Erica Penner

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Gastronomist / Kitchen Expert
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Erica Penner is a gastronomist and kitchen expert. She lives in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, and is soon going to live in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada.

Food has been a hobby of hers since a very young age. At eight years old, she was dropping chocolate chip cookie dough onto sheet pans with her mother’s instruction. At the age of fifteen, she became dedicated to a lifestyle of health, fitness, and wellbeing. At the age of sixteen, she embraced food as an essential part of her health journey, and has since been testing alternatives to sugar and flour and oil, and has been coming up with recipes that consist of the best of both worlds: a dessert, and a kind deed for the body.

She knew she was beginning to succeed when she followed a recipe for sweet potato pancakes. Her brother, who had no respect for sweet potatoes, ate many of the pancakes and commented on how great they were! Erica kept the recipe to herself, and decided to try more healthy alternatives.

Erica’s main ingredients include Paleo foods: whole meats, veggies, fish, eggs, and oils. Since going on the Paleo diet, she could tell even before she took any measurements that the diet was helping her; she just felt energized, and never hungry.

She is a portrait photographer, but has since wanted to branch out. After signing up for a Skillshare membership, she took classes to enhance her food photography skills, and quickly became madly in love with all the styles of photography and storytelling varieties that come with food photography. She considers it an adventure.

When other people are watching science fiction series or crime shows on Netflix, she is watching cooking shows, and learning quickly about new techniques and rules that apply to the kitchen, as well as food documentaries, which teach her how to recognize the best quality of foods.

Her favorite foods include green pepper poppers, lemon flavored anything, and definitely coconut chicken. 

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