Bradley Labarre

Bradley Labarre
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Executive Chef

Chef Bradley Labarre is a certified executive chef who lives in southern New Hampshire. With a professional career span of over 30 years in the food service industry, his passion for food is second only to his passion for writing.

Starting his career at 13 years old washing dishes at a local diner, he has worked his way up the ladder working for some of the most influential chefs on the east coast. He spent almost twenty years honing his craft in the southeastern united states where he graduated from culinary school, began a passionate stint in culinary competitions and earned the prestigious executive chef certification through the American Culinary Federation.

In addition to his current career as a chef for a private school in the states capitol, he volunteers for charity, is a strong follower of Christ and freelance writes where and whenever possible. The type of food that is his specialty is classic preservation techniques, local/ seasonal ingredients as well as anything “low and slow” to include smoking, braising or sous vide cooking!

In his spare time, he does “recon” by eating at as many restaurants as possible as there is always a need to fill the “idea box”, as he likes to put it.  

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