifestyle photography, photo editing and writing.

Beside the food, her hobbies include spending time with her husband, going on hikes, watching cooking shows, reading and working in her garden. She has a huge love for the tv series Friends and even named her cat after one of the characters, Chandler. (Who is just as awkward and silly!) Her definition of the perfect evening is a homemade pizza and a good book.

Her favorite foods include (but are certainly not limited to) veggie burgers, lavender limeade and toffee cookies. She is a vegetarian and also loves to cook vegan meals. You’ll never find her cooking with fennel (she cannot stand the smell). If she is not at home cooking up delicious recipes, she’s usually caught running errands and buying 10 kilos of butter at the grocery store or chatting with the local florist about gardening tips. She loves entertaining and serving her newest creations to her friends (aka her taste testers). 

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