Michael John Blancaflor

Michael John Blancaflor
Chef / Barista / Photographer
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Michael John Blancaflor is a food expert chef, chef consultant and barista in Davao City, Philippines. Where he roams from place to place for the latest food trends of the highly urbanized city and the largest city of the Philippines.

Michael started his food curiosity at the age of ten and it started with eggs, he started fancying on different ways to cook an egg later does he knows there are one hundred ways to cook an egg. No one in his family is a cook but he began being curious about flavors and how to develop them. At the age of twelve, he started learning how to make easy homemade recipes by searching recipe from book and internets. At the age of sixteen, he decided that food will be his path to his career.

His food journey was never easy for him and then when he is almost near from graduating his college he was introduced to coffee, he was amazed of coffee and got interested to be a coffee expert and so he became a barista and started learning the proper ways of making coffee from bean to cup. His employer was amazed at his passion and promoted him as an assistant manager on his restaurant.

His passion for food still remains on him and he wanted to pursue his culinary career and so to continue his food journey so he left his work and enroll himself in the most prestigious school of culinary in Davao city and there he started his career as a chef. People around him recognize his passion for food, he then became a home base chef experimenting different ways of cooking and creating a different recipe. he then applied in a cafe and then became the head chef of it. now he is a chef consultant and consulted many restaurants and cafes in his city.

Michael has a hobby of food photography, he loves taking pictures of foods especially taking pictures of his creation. he is expert in Asian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine, he is also expert in coffee due to his past work. He loves to make baked foods, pasta, and steak especially salmon steak. his favorite foods are sushi, ramen, yakiniku, lasagna, and barbeque.

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