Best Trampoline

After more than 35 hours of jumping and getting our backs and shoulders very sore, we conclude that the Skywalker 15-Feet Round is our top pick for the best trampoline.

This is of one of the most durable builds we have come across. It has a frame made of galvanized rust resistant steel, and 6 W-shaped legs that add stability. Kids will love this trampoline, which can be used for other purposes as well – such as lying down and watching the fireworks as a family.

For those who want the best of the best and what is probably the world’s safest trampoline, we highly recommend the Springfree 13-Feet Square for those who do not mind paying slightly more for quality, safety and durability.

For those on a budget and who just need the best exercise trampoline for indoor use, the JumpSport Fitness Model 250 is a great pick.

 Improving your workout routine by adding a personal size rebounder is a great way to accomplish that but with so many models available shopping for one could be difficult. We are here to make your decision easier.

When not in use for your workout having one can be a great way for you, and your friends and family members, to have fun and get in shape doing so. There are models available to suit everyone’s budget – indoors or outdoors, round, oval, square, rectangle or octagonal, 7 feet to 18 feet, and more.

Health Benefits of Trampolining

Superior aerobic exercise: Unlike jogging on challenging exercises which puts intense anxiety on certain joints, such as the ankles and knees, trampoline jumping is identified as “low-impact” workout, due to the fact it affects each and every joint and cell in the physique equally. But do not let the “low-impact” label fool you – trampoline jumping is a high-intensity activity and will give your cardiovascular system a wonderful exercise. In truth it is a more effective cardiovascular exercise compared to quite considerably all other types of cardio exercising – analysis by NASA scientists suggests that ten minutes of bouncing can provide you with the very same wellness rewards as a 1.7km run.

Bodyweight reduction: Doing exercises on a trampoline is a superior aerobic exercise that can help you burn up calories and bolster your metabolic process. According to NASA, burning calories can be completed 15% more efficiently with a trampoline than with walking or running. There are even some indications that trampoline jumping can lead to reduced cellulite. So, if you have a bit of excess fat stuck from holidays, it is the right time to start jumping up and down on a trampoline. You will have fun and lose weight.

Muscle strengthening: A solid trampoline exercise can properly train the muscle groups in your abdominals, legs, thighs, and buttocks. It is especially excellent for strengthening your core. The only way you are ever going to actually strengthen your core is to do exercises that either need you to stabilize yourself, or are done on an unstable surface. Besides an exercise ball, bouncing on a trampoline (particularly on a huge one) is the only factor that does both. In addition, the elevated muscle power which is associated with the standard use of a trampoline, specifically in the locations of the back and the stomach, signifies our muscle tissue are better able to support the spine which, in turn, can help avoid – and even reverse – circumstances commonly related to bad posture.

Improvement in Balance and Coordination: Jumping is entertaining, but it also is a challenge. It requires core muscle power, stability, coordination and endurance. Rebounding trains your body and muscles to help you shift your weight effectively and achieve balance.

Stimulated lymphatic drainage: The lymphatic program is the body’s really own waste-disposal unit – expelling fats, toxins and even cancer cells – the more it removes, the healthier we are. It is imagined the action of jumping on a trampoline virtually ‘squeezes’ the poisons out of our lymphatic method. Trampolines can help your body turn into a no-go zone for a complete assortment of fats and poisons.

Stress Relief: Jumping is also very relaxing and helps you release anxiety easily.

Outdoor or Indoor Trampoline

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to play outdoors or indoor. Outdoor trampolines will typically be larger and come with enclosures, while indoor trampolines will typically be smaller and come with an added handle bar or stabilizer instead of an enclosure. They can be as large as 18-feet and potentially allow for multiple jumpers in one go, while indoor ones are typically for one person only.

Trampoline Shape: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval

There are multiple shapes as well – round, square, rectangle and oval being the major shapes. The shape is not merely an aesthetic factor; it affects your bounce, jumping area, safety, and space requirements.

Round is the most traditional and ideal for beginners. With this design, your bounce is very consistent as the springs can be evenly spaced out. Your bounce may be more limited and you will find yourself inevitably bouncing towards the center, which is a good thing and makes round generally safer than others. Round is generally more material-efficient because of the ease of design, making them most economical.

Oval can also be a popular choice. Like round, they will also gradually push you toward the center of the trampoline. Unlike round, however, oval trampolines have a longer side that allow you more flexibility in performing exercises or tricks that require more space.

Rectangle trampolines are the second most popular after round. They are the preferred choice for gymnasts, primarily because they offer the best bounce. The springs will be spaced out evenly and independently, allow the maximum control over your bounce.

Square trampolines are the most space efficient. They make use of the corner space that is wasted by oval and round ones, while offering more bounce (albeit still less than that of rectangle ones).

How We Picked

In choosing the best trampoline, you should know about the following:

Stability: the stability of any kind of jumping equipment is important to maintain safety at all times. It should have a nonskid bottom so that it can easily grip any surface and keep you safe while you are bouncing.

Shape: the shape can either be rounded or rectangle, with some having an oval, hexagonal or some other shape. The shape of those for beginners or casual use is usually rounded for added safety, while those that are for professionals are usually square or rectangular, and are larger.

Size, area or diameter: most of them can be small to medium in size if they are made for home or indoor use, while others can span really large so they tend to be more suited for outdoor settings as well as for large gyms and gymnasiums for sporting events.

Intended use: there are many possible uses for this kind of bouncing equipment. For instance, it can act as a rebounder for those who want to stay fit indoors or outdoors and can be used for exercising. For kids, they can be used for simply bouncing in the summer or during weekends as a fun activity. In other uses, they can be a gymnast's way of practicing his or her skills as well as for exhibitions and the like.

Bungee or spring: there are generally two choices for suspending the platform for bouncing: bungee cords or traditional spring. Bungee cords are safer buy they may not be as durable as spring ones.

Safety features: the safety features that can usually be found in a jumping mechanism include netting and cover for the spring or bungee cords, if possible, for protection. Some models are also closer to the ground so that the impact will be less likely to hurt you if ever you fall down from it.

Indoor or outdoor use: this can refer to the nature of the design being either an indoor or outdoor jumping mechanism. For those that are made for indoors, they need to be small enough to fit into rooms and for those that are meant for outdoor use, they should have safety features as well as good stability on their legs.

Top Pick / Best Round Trampoline

Our top pick comes with an enclosure and has a 200 lb weight capacity. This is without doubt the best trampoline out there for most people. The benefit of a round trampoline is that your jump area will be automatically centered, making it safer for the jumper. This trampoline is extremely durable and you will have no problem doing flips and somersaults on it daily. It comes with 6 W-shaped legs for added stability, and has T-sockets to stabilize the enclosure frame.

There are a number of Skywalker models to choose from, and some even include a basketball hoop attached to the safety net. Those well-designed safety nets are one of the reasons we have chosen the Skywalker as our number one pick overall and best outdoor trampoline pick.

You can get 12 or 15 feet with high enclosure. The safety net encircles the entire surface allowing more freedom and bounce. It has a strong steel frame that can hold weights of up to 200 pounds.

This brand provides T-bracket reinforced construction which provides you with assured stability. The wide based w shaped legs make for even more stability. The net enclosure is attached to the jump mat to ensure safety that no one accidentally slips out from underneath. The polypropylene mat has been treated so to ensure minimal damage from the sun’s rays

Step-up Pick / Best Square Trampoline

For those who want the best of the best, the Springfree 13-Feet square will be your best bet. Lauded as the world’s safest magazines by experts around the world, this trampoline uses a specialized rod based system and can accommodate jumpers up to 330 pounds. It comes with double powder coated galvanized steel frames, and can be left outdoors – this sturdily built trampoline holds up to most types of weather well. It also comes with a basketball hoop for those who want to practice slam dunks, and a ladder for the younger ones.

Budget Pick / Best Exercise Trampoline

This exercise trampoline is the best we have found out there. It comes with a unique Flexbounce III technology, which makes it possible for you to adjust the firmness and tension of the bounce at will. Its EnduroLast II cords allow for a million cycles, and allow you to bounce in a comfortable yet lively manner. This trampoline is surprisingly quiet, allowing you to bounce at anytime indoors without affecting someone else at home. For those who feel more comfortable with a handle bar, you can also order an additional stabilizer bar. The handle is adjustable and gives you great support and peace of mind when you bounce. It comes with a workout DVD that will guide you through the basic workouts with ease. Jumpsport is one of the must trusted trampoline brands and its series of trampolines have consistently earned top reviews and ratings.

Best Rectangle Trampoline

The Skywalker is great for those who want to practice somersaults, jumps and other tricks. This is more expensive than the round trampoline, but allows you much more flexibility and bounce. This is the trampoline of choice for gymnasts or anyone who wants to practice advanced jumping movements. It has a sturdy 4 wide leg base, an interlocking net and mat construction, and an extra wide, foam padded spring pad.

If space is tight you can also try the Skywalker 8 foot.

Best 12-Feet Trampoline

The Zupapa trampoline is round and comes in three sizes: 12 ft, 14 ft and 15 ft. German-made, the Zupapa trampolines come with a well-engineered enclosure and are durable, stretchy and springy. These comfortable and safe trampolines has long net poles and steel joints, and are a favorite among many of our readers.

With a Basketball Hoop

For those aspiring NBA fans out there who want to experience Michael Jordan-level hangtimes, the Skywalker 15 Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure and Basketball Hoop is a great place to start. Slam dunks, lay-ups, jump shots or any other power shots you can think of will come with ease with this sturdy yet bouncy trampoline. For added safety, the rim is able to break away from the backboard when a strong enough force is applied. This prevents the problem of sometimes having limbs ‘caught’ in the net.

With Enclosure

Upper Bounce is a somewhat less expensive model yet one of the best with enclosures we have come across. Made of 100% premium Terylene, the netting is extremely durable and secure. The net is placed inside the frame (as opposed to being attached to the frame at the same level, as seen in most other models) and attached with strong tethered binding. This type of construction really helps prevent any accidental contact with the frame during your workout routine. Upper bounce also has a 15 foot rectangular model. The trampoline is easy to assemble.

For Toddlers

If you have a toddler that has insatiable energy, an indoor trampoline like the Little Tikes 3 Feet Trampoline with Handle Bar may be your best bet for a quick and efficient way to burn off his or her energy. This trampoline has a comfortable handle bar your toddler could hold on to for stability, and has a sufficiently large surface for beginner trampoliners. Would not suggest having multiple toddlers jump on this at the same time however, as it is not easy for toddlers to control their bounce and they can easily knock one another over.

For Kids

This is the best kids trampoline we have come across. At 7 feet, it offers more bounce area and comes with an enclosure for added safety. You can probably have let your kid jump as much as he or she wants in there and try out different tricks provided you have an adult supervising them. This trampoline is perfect for outdoor play. It even comes with a shoe holder. This makes a great birthday present – your kid will probably love it.

Best Foldable Trampoline

The Marcy cardio trampoline trainer is a low-impact trainer that can easily support someone up to 250 pounds. It is foldable into four sections, allowing you to store this away when you are not using it easily. You can use this exercise trampoline for various cardio workouts and also to target different muscle groups and build muscle mass – particularly in your legs, hips and shoulders. This trampoline is very affordable, and is quite a good bargain. This low impact trampoline is a favorite of many work at home moms. For added safety there is an attached bar so you keep your balance and don’t lose the rhythm.

Best Indoor Trampoline

If space is really tight and/or you need to keep it indoors, allowing for workouts even on the rainiest or coldest of days, an indoor trampoline is a good idea. The Stamina In Tone Oval Jogger is a great way to get that extra bounce in your run, without the harsh impact on your knees. It comes with an adjustable height handle to help with stability. It comes with a multifunctional fitness monitor that can help you keep track of your workout time, total jumps, jumps per minute, as well as calories burned. This is our number 1 choice for an indoor exerciser. You will also get an exercise DVD by Mia Finnegan to get you a headstart on the different ways you can use the trampoline to achieve your exercise objectives.

For a more basic version, the Stamina 38 inch Intone Plus rebounder comes with two resistance tubes with handles that attack to the trampoline. Use these to keep your balance centered. This is ideal for beginner and advanced workouts. The blue color around the edges is meant to help you visualize your center and not accidently get too close to the edge.

A very basic style is the Stamina 36”. No fancy bells or whistles but this model is sturdy, and foldable for easy transportation or storage. Simple but you can still add that no impact extra to oyur work oit routine; even in front of the television.

Hmm, seeing a pattern here? Stamina is sticking out in our minds as one of the more versatile models of trampolines on the market today.

Best Rebounder

The bellicon Classic is good for rebounding or for exercising and workouts. At 44 inches of size, it is good for adults who want to do workouts at home. The bungee cords are of quality material and it also comes with a workout program for 60 days. The frame is made of German engineered material so it is highly durable for your fitness needs.

Best with Resistance Bands

The Stamina Intone is also a good rebounder to consider for the adults because of its challenging resistance bands or resistance tubes. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and it also has a fitness monitor for motivating you as to how many calories you've burned in one single exercise. It counts your total number of jumps and other aspects of your workout.

Best with a Handrail

If you want one that has a handrail then you can count on the Upper Bounce Mini, which measures 40 inches across and has a foam padding so that it will not feel uncomfortable during your workouts. The handrail is also adjustable and the frame base is supported by a total of 6 legs for added stability. There are also a total of 5 positions for the handrail.

Best with a Net Enclosure

For those who want something that has a net enclosure, you can use the Skywalker Round for your kids and for outdoor use. It comes with t-sockets for the frame for additional stability. It has a capacity of 175 lbs for kids and it is made with a total of 64 sturdy springs.

Best Oval Trampoline 

The Stamina Oval Fitness is a good bouncing mechanism that is not very heavy to carry around yet it is sturdy and stable. The border is colored in blue to make it very visible for kids and whoever jumps on it so that you can stay on the sweet spot all the time.

Best with a Ladder

The Zupapa 12 FT has a ladder which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It is TUV certified for safety for its materials. It measures 12 feet and comes with an enclosure net as well as poles to make it safe for kids to use.

The Competition

Here are a few trampolines / top contenders that we have also looked at.

The Sunny Health & Fitness 40” trampoline is a foldable trampoline that comes with an adjustable safety bar, plus a carrying bad. This small but mighty model can support weights of up to 150 pounds. It comes with an adjustable handle that can be adjusted to suit three height levels (40, 45 and 50 inches), making it suitable for young and old, short and tall alike. This unit can fold in four easily and comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to carrying this anywhere you want easily.

Remember the Airzone models we mentioned earlier? Here is their smaller indoor trampoline model. The Airzone Outdoor Spring Trampoline, like the Skyzone models, is designed with the netting inside the frame. Their Outdoor Spring Trampoline comes with the needed safety net enclosure and the wide stance six legs. They are independently tested to keep up with the latest safety standards. Airzone also carries smaller indoor models, with no netting, but still a good sturdy construction.

The Super Jumbo Combo is constructed so that the netting and frame are attached. The enclosure consists of a mesh net, which protects your toes and fingers and avoids them being caught. You can get this trampoline in sizes all the way down to 4.5 feet. Supporting a weight of up to 330 pounds this is a very sturdy German designed model. Designed with anti-rust, galvanized steel tube frame and legs.

Our pick for a top 4 star model, as rated by satisfied consumers, is the Zeny. This 12 inch wide round trampoline has 4 wide w-shaped legs for extra stability, plus a detachable entrance ladder for little ones. As in the model above the safety netting is firmly and completely attached to the steel frame. It is of course safety padded. The safety net closes with zippers and buckles. Maximum weight limit for this model is 300 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using one?

A: Like with many physical activities out there, using this kind of jumping equipment can have many benefits, such as the following:

1.       It is a less stressful way of exercising compared to jogging or running because it doesn’t impact your joints.

2.       It is a fun activity to do for both kids and adults alike.

3.       It can help reduce cellulite in most adults and older people.

4.       You can do this kind of exercise at home or basically anywhere.

5.       It is not a weight bearing exercise so it is good for seniors.

6.       It can help with your metabolism and burn more calories.

7.       You get more oxygen capacity, which can help you endure exercises more.

8.       It gives you a better sense of balance.

9.       Jumping and bouncing gets the stress out of your system.

10.   It is good for people who have been depressed and down lately.

11.   It brings you a lot of energy and vigor to your life.

12.   It is a good muscle builder as well.

13.   Your lymphatic system will get more circulation and benefits.

14.   It strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves your heart health.

15.   It is an exercise that you can do even at home, so it puts less stress on your daily routine.

Q: What muscles get activated with trampoline use?

A: When you jump or rebound, there are many things that can benefit your health, such as the activation of your muscles to keep you fit and strong. Here are the most important muscles in your body that do their thing when it comes down to trampoline use:

Abdominal muscles – because you often need to jump with your core muscles activated to keep you steady and balanced, it gets developed because you jump up and down and bounce to maintain your sense of balance. When you jump on this kind of jumping mechanism, it can be much more effective than regular sit ups or crunches due to the flexing capability when you use this kind of bouncing mechanism.

Lower body muscles – some of the things that can get benefit from jumping include the lower body muscles, such as your buttocks, legs and thighs. If you have been sitting around all day then you may need to work out your lower body even more by jumping. If you are a person who wants to tone their buttocks, legs and thighs then this is a good workout to go for. It also enhances your leg strength.

Arms – while it is true that using this kind of equipment is more of a lower body exercise, it is actually a whole body exercise because it may also involve swinging your arms in order not to fall down and keep your body balanced and straight, especially for the kids who do not know how to balance properly yet.

Q: What are the different shapes available?

A: There are various shapes that are available when it comes down to using or buying this kind of jumping equipment, such as the following, along with their pros and cons:

Trampoline Type

Ideal Use

Typical Size



The round style or shape is the most commonly used shape because of its safety. It is used for rebounding, for home use, for the kids and for various purposes where professional use is not really needed.

The typical size of this kind of trampoline is somewhere from 7 to 16 feet in diameter depending on whether you want one for indoors our outdoor use. Some are for solo while some are for family sized usage.

They are the most popular due to their safety and are usually the most commonly bought from stores. They have a circular or round shape. Some can act as rebounders for adults who want to get into shape indoors.


This kind of shape is mainly used for adding more room for jumpers, such as for kids and the like. It can also be sometimes used in rebounding but it is generally used by kids who jump at the same time, especially if the round version may be too small for them.

The typical size of the oval type is usually larger than the round type because of its extra added side that is beneficial for the kids who want to bounce by twos instead of just one at a time.

The oval type is usually different from the round type because of its design with the frame. It is much better for those who want to jump at the same time instead of using the jumping mechanism one at a time. In some cases it is usually safer than regular round ones.


The square one is mostly used for outdoor use as well as for competitive usage. They are supposed to be more durable and sturdier and they can be used by athletes and those who want to train their exhibition skills.

The size of this kind of jumping equipment is usually much larger than your regular ones because they are mostly situated outdoors. Expect one that is about 15 feet or more across due to its ample amount of jumping area.

The square type is mostly not very used indoors due to the concerns of safety because of the corners. There are some, however, that have rounded corners for added safety.


As with square types, they can be used for athletic purposes such as for gymnasts and exhibitionists. They are not that suitable for kids unless they have safety mechanisms such as a net and safer edging to keep your children safe when jumping.

The size of a rectangular type is usually larger with up to 15 feet or more, much like with the square types. They are best for yard areas and open areas when you need a lot of jumping area for practicing your gymnastic skills.

The rectangle is the most potentially used type of jumping equipment for those who compete in the Olympics as well as in competitions. They bear a rectangular shape so they may not be that safe for home use, unless they have a safety net.

Q: What is rebounding and why is it beneficial?

A: Rebounding is a form of exercise that is done with a trampoline. It is often an exercise that has been preferred by adults who do not have time or the opportunity to go to the gym and just want to work out on the comfort of their home. There are many benefits to doing a rebounding exercise routine, such as with the following:

·         It helps you to improve your overall digestion.

·         It is a lot better compared to running when it comes down to the intensity of the activity.

·         It is less stressful for your joints so it is good for those in their 40s or in their senior years.

·         It can help you train for other exercises and sporting activities such as weight lifting.

·         It does wonders for your lymphatic system for added circulation.

·         It also boosts your immune system.

·         You can help improve your balance when jumping all the time.

·         Your oxygen circulation will also improve if you jump a lot.

·         You get more endurance out of repeatedly jumping as a routine.

·         It also increases your bone mass so it is good for keeping away from bone problems.

·         It is a fun activity for all ages.

·         You can also benefit your adrenal and thyroid gland with its movement.

·         It is a full body workout so it is great for nearly every muscle in your body.

Q: How can kids benefit from using them?

A: Children are the ones that are most likely to enjoy using this kind of jumping mechanism. There are also many benefits for them, such as the following:

1.       It helps them maintain a more flexible set of muscles.

2.       They begin to learn things better due to the sense of balance and coordination.

3.       It is good for their heart health, specifically the cardiovascular system.

4.       It is a good exercise that stimulates a child’s important motor skills.

5.       Your child will have more self-esteem throughout their later years.

6.       It helps children become more persistent and positive thinking with learning skills in life.

7.       Your child will also get a better posture if they keep jumping and balancing.

8.       Because it is both a fun activity and an exercise, your child will get healthier without them knowing it.

Q: How can kids maintain safety when using them?

A: There have been many concerns with children falling off these kinds of jumping mechanisms, which led to many parents to not using them anymore because of the potential safety risks. Despite this, there are still many physical, mental and emotional benefits to using them, especially during summer vacation. But to keep your child safe from dangers, here are things you can do to minimize injury:

One at a time

Consider using this kind of jumping mechanism with children taking turns one after the other. Having two bouncing at the same time can become a threat for injury. If you have a smaller jumping mechanism then you should only consider one person at a time.

Safety nets

This is important for children who will be bouncing at the same time in a larger sized mechanism (see below). A safety netting is important because it can help catch your child when they are more likely to fall down to the ground.

Age limit

Children who are 6 years and below might not be suitable for these kinds of bouncing mechanisms because they may not have a good sense of balance yet. If they must jump in then they need to be held or watched over by the parent or legal guardian at all times, and should start with a super safe mechanism.

Ground level

The ground should be flat and even so that the bouncing mechanism will be safely set and sturdy enough not to cause children to fall down. Consider setting them up in a strategic location so as not to cause potential injury to the jumpers.

Watch over them

A responsible adults should always watch over the kids when they jump  on it. Make sure that they are reprimanded when they do something wrong so that they will keep things safe while in the jumping mechanism and while they are bouncing.

Ensure durability

Make sure that you get a quality bouncing mechanism so that it will not compromise the safety of your kids. The mat and the bungee or spring should all be durable and will not easily break down.


The jumping mechanism needs to be cleaned and properly maintained. When setting it up, it should be tightly and neatly configured so as no loose parts will come off when the kids are jumping or bouncing on it.

Larger size

If your children really want to jump together at the same time then you should consider a larger size for their needs. It also helps children to bounce together without pushing each other to fall to the ground.

Q: What material makes up a trampoline mat?

A: The most common material that can make up the mat part of this jumping mechanism is the polypropylene material, which is usually the strongest and the most durable of all, without costing a lot compared to others. It is the most preferred choice by the manufacturers because of the following benefits:

The strength and durability of polypropylene is unprecedented. This means that it will last longer than other types of materials. It has a fabric edge and stitching mechanism that keeps the whole thing together to withstand many years and many jumping sessions with your kids or alone while working out.

The smooth texture of this kind of material makes it safe for kids and for your feet. It has been manufactured being dipped in an oil drum bath that is as hot as 1,600 degrees and it has gone through 200 tons of pressure for it to be super smooth to make a very good jumping experience without compromising on safety and slipperiness (see below).

There is also enough UV protection so that it will not lose its strength of flexibility. UV protection is highly important, especially since most of these jumping mechanisms are meant to take the outdoor weather, which can either be sunny or rainy. If it is sunny then the sun’s rays might deteriorate the quality of the material, which can affect the overall safety of the jumping mechanism.

The flexibility of this kind of material is really good. Flexibility is a very important aspect when deciding the best jumping mechanism out there. It  means that the bounce is just right and it is not that stretchable yet it flexes so it does not easily break. It does not give too much impact to your joints and it results in a good exercise routine that is okay even for the seniors.

It can potentially keep itself away from mold and mildew of outdoor conditions. This is highly important if you live in an area or country where it frequently rains or storms and the humidity can potentially cause mold and mildew to appear in anything that is situated outside.

Mold and mildew can make the surface really slippery and smell bad and can also deteriorate the quality of the jumping surface so it pays to have a mold resistant and mildew resistant material for the outdoor jumping experience.

The surface of this kind of material is less slippery compared to that of others. Slipping is a really bad thing that can happen that can make your jumping mechanism less likely to be safe. It is important that the surface of or your jumping mat is less slippery so that it will be easier to bounce without getting a wrong landing or an imbalance while you are bouncing.

Q: Which is better: spring or bungee cords?

A: Whether it is spring or bungee cords, both of them have their own pros and cons, such as the following:

Type of connecting mechanism





Spring is described as connecting springs from the mat up to the ring or the rim of the jumping mechanism.

·         Spring is much more affordable in terms of pricing.

·         Spring is usually much more available in all stores.

·         They are better when it comes down to adding a firmer bounce.

·         For beginners, spring is a good choice.

·         They tend to be more durable

·         They can be harsher or tougher on your joints because of the bounce.

·         They can potentially rust if they are not made of quality materials.

·         They can be a safety threat for kids and for others.

·         They tend to create more noise.

Bungee cords

Bungee cords are described as specially developed cords that are meant for connecting the mat to the rim of the jumping mechanism.

·         They tend to be more silent in operation.

·         They are safer than spring ones because they don’t rust and they are not very sharp.

·         They are easier on your joints due to the much gentler bounce.

·         They are not as widely available as spring ones.

·         They can be more prone to breakage if they are not maintained properly or if they are substandard.

·         They can be more expensive.

Q: What size should I get?

A: There are many different sizes that you can choose for various kinds of jumping mechanisms, such as with the following:


Usual Size


10 feet across


11 to 13 feet across

Square and rectangle

11 to 13 feet across

Q: What are the parts of a trampoline?

A: The different parts of this kind of bouncing equipment are the following:

The bed or the jumping mat or pad is the main part of the bouncing equipment and is usually made out of quality mat materials such as polypropylene. It should be not very slippery and should be flexible without being too harsh.

The safety pad is the part that covers the springs or bungee cords. This is important because it keeps your feet protected from getting caught in between these springs or bungee cords.

The springs (or bungee cords in some models) are what hold the pad and the frame together. The safety pad covers them so that you can jump with ease. They should be very durable yet provide just the right amount of flex for the jumper.

The frame is made out of sturdy material such as metal or stainless steel and should be durable enough to support a person’s weight. Round ones are different from square or rectangle ones in terms of shape and construction.

Q: How many calories can I burn when using this kind of bouncing equipment?

A: You can be burning about the following calories depending on your weight and the length of the workout:

Calories Burned


Length of Workout

42 calories

150 lbs

10 minutes

126 calories

150 lbs

30 minutes

167 calories

200 lbs

30 minutes

286 calories

180 lbs

60 minutes

The following criteria can decide the intensity of the workout and how much you are burning calories:

·         The number of jumps you did

·         The type of jumps you are doing

·         The intensity of your jumping

·         Your height and weight

·         How old you are

·         How long you have been doing the workout

Q: What is the importance of the safety net?

A: The safety net is very crucial when it comes down to maintaining safety when you are jumping. It is important because of the following:

·         Children will be safer because they are surrounded by netting.

·         It will reduce the likelihood of falling on the ground.

·         More children can get inside and play together without falling.

Q: What exercises on the bouncing mechanism can help promote weight loss?

A: There are many exercises that you can do on this kind of bouncing mechanism so you can reduce weight, such as the following:

Side to side: this workout is done by bouncing off while alternating your feet from side to the side as well as from front to the back. Make sure you land with both of your feet to the mat. A 1-minute activity will be enough for this kind of exercise.

High jumping: you just need to jump as high as you can with this kind of exercise. You can do as much as 10 and then take some rest of 15 to 30 seconds or do some smaller jumps in between to make your rest. This is good for adding challenge to your workout.

Jumping jacks: if you want to do jumping jacks then it is possible with this kind bouncing equipment and it adds a lot of challenge. You can do this within 60 seconds for each set and you can complete up to 3 sets in just one go.

High knees: this can be done by jumping with one leg raised at one time and then alternating with your other leg. This is good for your legs.

Butt kicker: this is done by jumping one leg at a given time but with your glutes touching your heel to complete one rep and should be done in a quick manner.

Q: What are the dangers of using this kind of bouncing mechanism?

A: This kind of bouncing mechanism can potentially give you some injury if you are not using it properly. You can have potential head injuries and other fractures, and this is why you need to consider jumping safely and teaching these safety tips for your kids. It is important to stay safe while having fun.

Q: How long do I have to wait for weight loss results on this bouncing equipment?

A: This can definitely vary depending on how much you spend your time to do this kind of workout. However, the usual time that you have to wait for the weight loss results to take in effect when you are using this bouncing equipment is about 2 to 4 weeks or so.  But if you really want to lose a lot of pounds then you need to wait for a few months so that you can lose much more weight.

Q: How long should I use it per day?

A: The most probable amount of time that you can do an exercise with this kind of equipment is about 30 minutes a day as much as possible, but this depends on your time and the availability. You don’t have to follow this routine – consider your fitness level first and then go for a higher number each day.

Q: Is it okay to let my child use an adult sized one?

A: An adult sized one may not be suitable for children because of the following reasons:

·         It is usually not that bigger compared to ones that are meant for children, so it is more accident prone.

·         It may lack safety features such as a net and others that may keep children safer.

·         If more than one child gets in the bouncing mechanism then there might not be enough room of the two of them.

·         They might not be lowered to the ground as much as those that are meant for kids.

Q: Which is better: a trampoline park or one at the backyard?

A: There are usually two options for jumping, whether you want to go on a park instead or go buy one and set up one for your backyard. There are some pros and cons with both of them, such as the following:

Parks are much better options for those who don’t really want to bounce on a daily basis and just want to go there for a short period of time to bounce:



·         They can be safer because of the padded walls.

·         They are inexpensive for those who have a limited budget.

·         They are ideal for those who don’t have the time to jump all the time.

·         They may not be totally safe from collisions because it is a public place.

·         You can’t always feel at ease because it is a public place.

Backyard ones are much better options for those who want to be able to take their bouncing at home and in anytime that they want. They are usually much portable options but can be more expensive:



·         You can jump with ease because it is done privately at your own home.

·         Collisions are less likely to happen because only one person at a time can get on it, especially for smaller ones.

·         You can jump anytime.

·         They may require some upfront cost, which can be expensive for some.

·         If you don’t have the space in your home, it may not be an ideal choice for you.

·         They don’t have the padded walls that can make it safer.

Q: Is it okay to leave it outdoors for the winter?

A: In most cases, it can be a problem when you leave it out for the winter, because the humidity can make the materials less quality and brittle. Here are tips on how to leave it outdoors:

1. Take out the netting, mat and pads and leave the frame behind. These frames can be rustproof at most because of their quality.

2. Make sure you clear your frame from snow every now and then.

3. You can also add anchor kits so that the frame will not topple over in a windy snowstorm.

4. Make sure you let it dry completely before you use it again for the next season.

Q: What children’s games can kids play on it?

A: Using this kind of jumping mechanism can be a great activity for kids, but there are some great games that you can also play on it with your children, such as with the following:

Use a jump rope – you can play snake with the jump rope and then prompt your kids to stay away from the jump rope while they jump on the bouncing mechanism.

Simon says – you can play the classic game of Simon says in which one person plays as Simon and everyone needs to do what he or she does correctly. The person who does it wrong will be eliminated, until all of the players are eliminated and a winners is declared.

Sizing Guide

When you buy a trampoline, it will inevitably come with a range of measurements. Here is the dummy’s guide to help you make sense of them. This is especially important if you are looking to purchase replacement parts for your trampoline.

Round: To locate the width, begin at the external metal edge of the trampoline. Measure straight crosswise over to the opposite side, to the external metal edge. At that point measure the edge distance across once more, but measure opposite to where you measured before.

Take the average of the 2 sizes, and that would be your trampoline size. Measuring twice will guarantee that you get a precise size on the off chance that the frame is bowed or damaged, or the trampoline is not placed on level ground.

Square and Rectangular: The measurement is measured by the size of every side of the metal edge (not the bouncing surface). To locate the measure, begin at the external metal edge on any of the 2 short sides. Measure straight crosswise over to the opposite side, to the external metal edge. At that point measure the edge diameter once more, this time measuring both of the 2 long sides. These 2 dimensions will make up the measurements of your rectangular/square trampoline. You should only measure the frame if the springs are connected and the surface is placed properly.

Octagonal: The dimensions of an octagonal trampoline are measured by the distance across of the metal edge (not the bouncing surface) from one corner to another (not side to side). To locate the breadth, begin at the external metal edge of the trampoline, at one of the corners. Measure straight crosswise over to the inverse corner, to the external metal edge of the trampoline. At that point measure the edge distance across once more, however, measure opposite to where you first measured. Take the average of the 2 estimations, and that ought to be your trampoline size. The separation between inverse corners is longer than the separation between inverse sides and is in this way essential that you measure from corner to corner.

Oval: The oval-molded one is a combination of the rectangular model’s execution with the safety of the round model. Its decreased width minimizes space. To find the measurements of an oval trampoline, first, measure the biggest width of the shorter side. At that point measure the biggest width of the long side. To measure the mat on an oval trampoline, measure the longest width of the longer side of the mat, the distance to where the spring touches the mat. Do this procedure for the best width of the shorter side of the mat.

Wrapping Up

To sum up the Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline is probably your best bet for the best trampoline for most people. There are also more specialized picks such as those for kids and toddlers or those for advanced bouncers wanting to practice slam dunks and somersaults.

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