One Rep Max Calculator

One repetition maximum (1-RM) is used by strength coaches to determine the intensity of a resistance training program. It simply refers to the maximum amount of weight you can lift once, and only once, for a particular exercise. When prescribing the amount of weight to use for a strength training program, coaches often use percentages of … Read more

Harvard Step Test Calculator

The Harvard Step test is used to measure cardiovascular fitness.  It’s a simple test that requires no expensive equipment. You will need: A step approximately 18 inches (45cm) high. A stop watch. Instructions Step on to the step or bench every two seconds for 5 minutes (total of 150 steps). Take your pulse exactly 1 … Read more

Endurance Tests

Use these endurance tests before you begin your training program and then at 6-8 week intervals. Here’s how to put together a battery of physical fitness tests. Balke 15 Minute Run This is a very simple test to predict VO2max. You will require a stop watch and a standard 400m running track. After warming up run … Read more

Calorie Calculator

If you want to estimate your caloric needs there are several methods you can use.  You can determine your basal metabolism using something like the Harris-Benedict equation and then add on your daily exercise activity. Alternatively, you can use the calculator below, which simply uses your age, weight and an approximate overall level of activity to determine your … Read more

The Bruce Treadmill Test

The Bruce treadmill test has now become a standardized procedure used to evaluate the cardiovascular fitness of athletes… or anyone else for that matter. The original Bruce protocol was developed by DR. Robert. A. Bruce in 1963. This protocol for a multilevel treadmill test was developed as a means to detect chest pain and discomfort … Read more

Basal Metabolism Calculator

What exactly is basal metabolism? Our bodies need energy for everything, from carrying out basic bodily functions to exercising vigorously.  The energy we need during complete rest just to stay alive on a daily basis is known as our resting metabolic rate. Under normal conditions, resting metabolic rate accounts for 60-75% of our total energy … Read more

Activity Calorie Calculator

This activity calorie calculator gives you a rough idea how many calories each type of exercise burns over a set period of time. Please bear in mind that these are approximate figures based on completing each activity at a moderate intensity.  The actual values can vary considerably depending on a person’s weight and the intensity … Read more