Lisa New

Lisa New
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Culinary Expert

Lisa New graduated from college with an English major and an editing minor. She has been a freelance writer for several years and loves that she is able to continue her career path while also being a stay at home mom. 

In the last five years, the News have moved five times while Lisa’s husband completed medical school and started residency. With his crazy schedule, and having three children ages five and under--let’s be honest--they don’t get out much. Luckily, Lisa doesn’t just enjoy eating good food, but she loves everything about the process of creating it as well.

Well, everything except the dishes.

Lisa always believed that if you offer healthy options, and only healthy options to your babies, they would grow into adventurous eaters. However, she has since realized that this was just another misconception about parenting that she had when she was single. She has since experienced how difficult it is to cook for picky eaters, especially when they suffer from texture issues. She has never put so much blood, sweat, and tears into her food as she has for the past 5 years.  

However, even with picky eaters, Lisa has made sure that she wasn’t doomed to eat hot dogs and chicken nuggets for the rest of her life. She instead has worked tirelessly to come up with family friendly recipes that are frugal and healthy. Together with her brood of critical taste testers, Lisa will share her recipes with the public.

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