Over 20 Dumbbell Exercises Complete with Animated Diagrams

Dumbbell exercises form an integral part of most strength training programs. They can be used to develop the various different elements of strength such as maximal strength, hypertrophy or muscle mass, explosive power and strength endurance. Why Free Weights? Free weights such as dumbbells activate smaller stabilizing muscle groups to control the exercise. Resistance machines on … Read more

Best Kettlebell

The CAP Cast Iron is our pick for the best kettlebell, which has a wide variety of weights to choose from, is enamel coated and can be used for a variety of whole body exercises. The enamel coating is also scratch-proof. Our step-up pick is the Rep Fitness Kettlebell and it is available in different … Read more


Strength training is an essential element of fitness for virtually every sports man and woman. Long gone are the days when coaches believed resistance exercises only added unnecessary bulk to the athlete, hindering their ability to execute skill. The benefits of strength training to athletic performance are enormous and many. Not only is it an … Read more

Weight Training Programs For Building Maximum Strength

These sample weight training programs are designed to develop maximal strength. Training for maximal strength is not the same as training for increased muscle size known as hypertrophy training. Only relatively few athletes require significant muscle mass and bulk whereas maximal strength is an important fitness component even for classic endurance-type sports. The sport specific approach to … Read more

Weight Training Programs For Basic Strength

These sample weight training programs are designed to develop basic, functional strength. For more sample weight training programs designed to meet other objectives (such as increased muscles mass, maximal strength, explosive power or strength endurance) see the main strength training section. A phase of basic strength training is important for adapting the body for more strenuous, … Read more

Strength Training & Cardiovascular Training Side By Side: How Does One Affect the Other?

Designing an ideal strength training program for sport in itself can be a complex process. Yet resistance training is only one component of an athlete’s overall training regime, which can also include endurance training, speed training, flexibility training and skill / tactical work. Perhaps the most important element in a total conditioning program is adequate rest and recovery, without … Read more