Adrianna Barnes

Adrianna Barnes
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Softball College Athlete 

Adrianna Barnes is a Dallas, Texas native with a passion for sports, art, and all living creatures. She is currently a student-athlete at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, along with 2 Associate’s degrees and 1 Minor. She has been a part of the SAGU women’s softball program since her freshman year, where she has played in a number of games as a utility player. Her most prominent positions on the field while being at SAGU, so far, have been shortstop and pitcher.

The softball diamond will always feel like home to Adrianna. Her love story with the game started 12 years ago when she was 8 and decided after watching her big sister pitch a high school game, that she wanted to take the field herself. Experiencing the game from all levels of play from recreational league, to select tournament ball, all the way to collegiate play, she has developed an expert-level knowledge of the game. This allowing her to begin coaching young softball players and having private skill-lessons, such as pitching. Even with all this growth in the game of softball, she never physically grew much taller over the years. Standing at 4 foot 11 inches, playing college softball is a feat in itself.

Aside from her life in sports, Adrianna holds an undying love for the arts in her heart. She sketches, paints, reads and writes whenever her schedule allows for it. Her favorites of these are acrylic painting and writing poetry & short stories. Although, in the past she was never public with her writing or artwork, she is stepping out and beginning to show the world by becoming a freelance writer.

When Adrianna is not practicing, painting, reading, or writing, you will find her spending time with her family, animals, or in nature. She lives up to the Texan stereotype by owning 3 horses and many chickens, along with 1 cat. She loves spending time in the outdoors, whether that be walking on nature trails or simply sitting outside to soak up the bright Texas sunshine, adding a new freckle every time.

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