Cyndee Kromminga

Cyndee Kromminga
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This crafter has not always lived in Kansas, but there was 'no place like home' when Cyndee Kromminga relocated from Denver to her childhood hometown when her children were little. While ideal for raising a family, the lack of stores put a major crimp in her creative style and design business. The closest craft store was 50 miles away! As a young mother she had typically been frugal in her crafting endeavors, but after her move she was forced to become even more so by re-imagining things that could be reused as supplies when a trip to the city was not an option. That is when she became adept at junk crafting and junk designs. She had always enjoyed country auctions with her dad, Saturday morning yard sales and finding one-of-a-kind treasures from thrift stores, so incorporating those finds into her designs seemed like a natural transition.

Since she has never been able to make just one of anything, she had to come up with an alternative to hoarding. Aside from gifts and decorating her home, Cyndee sells her finished projects at local craft shows, a hometown brick and mortar and her Etsy store, Restyled Junk.

Never one to be able to keep a secret, for more than 25 years she has been very open in sharing the "how tos" to her designs. Her crafting tutorials can be found all over the internet, including LoveToKnow, Fave Crafts and her personal blog, Restyled Junk. Many of her creations have also appeared in print publications, such as Crafting Traditions Magazine, Easy Holiday Crafting Series-House of White Birches Newsletter and Country Woman Christmas Books.

Cyndee strives to inspire others in their crafting adventures with the "8-R's" of crafting: restyling, recycling, re-purposing, reclaiming, re-imagining, reusing, reinventing and rebuilding.

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