Molly Ancel

Molly Ancel
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Outdoor and Garden Expert

Molly is an outdoorswoman, gardener, and writer. She works as a naturalist and outdoor educator in the San Francisco Bay Area and gets to she spends an equal amount of time outside as she does inside.

Molly's greatest passion is to be of service to the natural world around her, and feels grateful to share knowledge about ecology and land health with her community every day. Her passion for ecology stems from her upbringing in an outdoor-focused family alongside a degree in Indigenous studies. She has a special interest in the medicinal and edible properties of local plants, and loves cooking with wild foods as often as she can. 

Due an adolescence and young adulthood spent struggling with chronic digestive illness, Molly discovered firsthand the healing power of food. She now manages her symptoms with ease due to diet and lifestyle. All her recipes are inconspicuously gluten-free and use local, seasonally available produce. She believes that food has the radical capacity to transform our experience with one another, our bodies, and the land.

Molly is passionate about food justice and holistic agricultural practices, and strives to include information on the origin of the food she uses in her recipes. Molly's recipes are a love letter to family, feast, and environment.

When Molly isn't experimenting with new recipes that utilize her extravagant collection of cast iron skillets, she is researching traditional food sources, fishing anywhere with water, and exploring California's vast wild lands. Her favorite food varies with wild abandon, but she believes that there are few things in this world that rival fresh fish and pico de gallo salsa.

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