Matt Pineda

Matt Pineda
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Food and Pets Expert

Matt Pineda is a freelance writer and food lover that resides in Grand Rapids, MI. He is currently working toward a degree in professional and technical writing and enjoys traveling, camping, and most of all cooking! Matt likes to experiment in the kitchen, creating surprising recipes out of any ingredients that he has lying around.

Before he began working as a full-time freelance writer Matt worked in a number of high-end restaurants as a server and chef de partie. During his time in the restaurant industry Matt learned the exclusive intricacies of both authentic italian and American barbecue cuisines. He is an experienced cook that enjoys taking a dish and creating his own personal spin on it. While smoked meats, pasta dishes, and other dinner entrees are his specialty, Matt also enjoys creating decadent desserts when he has the time to bake.

When he is not writing or cooking, Matt enjoys spending time outdoors and taking care of his many pets. His interest in marine life is what inspired him to maintain his very own planted aquariums, caring for freshwater fish of all kinds. He has recently taken up breeding fancy guppies,betta splendens, and cherry shrimp, earning some profit from his favorite hobby.

As he completes his schooling, Matt is discovering the different ways that he can implement his hobbies in a more fruitful manner. Matt has only been self-employed for just over two years now, but is incredibly driven to pursue a career doing what he truly loves.

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