Classic Vegan French Toast Recipe

Commonly known as an indulgent breakfast food, French toast, or “pain perdu”, is actually a dessert in France. Although the origins of French toast is not entirely clear, some say

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake Recipe

I love a good cinnamon roll, whether for my 4 o’clock afternoon coffee or simply any time of the day. However, the elaborate work that goes into those fluffy rolls

Teacup Peach Cobbler Recipe

Sometimes, you need a quick, snappy dessert to satisfy last-minute guests. Sometimes, you want the comfort and familiarity of a rustic dessert but without the boring “plopped-onto-your-plate” presentation. And sometimes,

Vegan Red Velvet Cake

I love desserts! Who doesn’t? If there is one thing I love more than desserts though, it’s coming up with simple ways to make the recipes healthier and easier on