Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones
Pastry Chef / Garden Expert
[email protected]

Elizabeth Jones is a food lover from South Wales, UK. When not experimenting in the kitchen she loves experiencing new cultures and cuisines. A freelance writer by profession Elizabeth is also a keen cartoonist and a qualified pastry chef. When she is not working or baking Elizabeth is a keen student of history and enjoys visiting the United Kingdom’s many historical sites. She is also a voracious reader and a keen walker.  

Before becoming a professional writer and editor Elizabeth worked for a number of years as a pastry chef in a professional kitchen before moving to work in a number of artisan bakeries throughout the United Kingdom.

These days, when she is not writing about food, Elizabeth can be found either in the kitchen or in her garden where she grows organic fruit and vegetables. Elizabeth’s garden is also home to many different species of bird, which she feeds on a daily basis, frogs, chickens and three hedgehogs. Elizabeth is a passionate wildlife gardener and compulsive bird watcher.

While Elizabeth specialises in cakes and pastries she is equally adept at making healthy and delicious meals that appeal to all the family. A passionate advocate of organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients Elizabeth always tries to use seasonal ingredients. She believes that seasonal ingredients not only taste better but also add variety and interest to your plate. Elizabeth will happily tell you that how the ingredients get to the kitchen is just as important as what you do with them once they get there.

Even though she specialises in cakes and pastries Elizabeth believes in healthy eating and the value of a nutritious, balanced diet. As a result her recipes are usually packed with healthy ideas and ingredients. Despite the healthy twist they are never lacking in flavour. Aside from Italian food Elizabeth’s favourite bake is a classic cherry cake.

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