Melanie Liu

Melanie Liu
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Vegan Expert

Melanie is a twenty-something adventurous London-based foodie who has her roots in semi-tropical Taiwan. Over the years she’s also lived in Hong Kong and Sweden, where her family, two dogs and her cat currently reside. She misses all of them every day!

Although she has had a complicated medical past, including one major surgery, as well as ongoing health issues especially with chronic pain, she sees them as motivation to create a healthier lifestyle for both herself and her husband. They are also the reason why health and wellbeing are at the core for not just her new blog, but her paintings and illustrations as well.    

She loves travelling and exploring new restaurants, especially if they are vegan. Her complicated medical history drives her passion for creating healthy dishes and breaking the idea that vegetables are “bland” or “boring”. Being on her fourth year as a vegan, her one regret is that she didn’t find the vegan lifestyle sooner. She also credits her multi-cultural background for her creativity in the kitchen and her open-mindedness when it comes to trying out new food. Before she became vegan, there was very little that she wouldn’t try at least once.

Even from an early age, Melanie has always been obsessed with three things: books, art and food, which is why it’s not surprising that when she’s not in the kitchen, she’s painting and working on her lifestyle blog where she showcases her art work and spreads awareness about veganism, how food affects our mental health, and art therapy. Currently, she is most active on her Instagram page, where she shares the details of her mental health struggles, how chronic pain is affecting her daily life and reaches out to others who also struggle with their health. Her illustrations and paintings are often centered around meditation and very often feature a ‘third-eye’. She aims to create a likeminded community centered on the idea of living an artistic and creative lifestyle. Melanie also considers cooking to be an art, and creating a lifestyle that you can thrive on is most certainly one of the greatest forms of art in her opinion.

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