Kayla Fratt

Kayla Fratt
Pets Expert
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Kayla Fratt is an animal behavior consultant, web designer, and freelance writer from Wisconsin. She currently lives out of AirBnbs around the world as she, her boyfriend, and her dog drive from Denver to Vancouver to Patagonia in the trip known as El Perro Tambien. She holds a degree in Organismal Biology & Ecology from Colorado College and is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Kayla’s life revolves around helping others understand the behavior of people and animals. She’s passionate about helping her clients at Journey Dog Training understand their dogs and cats and live better lives with their pets. She grew up training homing pigeons and showing animals in the county fair.

As a child, Kayla had a computer that only had word processing on it. She wrote hundreds of pages of stories and has kept a journal since she was eight. In short, Kayla loves writing almost as much as she loves animals. In college, Kayla started to train animals professionally. She’s worked with species as diverse as hippos, siamang gibbons, beavers, chickens, and cats.

Her interest in animals led her to pursue research opportunities in parrot cognitive and language capacities and stress-related behaviors in zoo housed gorillas. She’s studied tarantula defense behavior in the Amazon and held the tiniest owl in the world while studying ornithology in Arizona.

After college, Kayla spent two years working at the nation’s fourth largest animal shelter as an animal behavior consultant. She spent her weekends competing in agility, nosework, and herding with her border collie. Her evenings were full of working as a freelance writer and web designer for a variety of animal-centric companies.

In March of 2018, Kayla left her job at the animal shelter to pursue a fully remote lifestyle as a writer and web designer. She helps companies create compelling content and beautiful websites that attract and retain clients. When she’s not working for clients, you can find her in the mountains or rivers of North, Central, and South America with her dog and boyfriend.

She is applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to study how stress influences parrot’s performance on cognition tests in New Zealand.

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