Jesica Cockerham

Jesica Cockerham
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Organic Nutrition Expert

Jesica Cockerham is a Blogger + Wellness Creator from Jupiter, Florida based in Kansas City, MO. She has been an athlete from a young age, competing in soccer, basketball, cross country and volleyball. Her 5’9” stature led her to pursue volleyball, where she played collegiately for Rutgers University as an outside hitter/setter.

She has always had a burning drive to fuel her body properly in order to excel in her sport and training. Constantly exploring nutrition and fuel sources amidst the world of food makes up a large part of her life. Her blog, is centered around organic nutrition, fitness and green beauty. In regards to healthy eating, her focus is on organic, whole foods, clean supplementations, medicinal elixirs as well as plant based, gluten + dairy free options.

She roasts her own green coffee beans at home, has an affinity for green drinks and is a lover of music. Jesica is an avid crossfitter and accomplished blogger, with regular involvement in the promotion of new natural industry product releases.

You can find her working out with her boyfriend, drinking a smoothie, gulping a green juice, chugging a coffee, or out walking her black lab Kona. She strives to live by her mantra, daily: “Make Good Use Of Your Pulse.”

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