Best Baseball Bat

The Easton S3 BigBarrel is our best baseball bat, which has a 2 3/4 inch diameter for the barrel and it can be used for senior games and has a good trampoline effect on the ball. Bearing a lot of seam splitting energy, it is great for the contact hitter and can amplify your power … Read more

Best Baseball Cleats

The Under Armour Leadoff is our best pair of baseball cleats that have a rubber outsole that is durable. The leather upper of this cleat is made with high quality synthetic material for support. The step-in design of the upper makes it easy to wear for most players of different positions, whether infield or outfield. … Read more


 Modern day baseball players are superb athletes. Professional players tend to be lean (body fat percent of 8-9%) (2) and quick (under 7 seconds in the 60 yard run) (2). As for strength training, studies have shown that baseball-specific program can significantly increase batting speed and striking power (3) as well as throwing velocity (6). Power … Read more


How fit do you have to be to play cricket? Would a cricket training or fitness program really make a great difference to performance on the field? Traditionally, cricket has been perceived as a relatively mild sport from a physiological point of view. The intermittent nature of the game with its long rest intervals provides … Read more

Best Softball Pitching Machine

The Jugs Softball Machine is our best softball pitching machine, which has a digital display for easily reading the current speed. You can use standard 11 to 12 inch softballs with this pitching machine and it can also be used for pop-ups, fly balls and ground balls. Our step-up pick is the ATEC M2 Offensive … Read more