Alicia Van de Meie

Alicia Van de Meie
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Professional Chef

Alicia is a professional chef based in Cape Town, South Africa.  As a student she worked front of house, but usually ended up in the kitchen offering to lend a hand. The behind the scenes hustle was far more interesting than what was happening out on the restaurant floor.

A career as a chef had not initially been the plan.  Alicia was well on her way to becoming an accountant and fulfilling her dreams to be a forensic auditor.  Thankfully for many of her clients through the years, the cooking bug took a nice juicy bite out of her senses.  

Through the years she quickly worked her way up through the ranks. She went from an eager to learn commis chef to heading up a large multiple outlet operation.  Pastries and bread making became an obvious favorite early on during her career. In between the sweat and steam of the professional cooking environment she had her own bun in the oven who loves to help out in the kitchen as well.  

She now works full time for a high profile family.  Her days are spent challenging herself to always cook up something new.

In her free time she enjoys cheesemaking, writing about food and trying to think up ways to have her daughter eat something more than Spaghetti Bolognaise.  Her life’s ambition is to live in a quiet little village and teach people how to cook.

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