Athletes from a wide range of sports use plyometric training to help them reach peak physical condition. Used correctly, it can be a highly effective form of power training, especially when combined with a suitable strength training program. Unfortunately, there is little research to define the optimal guidelines for plyometric training. While many coaches use their experience … Read more

Plyometrics For Soccer

Using plyometrics for soccer is one the most effective ways to increase explosive speed and power. Research has shown that a muscle stretched before contraction will contract more forcefully and rapidly. And that is basically what plyometric exercises do… They stretch muscles rapidly and then immediately demand a powerful concentric contraction. Let’s break that last sentence … Read more

Plyometrics For Martial Arts

Plyometrics for martial arts will help to increase your explosive power, your speed and your ability to change direction quickly. On their own, plyometric drills have limited effectiveness. They are most useful when performed in conjunction with a strength training program. In fact without a strength base, plyometric training can do more harm than good. … Read more

The Physiology of Plyometrics

Plyometrics refers to exercise that enables a muscle to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time (3). The muscle is loaded with an eccentric (lengthening) action, followed immediately by a concentric (shortening) action. This article outlines the physiology behind how and why plyometrics works. It also examines the research that demonstrates why, as a … Read more

Lower Body Plyometric Exercises

These animated lower body plyometric exercises can be used to develop power in any sport that involves sprinting, jumping, quick changes of direction and kicking etc. They are most effective when completed in conjunction with a suitable strength training program or following a phase of maximal strength training… For more details on how to develop a … Read more

Upper Body Plyometric Drills

These animated plyometric drills are used to develop explosive power in the upper body. Lower body plyometric exercises can be found on a separate page. There are several different methods of power training. The simplest is to perform classic weight lifting exercises, such as bench presses, as explosively as possible. The problem with this method is that the … Read more