Hailey Hudson

Hailey Hudson
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Fitness / Pets Expert

Hailey Hudson is a full-time author and blogger from the mountains of north Georgia. She writes about fitness, travel, and family to help people live their best lives now. When she’s not freelancing, she’s working on her next novel, reading a book, or listening to a Broadway musical.

Hailey’s passion for fitness and nutrition began in high school, when she played travel
softball and trained six days a week. An injury and a chronic medical condition prevented her from playing in college, but she still works out as much as possible—and when she has the time, she volunteers as the head coach of a young softball team, which allows her to write about kids’ sports as well as fitness and nutrition for all ages. ​

Travel is another longtime passion of Hailey’s; she has been from coast to coast in the
USA and has also spent quite a bit of time in Colombia, South America. Hailey is in love
with her home in the north Georgia mountains and loves to pack up her car and take off on the weekends. ​

Hailey also enjoys teaching kids’ classes at church, nannying, coaching, and working as the site coordinator for a nonprofit that tutors underprivileged children. And Hailey firmly believes pets are part of the family, too! Her beagle puppy Sophie is her favorite (and only) coworker. Most notably in this niche, Hailey is the associate editor for Georgia Family Magazine.

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